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Baldwin County is Back in Business! Check out things to do "Across the Bay"!

Last week I spent some time in Baldwin County. It was great to see so many local businesses up and running. Of course the mask requirements, limited occupancy and social distancing protocols are still in place. Despite these limitations, our friends in Baldwin are thriving. One of the perks of living in Mobile is the proximity to everything "across the bay". In this week's blog I am going to share some of the "bosses" from the area as well as some new discoveries!


Fairhope, Alabama

Attention ladies! I stopped by Back on the Rack in Fairhope on Wednesday! Owner Kassie Gundlach keeps adding more wonderful things to complement your wardrobe. Those of you shopping for upscale designer bags & shoes need to put this boutique on your list of shopping destinations!

I found some great fall pieces to add to my closet at a fraction of retail! I picked up a couple of dresses and a shirt for less than $35.

The holidays are just around the corner and she has some incredible gift ideas. Send your hubby over to do some shopping for you! If you are wanting a Louis Vuitton Bag for Christmas, Kassie can help! All of her LV purses are authenticated!

Back on the Rack is located at 407 Fairhope Avenue.

Check out these tuna fish tacos and sweet potato fries from Julwin's Restaurant located next to Back on the Rack! David Jewett and his team serve a great breakfast & lunch to locals and visitors. In fact, this little gem has been in business since 1945! They've got to be doing something right!

I walked off this wonderful lunch strolling down down the avenue. The flower lined streets are a wonderful way to reset your brain!

I stopped in Stowe's Jewelers store and met the store doggie, Dunkin! This exquisite place has been serving the community since 1960. This is a classic jewelry store offering fine china, fine jewels and so much more. I was greeted and welcomed by a warm staff and of course the four-footed "security" guard!

As I continued my leisurely walk down Fairhope Avenue, I ventured inside Laura Fletcher's little place! It is called A Menagerie of Southern Arts & Objects.

This establishment makes the most of it's small footprint offering delightful hats (you know how much I love them), clothing, accessories and beautiful accent pieces for your home.

Across the street, folks were having a late lunch, dining outside at several local restaurants. There were even some doggies enjoying the pleasant weather, sleeping by their owners. Fairhope is extremely dog friendly and welcomes your fur-kids with open arms. I popped into a couple of other shops then headed to De La Mare Avenue and had a surprising discovery!

Melt & More Alabama Artisans Shoppe is relatively new to Fairhope. It is located at 314 C De La Mare Avenue next to the Olive Oil store. Owner, Ronna Sanford has assembled 42 artisans from Alabama for her shop. THIS little market was such a delightful surprise! As I attempted to soak all of this beauty in, my senses were on overload! I was particularly impressed with the fine leather goods from Growley Leather Company. I happened to meet one of the owners, Kelli Rowley while I was in the shoppe!

Ronna plans to offer frequent events for customers who are interested in learning a craft. This will include candle making and more! Be sure to stop in and introduce yourself to her. You can knock out plenty of holiday shopping at her place!


Gulf Shores, Alabama

Thursday afternoon I headed to the Gulf Shores area. A friend had recommended Magnolia Float Spa, and I was able to book my first "float" that day. This was a life changing experience that words can't describe. Clients can immerse themselves in an epsom salt water pod and experience total sensory deprivation. Imagine floating in a warm pool of light, no sound...just you. This was unlike anything I have ever done! Spectacular!

After my appointment I headed over to Acme Oyster House for their Oyster Salad with Balsamic Dressing. It is my all time favorite thing on the menu! I snapped this photo while waiting for my dinner to arrive. I have to say my waitress, Jessica, was perfect!


Orange Beach, Alabama

On Saturday I headed down to Orange Beach. I can't go down there without giving a "shout out" to Heather Loper! This real estate professional has assembled a team of experts to help clients buy or sell homes, condos and investment property. Heather Loper Realtor at at Keller Williams Realty Alabama Gulf Coast has a beautiful office on the second level at The Wharf! She knows her market!

While I was there I lunched at Ginny Lane and enjoyed watching the boats from my table. FYI Ginny & Lane own several restaurants in Orange Beach including YoHo & Villaggio at The Wharf.

After a delicious lunch, I stopped by A Coastal Zen to say hello to Stan and Ashlea. This unique, family owned store, offers everything from candles to crystals. If you are wanting to add some calm to your home, they've got you covered.


Mangiano "Let's Eat"!

Last week I promised to share my mother's famous yeast roll recipe. Momma was a creative cook and taught me so much about baking. I spent many hours standing on a chair in her kitchen learning how to knead dough, decorate cookies and so much more. Flour would be everywhere and it never seemed to phase her. This recipe became part of my mom's repertoire after my older sister fell in love with yeast rolls at summer camp. Momma named them Annie Rolls as a tribute to the cook that fed my sister that summer.


  • 1 cup boiling water

  • 1 cup of warm water

  • 1 cup of butter

  • 7/8 cup of sugar

  • 1 & 1/2 teaspoon of salt

  • 2 compressed packets of yeast

  • 2 eggs

  • 7 cups of all purpose flour

Pour boiling water over the butter, sugar & salt in your large mixing bowl.

Meanwhile activate the dry yeast in one cup of warm water, put aside for about 5 minutes.

Beat two eggs and add to cooled off butter mixture. Next add the yeast.

Gradually add the sifted flour to the wet ingredients. Blend thoroughly and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

Roll out the chilled dough onto a floured surface. Knead the dough for a few minutes to add some air to the mixture. Pinch off a handful of dough and form your roll. Mom used to pat the dough into a small circle then fold it over.

Rolls need to rise for two hours then bake at 350 until golden brown. Usually takes about 10 minutes depending on your oven.

Warning: Once you make these and serve to your family they will be on the request list for every gathering!


On Sunday I stayed in Mobile and spent some time with Rebecca Dixon, owner of Apollo's Paws. She offered a class called "The How To's of Home Maintenance" for pet owners. Rebecca grooms the "boss dogs" on a monthly basis! Fortunately, Rebecca is going to offer this class again next month. I can't tell you how much I learned! This is a don't miss, y'all!!!

Rebecca is pictured here with her Standard Poodle, Journey. Thank you so much for hosting this class!

Have a fantastic week everyone! I am looking forward to introducing you to many new bosses over the next few weeks!

~ Charlsie



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