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Become a solution finder!

Last week I shared the success of Red Nose Day and how becoming solution oriented lead to success in the competitive landscape of charitable fund raising. This week I'd like to talk about the affects of becoming a solution finder instead of a competitor.

There is energy or a "vibe" attached to everything that exists in the world today. People attribute this feeling to various origins including spiritual and scientific ones. Consider this, there is positive power associated with finding solutions versus the negative energy of forcing a result.

I am certain if you think about it you will come up with personal examples of "being in the zone" and how things always seem to work out for you on those occasions. On the other hand, we have all experienced those days when everything goes wrong and the more we try to force things the worse they seem to become. (I have learned to go take a nap or go outside and reset my brain).

I'd like to share the story of an organization that may have touched your life in some way or other. A century ago anyone who was labeled a drunkard or drug user was deemed incurable. As the disease progressed addicts were "sent away" from society. They were forced to live out their illness apart from family and society. No one believed that these people could be cured.

A contemporary organization with enormous power and influence was born out of the quest to find a solution to the incurable. Alcoholics Anonymous has become woven into the very fabric of modern society and is the foundation of the self-help movement. Did you know that there are close to 300 anonymous 12-step self-help organizations dealing with every aspect of human suffering? Their roots can be attributed to AA. As a society we have shifted from condemnation of self-destructive behaviors to seeing these conditions as curable.

This shift in thinking as a society began with one man's pursuit of finding a solution to his own addiction to alcohol. He sought out help from Carl Jung, not once but twice. In putting Jung's advice into action he was introduced to the Oxford Groups. In the 1930's these groups of individuals met regularly to discuss living life according to some basic principles. This gentleman recovered from his "incurable" illness and shared his experience with a friend, named Ebby T. who also followed the program and was healed. Ebby shared his recovery with Bill, one of the principle founders of AA. Bill was a hopeless, incurable alcoholic & stockbroker who had been hospitalized frequently and his condition was medically grave.

The program was based on service to others, moral house-cleaning, anonymity, humility and a surrender to a power greater than oneself. Bill was an atheist and had a difficult time with the idea of surrendering to this unknown power. Ultimately, he hit rock bottom and gave up his pride. At that point he was filled with a sense of peace.

Bill went on to share his experience and the refinement of the recovery program with others and to date he has transformed millions of lives. Bill and co-founder, Dr. Bob, a surgeon, remained sober for the rest of their lives. Think about the power associated with Bill's desire to find and share a solution to the problem of addition. It is mind boggling to contemplate how he has transformed and changed the course of history.

How does this relate to you and your business? Instead of focusing on what your competitors are doing, become a solution finder. Finding your unique selling proposition will set you apart from your competitors. Like Bill & Bob, your solution may touch thousands if not millions of lives.


Let's welcome Darrell Pitts, owner of Yellowhammer Inspection Services, LLC to Meet da' Boss. We will be on location for his photo session this weekend, so you'll be able to read all about him very soon on the website. Meanwhile visit his company site at


Are you ready for Memorial Day Weekend? For many of you that will mean a long weekend spent at the beach or fishing! Enjoy your time with family and friends!

See you next week!



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