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Checking in on those 2021 Intentions! How are you doing with yours?

February 1st is a great time to take a look at all of those good intentions you set earlier this year. My trusty sidekick, Marcello and I have kept at least one of mine! We've been on the yoga mat practicing every day. He wants all of you to know that he has perfected the "downward dog" position and plans to start his own YouTube channel for other yogis.

In all seriousness, setting intentions instead of resolutions was a wise thing for me. I tend to overbook my calendar and having some flexibility has been fantastic.

My hope is that all of you are taking time to care for yourself. Times have been stressful and it is so important to take a few moments everyday to just breathe.

I have really enjoyed another habit that I put back into play. Reading daily has been a welcome respite from watching television. I will continue to share my favorite books with you on the blog. Check out my latest discovery at the end of this text. It is a fantastic read!

Have you kept some of your good intentions? I'd love to hear from you about what has made a difference in your life! Feel free to post in the comments below.


Mobile Marble Company

Last week I spent some time with David Lindsey, Ryan Lindsey and Mike Waldo of Mobile Marble Company. It was time for some new photos and Mother Nature obliged with a crisp, sunny day. This family owned and operated company is proud to use only products made in the USA! In fact, their facility is located in Mobile, Alabama. If you have been thinking about upgrading your bathroom, they would love to meet with you. Check out our Facebook Live video in the showroom by clicking here.


Heather Loper

Congratulations! Heather Loper!

Here's a huge "shout out" to Heather Loper, our realtor partner in Baldwin County. Heather was recognized by Keller Williams Alabama Gulf Coast as one of their 20 Top Producers for 2020!

Congratulations to Karen Singleton & Marcile Sims of Synergy Realty Group! Keller Williams Realty Mobile is recognizing them in their top 20 Producers for 2020! They are our real estate partners for Mobile County!

Karen Singleton & Marcile Sims

In the Spotlight this Week: A Coastal Zen

Many of you have spent some time at The Wharf in Orange Beach. Hopefully you wandered into A Coastal Zen to browse. This unique and relaxing shop features beautiful jewelry, crystals, candles, and so many other wonderful items. The Chapman family along with their partner, Sherry Petty, opened the store in June of 2018. They have been amazed at how locals and tourists have embraced their place.

One of the biggest trends in 2021 decor is to add some elements of nature to your home. The "energy experts" at ACZ are ready to assist you in finding some things that will help you bring natural aspects into your house, especially that home office of yours!

I've been collecting rocks and sea shells since I was a very small child. I instantly fell in love with this store and the owners when I ventured inside. Go check them out the next time you are in town.


In the Book Corner #5

This week's book, Resilience from the Heart by Gregg Braden is one of my absolute favorite reads of 2021. He is a scientist who is gifted with incredible communication skills. Science and spirituality are beginning to merge together with studies revealing how much our thoughts, beliefs and state of being affect our health.

Dr. Braden explores the heart as the center for intuition. Did you know that it contains neurons just like your brain does? Did you know that it senses things independently from your brain? Did you know it shares the command role of your human body with your brain? It is definitely more than a pump!

One of the stories he shares on page 17 is about an eight year old girl who receives a heart transplant from a 10 year old girl who had died suddenly. After the operation her body accepts the new organ however she is plagued with a terrifying nightmare over and over again. It got so bad that her parents sought professional counseling for their daughter. The therapist asked if a police investigator could be called in because the details of the dream were so vivid.

The assailant of the 10 year old girl was captured and convicted. All of this knowledge was stored in the heart of the child that died and came forth in the dreams of the 8 year old who received the donor organ.

There is so much to learn about the power of the human heart! Enjoy this one!


In the Kitchen!

Well, I can't take any credit for this week's delicious recipe. A dear friend of mine made these rum cupcakes and sent me home with a few. Honestly, they were so good I could have made myself sick on them!

One evening over dinner I begged him for the recipe and he shared it. In fact, it is Bacardi's Rum Cake recipe. Just click here to get it! There are quite a few versions online!

This one starts with cake mix, pudding and a few other ingredients. You do need to have some Bacardi Gold Rum on hand. This is an ideal option for your next dinner party.

It is a simple dessert that packs loads of flavor in every bite. You can even make it with your favorite nut like pecans or walnuts.


This week I hope that you find ways to support your local community. Shopping local, helping a neighbor with a project, or calling a friend who is alone are all ways to build your own community. People caring about people is what makes the human experience worth living. Have a great week!



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