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Coffee, Community, Leadership, Health and More!

Lisa Harkey & Charlsie Pecoraro

Have you met Lisa Harkey of AlaCoast Insurance Agency? She is a leading female entrepreneur in the Mobile community. Recently we got together to film an informative video about insurance to be released later this year on YouTube! I'll be filling you in on all the details soon!

One thing that stands out when you visit her Mobile office, is the outstanding customer service her team provides. She has assembled a group of professionals who treat everyone with the respect that is expected in the South.

I've mentioned to Lisa, that if we could bottle up her management technique and sell it, she'd be a multi-millionaire! Want to know some of her secrets? Read more by clicking here! Thank you Lisa for spending time with me this week! I can hardly wait for everyone to see your video!

Coffee from RedBar Espresso

Today I am heading out to meet with a group of entrepreneurs for coffee at RedBar Espresso. It s one of West Mobile's little gems and we all adore the staff and the atmosphere. Hey, the coffee is incredible as well! We get together monthly to "catch up" with one another and find ways to support our local community.

This gathering is not business driven but heart driven. I have found that when I do things for the love of others, incredible things happen. I really care about every person that shows up and connections "happen" every time we get together.

Why not start getting together monthly with friends or other like-minded business folks? You will be amazed at what develops for you in your personal life and also in business. This informal get-together is something that all of us look forward to!

The Navy's Blue Angels

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? We are supposed to have glorious weather on the Gulf Coast and the beloved Blue Angels are in Pensacola for their homecoming. If you have never seen this extraordinary group of Navy aviators, you are missing out. There are shows scheduled today and tomorrow, November 5th & 6th. Click here for all of the details! Insider tip: Get to Pensacola early because the crowds will be huge for their homecoming week! Be sure to pack your camera too!

Amy Rainwaters Coaching

Amy Rainwaters visited the studio and we shot a YouTube episode about health and wellness. Amy is a Mayo Clinic Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She shared some simple steps to help you get ready for the new year. Everyone sets New Year's Resolutions only to break them before the end of January. We all have the best of intentions however our goal setting can be out of reach.

Amy has a philosophy of taking simple steps every day to reach your overall goals. She has a wonderful program that will help you manage different aspects of your life. Everything is intertwined and things like lack of sleep, eating too much of something or never moving your body can affect your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Why wait until the new year? Reach out to Amy and get started on the new you right now. She would love to guide you on a journey to reaching your goals. Click here for information on booking a consultation.

Now for some very exciting news! My first book, Your Journey Your Way will be published this month! You will be able to purchase it on Amazon or from my website in a few weeks. I'll be offering signed editions on my website along with a custom made unalome necklace made by Giulia Sciutto. This pairing will be limited offering celebrating the launch of the book. Check out Giulia's designs on her website at Happy Bee Jewelry.

I want to thank Christy Souther of South Creative Designs for the book cover. Also special thanks to Alan for my publicity photos and to Mary Harrison for editing the work. She read it so many times I think she could recite it! I'll be releasing "put it into practice" videos on YouTube, so go subscribe to the channel for future reference by clicking here! Writing is something that I have always enjoyed and putting a collection of ideas between the covers of a book has been exhilarating for me! I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it for all of you! ~ Charlsie



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