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Coping with "the Virus", What's New on YouTube & Boss Partners On the Move!

Dogs sleeping
Just Let Me Take a Nap!

For 2 and 1/2 years we kept the dreaded coronavirus at bay in our home. At the end of June it rumbled into our household and has been reluctant to vacate. As many of you know the first week is the most challenging with symptoms ranging from sore throat to headache to fever and stomach challenges. Fatigue sets in almost immediately and that has been the lingering aftermath for me and my husband.

The picture above depicts how I have felt for the past couple of weeks. My mantra has been "just let me take a nap".

I am always looking for the silver lining in any situation. This period of forced hibernation, though challenging, has produced some very wonderful and lasting effects. My relationship with my incredible husband is stronger than ever. We had never been so ill and having the virus in tandem really caused us to slow down and appreciate the little things.

Friends of ours recovering from the virus, shared how just walking across the room was laborious. I concur with this observation. We learned to make every effort "count" by multitasking.

Another rewarding surprise was how friends and neighbors reacted and reached out to help. My best friend in Phoenix offered to order groceries, have food delivered, and anything else we might need. Fortunately, we keep a well-stocked pantry so I didn't have to take her up on the offer. Neighbors have mowed our rather large yard twice and countless others have been checking on us often. Kindness and concern is everywhere!

So what are my words of wisdom?

  • Sleep when your body tells you to...even if it is all day.

  • Drinking water with a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar cut down on the phlegm for both of us. Watch this video for more information by clicking here.

  • Tylenol helped minimize the headache

  • Drinking water and keeping it handy helped with hydration.

  • Get your electrolytes! I have powder that I added to our water.

  • Take your vitamins! I took Suja Immunity Shots (liquid drink) daily.

  • Seek medical treatment early.

  • Test at home to monitor your improvement. Get free antigen tests by clicking here.

  • Realize that the fatigue is real and it will end.

  • Lack of taste or food tasting strange can happen and did for both of us. We experienced a metallic aftertaste. Fresh fruit seemed to help diminish this.

  • Brain fog or Co-Vid brain happens. This "fog" will subside.

  • Spend some time outdoors daily. The sunshine and fresh air really helped us feel better.

  • Expect extremes in body temp - we both were cold/hot throughout the experience.

  • Try to delay any important decisions. Brain fog is real.

  • Be vigilant with using your hand sanitizers when you venture out. Visit stores, restaurants and other public places during "off hours". For example, Costco is empty on Wednesday afternoons.

  • Be easy on yourself. This is an unusual sickness and is not very predictable. I fully expected to be 100% by the end of the second week. I am deep into week 3 and feel about 85% "normal".

  • Expect to relapse. One of my dear friends told me that she would get to feeling great, go out and fill up her day with regular activity, only to find that she was "sick" the following day. Pace yourself!

  • Appreciate that everyone's symptoms are unique. Some folks will experience a nagging cold while others may land in the hospital.

My hope is that these tidbits might help you in some way. Stay healthy dear readers! Thank you to everyone who has kept in touch and offered to help! I appreciate all of you so much! It is wonderful to be blogging again!


What's New on YouTube?

Jim & Monica Wesson, Managing Partners at The Joint Chiropractic in West Mobile, joined me recently for an interesting interview. Find out how this unique business model works! Click here to watch! The Joint Chiropractic is located at 7721 Airport Blvd., next to The Salad Station in West Mobile. You can reach them at 251-931-9420.

Old But Still Getting Incredible Views!

This has been the MOST popular video since I launched the channel! The New Orleans Muffuletta is the ideal sandwich to create for the upcoming football season and cooler weather. One sandwich feeds 4 people! Click here to watch and direct message me with questions!


Bosses on the Move!

Richard & Paula
Richard Lindsey & Paula Waldo

Lindsey & Waldo are relocating their business in August to 4328 Boulevard Park S., Mobile, Al. They have been at their Hillcrest location for over 20 years! Congratulations on the impending move to your new address! I can't wait to tour the new office.

If you haven't signed up for their newsletter and weekly email, I encourage you to do so. Visit the official website at for more details. You can call the office and Kristen will add you to the email group. Call 251-633-4070!

A recent Real World email addressed the challenges of inflation and ways to manage it. As tempting as it may be to raise prices, you need to take a hard look at how that will affect your business. I will share some of this wisdom below.

Meanwhile we are excited about the growth that Richard Lindsey & Paula Waldo are experiencing! They have increased their staff to meet the needs of their expanding clientele!

Ashley Duncan

Ashley Duncan, Independent Mary Kay Director is headed to the annual convention next week in Dallas. She earned her Court of Sharing award signified by a Diamond Bubble Bee pin. This is her third year to earn this significant achievement as a team leader and mentor. Click here to read the origin of the Mary Kay Bubble Bee pin. It represents the belief in the impossible!

Ashley has been a successful director for a decade and believes in sharing her skills with people that want to embark on a Mary Kay career. If you have ever wanted to grow a side gig into a successful business, she is ready to help.

Congratulations to Ashley for this momentous success! It is an honor to have you as a boss partner! Enjoy your celebration in Texas next week!


Inflation, should you raise your prices?

The Art of Raising Prices “There is no victory at bargain basement prices.” – Dwight Eisenhower

Prices are on the rise everywhere right now. What about yours?

From just a few pennies to outright sticker shock, hiking prices is one of the quickest paths to losing customers. But you’ve got ends to make meet, too.

Our inflation series continues with one of the most pressing problems for businesses today: How much you need to increase your pricing models – and what to think about before you do.

Worry and response

Current inflation is 8.6% year over year, a seemingly endless upward direction that worries most businesses. Almost nine out of 10 have told surveys that they’re also already seeing the hit in higher expenses such as supplies and services, some by as much as 50%. Throw in employees probably wanting above-average raises and you’ve got a compound problem.

Businesses’ response? Not hard to guess: Almost nine out of 10 small businesses in one survey said they had to hike their own prices – and that’s on top of the hefty percentage who’d already raised their prices since the pandemic started.

The key question is, raised prices by how much?

Almost half of businesses had to increase prices by more than 20%; almost half said they kept the increase to no more than 15%. Some companies that haven’t increased prices in years have had to pass along furious new costs to potentially furious old customers.

Take a hard look

Before you just decide to pin down your average higher costs and just base your markup on that across the board, take a harder look at your operation and your pricing model.

Do you stand out? Yes, as a fellow small-business owner, we know it’s a hard question to ask yourself but re-assessing your pricing just starts with it: What makes you so special? Why should your customer pay you? Are your services unique?

Special is special. You can increase the price of specialized or exclusive products much easier than you can those of commodities, which customers can easily find replacements for. Special products and services will bear the weight. The same holds true for customer loyalty. How often do your customers say they’d never shop anywhere else? (How often do they prove that, too?) A loyal customer will pay more – just don’t think you can push that forever.

Competition. What’s their price point and range, and how does it compare with yours? If yours is higher, don’t automatically assume that you have to match your competitors’ deal. Do you offer customers resources that the other doesn’t, for example? If you don’t, can you add those resources economically? (As you can imagine, it’s critical to answer those honestly.)


In with the new. What do you offer that draws in most of your new customers? Raising those prices should be a last resort. You want to increase income from your premium, extra, or add-on items. Your customers don’t use those until they’ve become more loyal to your brand – and become customers who will put up with a price increase longer before they think of leaving you.

You do still want to give special attention to these products and these customers, though (more on this below).

Go slow. Tempting though it is, jacking up prices across the board isn’t necessarily your best move. And when you do, raise prices gradually. As we mentioned, it’s best to raise prices on premium products and services first. But you can tweak both the offerings and the pricing to make them more palatable.

Tell it like it is. Be upfront with customers about price hikes – give some clear reasons. Much as people hate bad news, they hate nasty surprises or being kept in the dark more.

Bundle. Combining multiple products at a higher price point, giving special warranties, comping higher shipping costs, offering more services or rewards for subscriptions: They all bring more money through your door by having the customer buy more, just not a la carte. Do be careful about devaluing your brand with too many discounts.

Improve your customer service. Next to the sale itself, this is your pivotal touchpoint with a customer. Invest in it, and you’ll solidify your customer base generally.

Change marketing. Some customers will pay more for a product or service they perceive as being worth more. Your marketing might need to start highlighting your value, or you might need to go after new customers who don’t always think about price first.

~ from Richard Lindsey's

"Real World" Business Strategy Note, July 13, 2022


I wanted to leave you with something positive, so here is a picture of my very "happy" Thanksgiving Cactus. This was a gift from my husband's son over 7 years ago. I finally decided to repot it after watching a video (click here) of the repotting of a 200 year old one. I can't describe how much better this little plant looks just day 2 into its new "home".

As I stated earlier, it's the little things that seem to matter now. Caring for your loved ones, pets, plants and also your community are important in these times. Stay healthy and have a wonderful week.

~ Charlsie


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