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Good Things to Know! Can I Write That Off on Taxes?Triple T Farm Wedding Venue & Beauty Magic!

In this blog, I wanted to share some good things to know. I task myself with learning new things daily and some of this knowledge is too great not to share with you, dear readers. So let's get started with tackling clutter and bringing balance back to your life.

I am enrolled in a coaching program with Denise Linn, author and self-development expert. I was impressed with her breakdown of what clutter is and how it affects you.

On a purely physical level, clutter can be any object that you don’t use and don’t love. But beyond that, clutter is stagnant energy created by the stuff in your life. ~ Denise Linn

Did you know there is a high correlation between people who live in cluttered environments and those who also experience emotional frustration, depression, stagnation, irritation, confusion, indecision, and a feeling of hopelessness in life? I challenge you to look at your place through the eyes of a visitor. Does it reflect your personality? Is it filled with things you love? Walking by an object daily that makes you uncomfortable or reminds you of something negative is not going to bring good energy into your space.

So what do you do with the stuff?

  • Sell it!

  • Donate it!

Think about this. You may have a stack of old towels or blankets taking up space in your linen closet. Your local animal rescue is probably in dire need of those items. Your donation could make a big impact on their day to day operations. Typically my home stays fairly tidy however there are things that I don't love or use anymore. It has been liberating to re-home some these items.

Here are some common effects of clutter according to Denise Linn.


Ashley Duncan, Independent Mary Kay Director, has been talking about just how great this new Instant Puffiness Reducer from Mary Kay is. Wowzer! Here is a product that does what it claims! It is perfect for those "tired eyes" you get from time to time. I tried it out over the weekend and could not believe the difference it made on my baggy baby blues.

Reach out to Ashley at 229-395-8487. She will be happy to meet with you to figure out the best skin care options for your particular complexion.

Skin care and makeup are just two of the things that Ashley is passionate about. She is also focused on mentoring others on how to turn a "side gig" into a full-time career. The proof is in her history. She's been a successful director for the past decade!


Making Wedding Dreams Come True in Fruitdale, Alabama

Where is Fruitdale, Alabama?

What is there to do in Fruitdale, Alabama?

When I ask people about Fruitdale most of them have "been up there" for a wedding or perhaps on a hunting trip. Fruitdale is a small unincorporated community located north west of Mobile. It is home to several hundred folks who love the country atmosphere and slower pace of life. As you travel along Highway 45, you'll begin to relax. The tree lined landscape leads to a beautiful wedding venue that is unmatched in our area.

Triple T Farm has been in the Turner family for over a century. It was a full fledged working property for many years. Recently, Chad Turner, owner, converted it into one of the most sought after wedding venues in the South. The list of amenities he offers couples includes this climate controlled barn capable of hosting 300 guests. There is ample parking on the ample acres! In addition, Triple T has a Bridal House, a Groom's cabin, an outdoor courtyard lined with silos, multiple locations for wedding vows and a fully stocked fishing pond.

Hunting, farming and getting married are some of the things that Fruitdale has become famous for! Check out this wonderful farm conversion by visiting his website at Want to know more about the passion that drives this property, click here.


Can I Write This Off?

Recently I was reading Taxing Times, a newsletter Lindsey & Waldo send out to their clients. In the June issue, Richard Lindsey discusses "How to Write Off Almost Anything". I'll share some of this valuable information with you.

There are four primary steps for this, and you have to follow them all... #1: You must have a business. If you’ve consistently had a tax loss in your business after you take all of your deductions, you could run the risk of the IRS reclassifying your business as a hobby. If you have a hobby, you can’t take the deductions. There are generally 9 factors that the IRS uses to determine if you have a business. These 9 factors break down into 4 categories:

  1. Are you running your business in a business-like manner?

  2. Are you putting in enough time and effort to reasonably expect success in your business?

  3. Do you have past success in a business like this? Or, if not, do you have a mentor, coach, or advisor who does have past success?

  4. And finally, the big one, do you have a true profit motive for your business? You might be losing money now, but do you have a plan that will get you in the green?

Click here to read the rest of the article!

Richard Lindsey


Catching up with some Boss Partners!

Diane Cashen

I was fortunate to have a leisurely lunch with Diane Cashen at Heron Lakes Country Club this week. We enjoyed a cup of Tammy's fantastic gumbo (the best I've had in Mobile) and Chris Metzger's shrimp wrap! We caught up on what has been happening with her interior design business. She has been amazed at the number of large projects that she has been hired to do. Diane has three design jobs she is working on in Baldwin County and of course a dozen going on in Mobile. To say that she is busy is an understatement.

We discussed the climate of business these days and one thing that struck me was how committed she is to supporting locals and other boss partners. She mentioned using Lisa Harkey for insurance, Rebecca Dixon for grooming, Houston Horne for moving, Ashley Duncan for makeup and Andrew Lee for Audi maintenance.

I treasure my get togethers with this beautiful soul. She is truly walking the talk!

Diane Cashen 251-545-5688

Jessica Zoltek

Jessica Zoltek with Healthcare Resource Center Mobile joined me for coffee last week so we could catch up. She is your contact for all things concerning Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Normally things slow down for her during the summer months. She has been delighted with the wealth of new business coming her way in these dog days of summer. Helping folks who are turning 65 is what she has been focused on. Supplemental insurance can be confusing and she wants to answer all of your questions. She can be reached by calling 251-751-5434. Fortunately, she represents every provider for the state so your insurance options are not limited. Jessica will uncover the best solutions at the best prices for your individual situation. Visit her website by clicking here.

Jim & Monica Wesson

Jim and Monica Wesson became Boss partners last year shortly after they opened The Joint Chiropractic in West Mobile. Fast forward to now and I count them among my friends as well as business partners.

I will be celebrating with them next month when they open their second location of The Joint Chiropractic in Daphne. That is quite an accomplishment and I'm wishing them all of the best across the bay. The new location will be located at 6850 US Highway 90, Suite A. They are in the shopping center near Starbucks! Plans are to open doors to the public on July 5th!

Remember you don't need an appointment or insurance to visit The Joint Chiropractic. Congratulations you, two! (Yes, they are just as happy as this picture depicts)!

We live in an ocean of energy. ~ Denise Linn

Protect your "energy" like it is gold, because it truly is! Surround yourself, like I do, with people who are positive and supportive. Your life can't get any better than that! Have a great week! ~ Charlsie

Insider tip: You do not have to be a member of Heron Lakes Country Club to dine there! Go check out the fabulous lunch menu that Chris Metzger offers his patrons!


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