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You Can Be a Success; Even in this Crazy Climate!

Today I want to remind each and every one of you that "you are enough"! If you have a clear vision of what you want your life's journey to involve, always know that you can do, be and have anything that you focus your mind on. The key is determining what occupies your mind and making positive changes if needed. Do you have a constant chatter of negative mantras playing over and over again, like a broken record? You can pivot away from this nonsense today!

Be honest with yourself!

  • Do you take 5 minutes every day to just sit still in silence and listen? You can call this meditation or prayer time. Are you worth 5 minutes daily? I know that I am and I do sit and listen for what my intuition is offering. This has been a game changer for me. Doing this practice involves patience. I read recently that patience creates the space for you to enjoy life. This leads to my next tip.

  • Have more fun in your daily life...right now, not someday in the future when everything is aligned perfectly. I challenge you to laugh every day for the next 20 years. Just thinking about it makes me smile. Look for things that make you "crack up". Fortunately, I live with a jokester, so this is not too difficult for me!

  • Figure out what do you really want. Make a vision board if you need to remind yourself. Whenever I really want something and focus on it, it just happens. If I am vague about the dream, then the dream remains just that...a dream.

I'll give you a visual example. This was my screen saver a few years ago. I just liked the way this little Shih Tzu looked and thought, maybe some day....when everything is perfectly aligned. This image made me smile!

Fast forward, a year later...

This little guy came into our lives, delivered by the universe. He happened to be at a shelter where we were checking on a Standard Poodle for a dear friend. Jack has been in our home for several years now and brings us joy every day. He showed up because I had been focused on him daily for a year.

What is on your screensaver?


Entrepreneurs Making a Difference!

Over the past couple of weeks I have spent some time with many of my boss partners! I wanted to bring you up to speed on what's happening for some of these thriving business owners!

Houston Horne, owner of Handy Guys Moving Services in Mobile is on the fast track to growing his company to the next level. He shared with me that he is participating in a mentorship with one of the leading coaches in his industry.

Investing in yourself is one of the key factors to success. If you are willing to spend the $$$ to educate yourself, then you are placing importance on your future. Whenever I hear about someone hiring a coach or mentor, I know that they are committed to growth.

Houston and I are getting together next week to film a YouTube video loaded with helpful tips on hiring a moving company and how to prepare for your next relocation. Be sure and check out it out!

I'll be keeping an eye on this inspiring young man! I can only imagine what kind of mogul he will be in 5 years! Click here for more info!

Michelle Tice, Financial Representative at Strategic Wealth Specialists, participated in the recent Eastern Shore Business Expo. I spent some time with her meeting other business owners at the event. Her calm, confident manner has folks wanting to consult with her on financial matters.

She helps people from a place that most can relate to. She and her husband, Sammy were clients before she transitioned to financial planning as a career. Her "real life" experience and the positive changes in her own life are the fuel that drives her passion for this endeavor.

Are you drowning in debt? Do you have enough life insurance? Do you know how to start saving for your future? Do you pay yourself first? Click here for Michelle's story and contact information to get started soon!

Jim and Monica Wesson are the managing partners at The Joint Chiropractic Clinic in West Mobile. They've got some exciting news! They will be opening a second clinic in June in Daphne, Alabama.

The Joint Chiropractic is a wonderful concept offering chiropractic adjustments without needing an appointment or insurance. The clinics are open until 7PM weekdays and your first consultation, evaluation and adjustment is only $29. As a member, you can visit any location across the United States!

Baldwin County native, Dr. Paige Whalen will be the chief chiropractor at the new location. Meanwhile, Dr. Jonathan Krause and she are serving patients in Mobile. Click here for more information!

I have more exciting news about my boss partners however I'll save that for the next edition of The Local Vibe, so watch your inbox for the next one!


What's New on YouTube?

You guys LOVE dessert videos and this one won't disappoint. I got the recipe from a former boss, and dessert guru, Bill Bromley! Bill passed away unexpectedly and I made this as a tribute to him. Enjoy this quick and delicious dessert bar! Click here or on the thumbnail to go straight to the video.

Here is one of my favorite practices from my book, Your Journey Your Way. If you don't have a copy you can order one by clicking here. My office will mail out a personalized and signed copy to you today! Meanwhile check out the videos of putting it into practice that are on my channel. Click here to watch the latest one!

Are you ready to buy a home? The first step is to line up mortgage financing. Camille Wilkinson goes step by step in this video telling you how to get started. She has decades of experience helping people make home ownership a dream come true. Click here to watch this informative episode and don't forget to subscribe to my channel!


In the Book Corner!

This book will jump start your commitment to financial success. Author, Jen Sincero, is funny, deliberate and truthful about what it takes to be financially free. I enjoyed this one so much that I ordered two of her other books.

She fills the pages with helpful advice and useful quotes.

Here are a few that I liked..."Treat money the way you'd like to be treated. Give it a reason to hang out with you" or "Quit limping around taped to an unhealthy relationship with money".

I work with business owners every day of the week and one thing that will totally stall their growth is the "lack" mentality. By not investing in their dreams they are setting themselves up for failure. If you don't believe in yourself why would anyone else? Click here to order a copy of this book! Also check out for big savings.

With all of the focus on fasting as a great healer for health issues, I decided to read more about it. I am on chapter 3 of this popular book and am already very intrigued.

Personally, when I don't eat for 18 hours, I feel so much better. I realized that I needed to inform myself on how to fast effectively for long term health.

Author Gin Stephens, was an educator and her manner of teaching in this book is easy to follow. She does explore the science behind the lifestyle. Consider this, back in the 60's & 70's we ate breakfast at 8AM, lunch at noon and dinner at 6PM. There were no bedtime snacks and limited snacks in the afternoon. The entire country practiced a 14 hour fast and obesity was not the health issue that it is today. 42.4% of the population in the US is overweight in 2022. Click here to order a copy for yourself and let's become fasting buddies together.


Happy Mother's Day!

I hit the jackpot in the mom category. Eleanor Mallett Smith found herself pregnant with me at the age of 37. She and I both have August birthdays so she turned 38 just in time to welcome me, her 4th child. She told me that having me "late in life" kept her young.

Momma was an artist, a lover of the outdoors and a fantastic cook. Whenever I work with my plants or cook a meal, I feel her with me.

This beauty loved me deeply and I am thankful for having her as a parent.

This Mother's Day send some love to your mom whether she is still on Earth or has moved on to the spiritual realm.

Happy Mother's Day!




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