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Buena Pasqua! Happy Easter!

The Easter holidays have arrived and folks are on the road heading to visit family. Many are taking a break along the Gulf Coast in our beach towns. The traffic heading east is multiplying as I write this! One of my favorite memories from childhood was shopping for a new dress for Sunday. I grew up in an era where little girls wore Mary Jane's, gloves and carried small purses. I felt so "grown up" and beautiful when we headed off to church.

One year, my sister Mary, bought me two beautiful dresses for Easter. She and I went shopping together and I remember it being one of the best days of my young life. I was probably around 8 or 9 years old. One was a pale yellow linen dress with a matching coat and pearl buttons. The other one was lavender colored drop-waisted frock with a pleated skirt. Mary bought me a strand of pearls to wear with it.

She and I talked about this memory a few months ago. She absolutely loved giving me such a special day. She was newly graduated from college and working at her first corporate job. It was so much fun for her to have the ability to afford to spoil her little sister.

It is true, that some of the best times are when we do unexpected things for people we love. Actually the biggest gift we can give others is to learn to love everyone. I know that is a tall order, especially when folks are rude and thoughtless at times. In this season of re-birth, wouldn't it be wonderful to find a way to love everyone that crosses your path? Happiest of Easters to all of you and in Italy they say Buena Pasqua!


What's Happening?

The Joint Chiropractic Mobile & Daphne
Jim & Monica Wesson

Jim and Monica Wesson are the managing partners at The Joint Chiropractic Clinic. They opened their first location in West Mobile in 2021 and are looking forward to opening a second location in Daphne very soon!

The Joint offers a New Patient Special for only $29 for an exam, consultation and adjustment. There are membership plans and packages too! Be sure to mention if you have military ties since there are discounts for that also.

Click here to read more about this thriving new business! Jim and Monica would love for you to stop by and check out their West Mobile location located next to The Salad Station on Airport Blvd. If you have questions give the office a call at 251-931-9420. No appointments necessary, walk-in's welcome and no insurance.

Owner of Ronnie Lee's Automotive
Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee is the owner of Ronnie Lee's Automotive Services located in Daphne! His business services European autos including BMW, Mercedes, VW, Volvo, Audi and more. This master mechanic has assembled a team of specialists that want to keep your car on the road!

Andrew recently attended the STX 2022 Supplier & Training Expo in Orlando. He is committed to being the best he can possibly be and is on the leading edge of car maintenance education. His training in Florida included some sessions on Tesla's. I admire this young man more than words can express. He has embraced new technology while continuing to serve his loyal customer base for gas & diesel powered automobiles. I see great things in his future!

If you are looking for a fair and competent European Auto Shop check out Ronnie Lee's by clicking here.

A Coastal Zen
Stan & Mary Kay Chapman, Ashlea Lawler

Many of you who have vacationed in Orange Beach may recognize this family from their former retail shop at The Wharf. Stan, Mary Kay and Ashlea were an inspiring trio at A Coastal Zen. They shuttered the storefront last fall and are focused on their online store. Go check out their large selection of crystals, books, and so much more.

Did you know that you can book a private in person shopping experience? Visit their website for more details by clicking here.

Coming Soon! Stan will be offering Reiki and Sound Bowl sessions in the near future. He is putting the finishing touches on his new studio. I can hardly wait to book an appointment with this amazing energy master! There are great things happening on the eastern shore!

Rebecca Dixon's grooming salon, Apollo's Paws, located in Mobile, is growing beyond her wildest expectations! She is adding a third professional groomer to her team to keep up with her expanding clientele!

Rebecca is the "official" groomer of the boss doggies! My fur-kids absolutely love going to Apollo's for their monthly shower-n-shave!

The unique thing about this grooming spa is that she offers feline, aviary and exotic services! Cats, birds and even reptiles need a spa experience. Rebecca's place meets those needs for clients along the Gulf Coast.

I strongly suggest that you book an appointment for your pet today. Click here to visit her website.

Tip of the Day: Book out a year's worth of appointments so that you secure your regular spot. Her place is THAT popular! Congratulations Rebecca!

Handy Guys Moving Services
Houston Horne

Houston Horne is the owner of Handy Guys Moving Services located in West Mobile. Recently, he has been inspired to take his locally owned company to the next level. He specializes in local and long-distance moves for residential and commercial customers.

His company's mission is to take the stress out of your next relocation. He treats every move like it is his own.

I spoke to him recently and he is adding to his team, so click here to visit his website. Contact information can be found there. He is looking for honest, hard working individuals who are looking for a career.

I've recommended this company for both residential and commercial moves. The clients were so pleased with the attention to detail that Houston & Christy Heeter, Office Manager, offered.

Hat's off to Houston and his team for taking such great care of folks moving around the Gulf Coast!


What's New on YouTube?

We've been tied up with some business projects and have not released any new videos this month. We have a list of requests and promise to get to those as soon as possible! Meanwhile I want to share a couple of YouTube channels that I have learned so much from.

Spring Cleaning got you down? Are you ready to get rid of toxic chemicals in your home? Melissa Maker and her hubby, Chad are ready to make cleaning fun. Well maybe not fun, but efficient. She admits that she despises cleaning however it is a needed part of life. Her mission has been to find the best solutions for keeping your space tidy. I have been mixing my own cleaning products for at least 6 months and my home smells wonderful. Click here to visit her YouTube channel.

This channel features husband & wife team, Jerry & Jenny, owners of Creekside Nursery in Charlotte, NC. Since they are in a similar climate zone as the Gulf Coast, their gardening advice works for me! I am sharing this one, especially for my sister, Mary. She called me the other morning asking about some house plants. She wants to add some to her interior and knows that I've always had thriving plants. I sent her a couple of links to check out including this one.


Scenes from my Space!

The last time I counted, I had at least 20 houseplants! I've got a "monster" Monstera growing in my dining room right now...really it is totally taking over!!! I attribute my success to a momma who had a green thumb and all those YouTube pro's that I follow.

Plant tips: Rotate your plants every time you water them! Water them in a circular motion around the root ball! Be willing to move them around the house until you find their preferences. This plant is loving the Southeastern sun and is thriving. Also the orchid is finally shooting out a stem to bloom...first time in years! I finally found the right place for it!

Monstera - my monster plant!


Have a wonderful holiday time with family and friends! ~ Charlsie


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