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Feeling Helpless? What Can You Do To Make a Difference?

The headlines have been challenging over the past month and if you are like most folks, your hearts are breaking for both Ukraine and Russia. I have felt so much sadness for the innocent civilians that are losing their homes, businesses and sometimes their lives. To say I feel helpless, is an understatement. I told a friend recently that I feel some guilt going about my "normal" day when other human beings are faced with the atrocities of war.

In reality, all that most of us can do, is make the space around us better. Every kind act towards another person builds a momentum of positive energy that can truly change the scope of things. Imagine if today, everyone did one nice thing for someone else. If you are wondering what to do, there are hundreds of options. Getting a grocery cart out for someone, buying a friend a coffee, walking your sick neighbor's dog, helping someone finish a work project, calling your mom, baking an extra pie so you can share a piece with a friend; the list is endless. The small things add up, trust me. So I challenge everyone to do something thoughtful for others today and everyday. We can turn this negative vibe around, one kind act at a time.


What's Happening This Weekend on the Gulf Coast?

March kicks off festival time along the Gulf Coast and this weekend is no exception. Grab a hat, sunnies and some sunscreen and head to one of these local events. I've got a couple of fairs on my "to do" list, how about you?

  • The Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival, Friday - Sunday, March 18-20th in downtown Fairhope, Alabama. This is the 70th anniversary for this popular event! Grab a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants and enjoy this huge festival. Dog Friendly!

  • Festivals Acadiens et Creoles in Lafayette, Louisiana begins on Friday, March 18th and wraps up on Sunday. This one is filled with food, fun and live entertainment. If you are ready for a road trip, this is a "mini-vacation". Head to the Bayou State to celebrate the culture of Acadians through music, food and crafts! There is even a French Mass scheduled for Sunday morning! Be sure and eat some crawfish while you are in town!

  • The Mobile Botanical Gardens will host their annual Plantasia Sale beginning on Thursday, March 17 through Saturday March 19th. Sales end at 4PM. This is a great place to pick up vegetable plants, flowers and more! 5151 Museum Drive, Mobile, Alabama.

Many festivals are an opportunity for artisans and craftsmen to sell their creations to the public. Personally, I adore adding these types of items to my home. This is a fantastic way to support local!


What's New On YouTube?

In celebration of "Pi Day" I baked a couple of my husband's favorite pies! This Buttermilk Pie recipe is simple to make and will become a family favorite. Shout out to my sister, Mary for sharing her "tried & true" recipe with me. I tweaked it a little with some fresh lemon. Check out the video by clicking here!

This one is not new, however my New Orleans Style Muffuletta video is the most popular and most watched episode to date! Making this Italian sandwich is easy and it will definitely please the folks around your dinner table. Check out this video by clicking here. Have fun eating this one!

You've got about two weeks left to enroll in the Medicare Advantage Plan. Jessica Zoltek with Healthcare Resource Center Mobile is ready to answer all of your questions. Give her a call at 251-751-5434 for more information. Check out this short video for more on the Advantage program by clicking here.


Lil Jack wanted to let you know that The Local Vibe will be published bi-weekly 'cause Momma & Daddy are really busy with some big projects. Keep checking the YouTube channel for more interesting videos about local boss partners, yummy food, and more.

I will leave you with these words of wisdom from author, Jen Sincero.

You have to want your dreams more than you want your drama!

We hope everyone gets out in their yards, parks and festivals this weekend. Sunday is supposed to be a lovely day! ~ Charlsie



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