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Celebrating Women's History Month in March 2022!

March celebrates the contributions of women over the course of history. When I think of some of the greats of the past, figures like Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, and Coco Chanel come to mind. All of these women were incredible leaders in their chosen life path. I recall stories of how Eleanor Roosevelt was truly a co-president with her husband during his term in office. She worked tirelessly for the rights of women in professional and political positions. Did you know that she was determined to match FDR's annual presidential salary and she DID! She earned $75,000 lecturing and writing AND gave most of it to charity.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Maya Angelou was a poet, activist and writer. Her style was so practical and her quotes have inspired both men and women for decades. She was born in 1928 and died in 2014. She received countless awards and 50, yes I said 50, honorary degrees. If you have not read any of her works, I encourage you to do so.

"If you don't like something change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." Maya Angelou

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel was born in Saumur, France in 1883. She was the founder and namesake of the famous fashion house, Chanel. Did you know that she worked as a maid and a singer to support herself as an up and coming designer? She changed the direction of women's fashion by creating a sporty, casual chic style. She believed in elegance and simplicity without sacrificing comfort. In the 1920's this dressmaker and designer did something unheard of. She introduced the first Chanel fragrance. You can't pass through a fragrance department without encountering Chanel No. 5 ( Marilyn Monroe's favorite). Did you know that this was the first perfume created by a fashion house? The House of Chanel is now valued at over $9 Billion dollars. You'd have to concur that this visionary had a lasting impact on the world of fashion.

"You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life." Coco Chanel

The impact of women in today's world is becoming stronger. I believe that they bring a different attitude to issues that can be beneficial to everyone. Traditionally, they are nurturing to others, to the planet and to the community. The timing is ideal for the divine feminine power to rise up and take its rightful place on the planet. I would not describe myself as a feminist however I do have appreciation for the power of being feminine. There is a difference worth exploring!


What's New This Week on YouTube?

The release of this interview with Sherri Wright, owner of Caring Transitions is perfect timing for the celebration of women. She is a female entrepreneur and working owner of her company. She specializes in "right-sizing", relocating and resettling seniors. Check out the video and read all about her company at

Coming soon, by request, I'll be back in the kitchen making a spaghetti sauce for my neighbor, Becky! She called me recently asking me to do a video that she could follow along. I must admit I was flattered and so happy. My days have been busy the past few weeks, and I haven't had the time to create any new "how to" videos. Hang on, because there are some good ones in the works including this sauce! Lil Jack will be back, "on the street" visiting some dog friendly places!


Women Changing the Gulf Coast!

I am surrounded by so many female entrepreneurs that are impacting the Gulf Coast on a daily basis. I want to recognize some of them this month and applaud them for making a difference in their community.

Michelle Tice

Michelle Tice, Financial Representative of Strategic Wealth Specialists, is a successful businesswomen, wife and mother. She is tireless in her efforts to better the financial future of others.

In addition to her thriving career, she along with husband, Sammy, adopted two boys from the Ukraine. They are actively raising six children. She is very involved in Fostering Together on the Gulf Coast. She is actively sharing ways on social media for ways folks can help people in the Ukraine.

Faith is very important to Michelle and she has begun a chapter of Christian Women Business Organization in Mobile. If you are interested in more information about this networking group click here.

Hats off to Michelle for making a difference in the Gulf Coast community and in the world. Your efforts are paying off!

Sherri Wright

Sherri Wright, owner of Caring Transitions of Mobile & Baldwin Counties is determined to help the seniors in our community right-size, relocate and resettle when the time comes. Moving is stressful and imagine what it is like for someone in their 80's. They may be leaving a home they occupied for 40 plus years. Figuring out what to take, what to sell and what to donate is something that she specializes in.

I have personal experience helping my own mother move from her home into a retirement condominium setting. I wish I would have know about Sherri back then. Whew, it was stressful and tiring. Thank you my friend for taking care of our seniors.

Camille Wilkinson

The Camille Wilkinson Team at Direct Mortgage Loans help folks realize the dream of home ownership. Camille brings decades of experience to the table and is able to help her clients navigate the confusing process of getting a home loan. She is know as the magician of mortgages along the Gulf Coast.

In her free time, this mother of four and grandmother of many can be found baking delicious treats for her family. She loves spending time with them and close friends.

I have worked with Camille for years and one thing I know for certain is that she is a giver. When she becomes aware of a need, she is going to make sure that she finds a solution. I admire her tenacity and her huge, caring heart. Thank you for loving the folks in Mobile and always finding time to help others.


This is just a sampling of some of the women that I am privileged to work with. I'll be showcasing others throughout March! This month, I challenge you to show the women in life how much they mean to you. Have a wonderful week! ~ Charlsie


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