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Creating Community on the Coast and Beyond!

Earlier in the week I felt inspired to challenge my dear readers with a question. What would the ideal community look like to you? If you take some time to think about this you may be surprised at what is truly important. Despite the challenges most have faced over the past 21 months, there have been some positive developments.

  1. Normal Re-defined - there is no "normal" way of doing most things anymore. As a community many have tapped into newfound creativity to keep their businesses vital and growing. Like the quote above states, doing the same things and not changing will not yield the results we are looking for. Let's face it, we can't operate our business or family the way that we did pre-pandemic.

  2. Mindfulness - slowing down and being in the moment is a lesson that many of us needed. Recently I visited with a group of entrepreneurs over coffee and one of the topics discussed was how we used to feel immense pressure to "become". Instead of being in the moment, being present in the here and now, we were always "on our way" to becoming_____________. Fill in the blank for yourself. It has been a valuable lesson to learn to be happy in the present time and focus on the task at hand.

  3. Appreciation - do you find yourself appreciative of great customer service? Are you grateful for opportunities as they unfold in your life? This goes back to being present and observing your environment. Maybe you have realized how wonderful it is to work from a home office so that you have more time with family. I appreciate it when a local business is open for customers or a local restaurant has enough workers to take care of diners. It is the little things that I used to take for granted that have an impact on me these days.

In thinking about what an ideal community might look like, I imagine a place where people truly care about everyone in their town. Drivers are courteous and careful to not put anyone else in danger. Folks look for ways to help one another on a daily basis. They do things out of love and compassion instead of the accolades they may receive. Community gardens sprout up to manage the threat of food shortages. People share their abundance with one another instead of hoarding things knowing that others have a need. Making a decision to put money (a form of energy) back into the local community is game changing. Shopping local makes you feel a part of your hometown.

As Amy Rainwaters, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, always stresses to me, there are small steps that we can take on a daily basis to reach our goals. So my question to you is, "what small steps are you willing to take to help develop your vision of an ideal community"? If everyone living in the 5 Gulf States decided to spend $10 today with a local business that equals $640 MILLION dollars. (There are over 64 million people living in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida). Small steps add up quickly when we all decide to participate. Perhaps we forget just how much of an impact we can make as a group.

My friend, Shelli Bell is a big believer in micro-funding and has started a charity called Be the Change Gulf Coast. She asks subscribers to give $2 a month, knowing that collectively we can do so much together. If you are looking for a small step to take today then visit her site and sign up!


On the Move with Michelle Tice!

On Wednesday, I spent some time with Michelle Tice, Financial Representative with Strategic Wealth Specialists. We were in Baldwin County taking in the beauty that is unique to Fairhope, Alabama. Her passion for helping others "dig out" of a financial hole and create lasting wealth is infectious. If you read her story by clicking the link above, you'll see that she was a client prior to making a career change. She guides people from a position of experience and genuinely wants to help others.

I was impressed that she is keeping up with all of the changes that are occurring in the present political climate. She knows that being pro-active is important. If you are at a point in your life where you need some financial guidance, she'd like the opportunity to help.


Weekend Events on the Gulf Coast!

  • Chocolate & Cheese Festival in Foley, AL. - My friend and jewelry designer, Giulia Sciutto will be one of the many exhibitors at this Heritage Park event. There will be live music, food trucks and fun for all! Admission is only $5 and the event begins at 10AM. Click here for details!

  • Wine Down on Super Second Saturday in Fairhope, AL from 5PM-6PM. Southern Antiques & Accents is hosting a "sip & shop" at their location. Click here for all the details!

  • LoDa Art Walk in downtown Mobile, AL - this crowd favorite event begins at 6pm today, Friday, November 12th! Click here for more information!


Jack on the Street!

Lil' Jack is "on the street" this weekend heading to some of his favorite dog-friendly places along the gulf coast. He'll be releasing his exclusive videos on my YouTube channel just in time for the holidays so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I hope you get out of your home and enjoy the beautiful fall temperatures we are blessed with in the South! I am looking forward to exploring locally owned shops and taking Jack to some dog-friendly places. We may end up in Fairhope just to photograph the fall flora that dresses up this quaint Alabama destination. If you have never visited Fairhope, Alabama, definitely put it on your list for exploring. It is one of my favorite places to spend a leisurely day with friends and family.

Have a wonderful week! ~ Charlsie


Apollo's Paws is HIRING!

Rebecca sent this over to me right before I finished up my blog for the week! If you love animals, this could be the job for you!

NOW HIRING!!! Bather position open! Starting pay $13.00 per hour. Previous experience not required, but if you’ve bathed and dried for a grooming facility before it is preferable. Aflac offered, every major holiday off, Tuesday through Saturday 7:30 to when you are finished, and a great team to work with! Please send resume to or come by the shop to fill out an application!



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