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Fall Festivals on the Gulf Coast! Welcome to The Joint Chiropractic and Caring Transitions!

Mobile's Azalea Trail Maids
Azalea Trail Maids at a local festival.

Fall festivals are popular along the Gulf Coast corridor and this weekend is no exception. On Saturday, October 2nd, the Foley Art Center is hosting a "pop up" festival for local artists including my friend, Giulia Sciutto, owner of Happy Bee Jewelry. The event is from 9AM until 3PM at the Pedestrian Bridge in Foley! It is never too early to start your holiday shopping. Supporting locals is a wonderful way to spend your money and keep it in the community!

On Sunday, October 3rd Cruisin' The Coast kicks off a week long celebration of classic cars, antique automobiles and hotrods! The festival began in 1996 and hosts car enthusists from 40 states, Canada and more! It has grown into the largest special event in the state of Mississippi! If you have never been to this one, it is worth a ride to the coast! The cars are incredible and there is live entertainment too! Be sure to check out our family friend and crowd favorite, Vince Vance and the Valiants!

Insider Information: Do you want to know the history of Mobile's Famous Azalea Trail Maids then click here!


What if there was a chiropractic clinic that offered affordable memberships and packages? What if you never needed an appointment? What if the resident chiropractor had 38 years of experience? Does this sound incredible? The Joint Chiropractic in West Mobile offers all of these options for their patients. Owners, Jim & Monica Wesson, were excited to bring this concept to the Mobile area. Dr. Jonathan Krause jumped on board as the resident chiropractor and he is enjoying the simplicity of the program. The Joint offers a new patient special for only $29 and that includes a consultation, exam and adjustment. They are located at 7721 Airport Blvd, Suite E160 next to Salad Station in West Mobile. Read their story at


Sherri Wright, Mobile, Alabama
Sherri Wright, owner of Caring Transitions

I'd like to welcome Sherri Wright and her company, Caring Transitions, back to the meet da' boss platform! She specializes in relocation services for seniors including decluttering, estate sales, relocation and resettling into a new location. She has a passion for helping the aging population navigate moving from the family home into a space more conducive to their changing needs. I am thrilled to be working with her again in the Mobile & Baldwin area! If you have seniors in your life that are facing a transition, she'd love to help. Give her office a call at 251-264-9633.


International Coffee Day is October 1st! What are your plans?

Anyone that has spent any time with me knows my LOVE of coffee. My mom birthed this obsession when I was a wee little girl. I remember holding one of her coffee mugs, drinking a concoction of milk, sugar and a splash of coffee. I thought I was all grown up!

I am meeting a group of fellow coffee drinkers at a local shop called RedBar Expresso for a delicious cup of java! International Coffee Day gave me the perfect excuse to bring them all together! We'll take a hour or so to catch up on one another's happenings. These times spent with people that I treasure are priceless. If you are missing your "tribe" I encourage you to reach out and plan an impromptu coffee date! I know you'll leave the get-together feeling inspired and renewed!


'Da Boss Dog, Marcello and Lil Jack were on the move this week. I grabbed a quick pic of Marcello (and me) before dropping him off for a shower and shave at Apollo's Paws. I am so proud of owner Rebecca Bunkley for believing in herself and taking the risk to open her own grooming spa.

I am delighted to let you know that her business is booming! She is the best groomer I have ever used...seriously, I have owned dogs since I was 5. That is high praise folks!

Go out and love up on the people that you meet along the way. Everyone needs someone to care these days, now more than ever. ~ Charlsie


This little Shih Tzu wanted to wish everyone an awesome weekend! I should have named him FOMO (fear of missing out). I could not end this blog without "throwing him a bone"! So from Lil Jack to all of you, go out and have a wonderful time this week! He'll be on the "street" at the Foley Pop Up and who knows, he may end up at Cruisin the Coast!

See you next Friday!



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