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Trending Fall 2021: Nostalgia, Bosses on the Go this Week!

Nostalgia is the wistful affection for the past, especially times that hold good memories. I was talking to a good friend recently about the return to simpler times. In this age of electronics and instant knowledge, I am observing many people gravitating to things that brought them joy from their past.

Some of you are old enough to remember a time when you pulled into a filling station and a clean

Sinclair Station, photo credit: Forsyth County News

cut fellow greeted you at your car. He filled up the tank, checked all the fluids under the hood, measured the pressure of your tires and collected your payment. There was a mechanic on staff just in case there was a problem. I can only guess how much money was saved on future car repairs due to this common practice. Even when self-service stations became available and women began pumping their own fuel, my dad took it upon himself to keep mom's car full. He felt like that was something he wanted to continue to do for her. How did we, as a country, go from full-service to self-service? It was a matter of money. If you pumped your own fuel, you saved a nickel. Frankly, I don't like filling up my car, checking the oil levels or tire pressure. I reminisce about my Granddaddy's full service station in Laurel, Mississippi. Those were good times.

I smile when I see restaurants touting "farm to table" offerings. Growing up in a small town in Mississippi, almost all of our vegetables, fruits, beef, pork and chicken came from local farmers. Mom picked up essentials like flour, milk, coffee and such from the local grocery store. She loaded up on seafood when we visited Dauphin Island. Our freezer was the size of a traditional refrigerator and was stocked with vegetables and proteins. It was unusual for her to serve the family anything processed and eating out in a restaurant was a treat saved for travel.

I will readily admit that I am on the tail-end of the baby boomers. We were privy to a time when family, friends, the community and good manners were more important than the latest social media post. People took pride in the work that they did for others. I am happy to see a surge in focus on getting back to the basics. We can merge the best of modern times with the past lessons and have an unbelievable life.

It is up to us, those that remember the past, to instill these traditions in our youth. My adult children have no memories of a full service station or shelling black-eyed peas until your fingers ached. Like my peers, I got caught up in the supermom era, combining a demanding career and raising a family. There weren't enough hours in the day to do all of the things I wanted to. Part of me is truly sad for millennials for the missed experiences that I savored as a youth. Let's take it upon ourselves to share the experiences that brought so much value to our lives.


There is one blast from the past that is trending now that perhaps should have stayed in dormancy. 80's Fashion inspiration has been gracing the runways around the world. Are we ready for obnoxious shoulder pads, bold colors, monochrome suits, prairie dresses, big hair and sequins? Just going to leave this image from of dresses at Target for your enjoyment! To learn more about this trend head over to Southern Living by clicking here.

On a site note, this style created a flurry of activity on social media with girls & guys taking the Target Prairie Dress challenge. Need a laugh, go search out some of these hilarious pictures. If you took the challenge, please send me your pictures!!!


Boss Partners on the Go this Week!

David Carpenter

On Friday, I enjoyed catching up with David Carpenter, owner of Upspyre. We had a delightful lunch and discussed his latest activities. He had conducted a training for over 3000 participants earlier that day and was thrilled at the response.

David is a business coach who excels in guidance with personal development. His seminars are popular across the country. For more details visit

Ashley Duncan

Ashley Duncan has been a Mary Kay cosmetics director for the past decade. Helping people find the best skincare and cosmetics for their complexion is her passion.

I had such a fun photo session with her last week. She certainly has all of the "tools" to enhance anyone's look. I'll be refreshing her page on the website this week, so stay tuned for more fun photos! I can hardly wait for you to see them!

If you would like to book a consultation with her give her a call at 229-395-8487. She has been meeting customers at coffee shops and on ZOOM. Just let her know what you prefer!

Personally, I have been a customer for years and am impressed with the quality of the product line. From teens to boomers, Ashley has products that will complement your skin. Self-care is important and beauty begins with your complexion!

Michelle Tice

Michelle Tice is a Financial Representative with Strategic Wealth Specialists in Mobile. Did you know that she decided to shift careers after being a client for eighteen months? Go read all about her amazing transition at

We met for lunch last week and she was excited about an appointment she has with someone I know well. This friend needs a customized plan for retirement and I knew that Michelle had the tools to help.

Taking financial concerns off your plate will certainly decrease your daily stress. If you have been looking for guidance, give Michelle a call at her office. 251-472-4400. She'd love to chat with you about your future!

She shared that she is looking into starting a chapter of Christian Women in Business in the Mobile & Baldwin area. If that is something that sparks joy in you, give her a call for details!

Dr. Jonathan Krause DC

My newest boss partner is The Joint Chiropractic in Mobile. Dr. Jonathan Krause brings 38 years of experience to the "table" for customers of this innovative treatment center. Insider tip: This guy has a big sense of humor, so you'll be laughing during treatment!

The Joint is a walk-in facility whose mission is to: Improve quality of life through routine and affordable chiropractic care. In fact, your initial visit is only $29. They offer monthly memberships, veteran discounts and other packages.

Owners, Jim and Monica Wesson were excited to bring leading-edge chiropractic care to the community. The Joint is located in West Mobile at 7721 Airport Blvd & Schillinger Road next to The Salad Station. No appointment, walk-in's are welcome!

I became a member and must say that Dr. Krause has made a world of difference in my sinuses, back pain and neck issues. I'll be posting details soon on!


Letha Atwood Smith

Since today's theme was nostalgia, I wanted to leave this photo of my grandmother, Letha Atwood Smith. I see where my obsession with hats began! You may pick up on the kind nature she possessed. Her ambition was to be a wonderful wife to my confident grandfather and a loving mother to my dad.

I learned so many valuable life lessons sitting at her yellow Formica kitchen table munching on her one vice: potato chips. The time I spent with her was dear. She lived in the moment, enjoying her grandchildren, her home and her family.

Why not slow down a bit this week and take in all of the good that life offers. Falling into the trap of fear robs you of the beautiful moments of the day. Perhaps you can turn off the news, get outdoors and love your life this week! ~ Charlsie


Please note: The Local Vibe will be published on Friday's beginning in October. This will be the final edition of the Monday version! I've got some great things in the works for all of you!


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