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Hello 2021! 5 Ways to Make This a Great Year!

Last week I set some intentions for this year after reflecting on ways to create a great one! Instead of listing out a bunch of resolutions that I KNOW I won't keep, I elected to jot down some things that really make me happy. I've decided to do more of those things starting now.

#1 Spending quality time with people I cherish! Are you working from home and spending more time with your spouse and other family members? I know folks that absolutely love this newfound "normal" and don't ever want to go back to the office. Personally I thrive in this type of setting and really enjoy breaking for lunch to eat with my guy.

In thinking about ways to make this experience even better I decided to never take any electronic devices to the table. When I sit down with family or friends they are going to get my full attention. This intention was an easy one to adopt even though I am as tech-driven as most people are these days.

Slowing down, enjoying your meal and looking in the eyes of the humans you are with is a powerful thing. Why not give this one a try this week?

#2 Getting some exercise daily! This intention doesn't involve heading to the gym daily or hiring a coach. For me, it simply means going outside and walking the dogs further than I used to. Getting those daily steps in makes me feel so much better. Also, I crave the outdoors, so it isn't difficult for me to partake in this one. Another trick I learned is to listen to podcasts while I walk. I save certain ones only for these sessions. I find that I can hardly wait to head out the door so I can hear the latest installment.

Yoga is another practice that I enjoy and I did sign up for a 30 day yoga journey that began on the 1st. So far it has been great!

The key is to find some things that you like to do that will get you up and out of your chair. What's your passion?

#3 Giving back to this community. In this time of reinvention many of us are asking "what does this community need"? We are all in this together and the sooner we get in the habit of lending a hand the better. There are so many simple things we can do on a daily basis that collectively will have a significant impact on the world. Picking up trash while you are out walking. Recycling instead of throwing away plastics, paper, metals and glass. Being the best driver possible and showing others courtesy on the road. Cooking a meal for a sick neighbor. Shopping with locals whenever possible. As you can see, the list is endless and doesn't require anything but time and a little effort. I urge you to look for ways to foster greatness in your town. There are small communities all over the South that understand and practice kindness to one another and to the area they call home!

#4 Do something for yourself. Many people set lofty goals at the beginning of every year. Perhaps they want to learn a new language, lose 25 pounds or run a marathon. Let's be honest, unless you are planning to visit a foreign country, learning a second language probably won't happen. Why not set some intentions around things you already love to do? I am an avid reader, so I thought I'd attempt to read a book per week. To keep myself accountable, I am going to post my weekly book at the end of the blog along with some feedback. Maybe you want to expand your cooking repertoire. Why not attempt one new dish per week this year? After mastering 52 new recipes you will have some mad skills in the kitchen. I think you are getting the idea! Expand on something that you already have fun doing.

#5 Be fearless and grateful like Lil' Jack! We can learn so much from our pets. Jack was a rescue that I adopted from a local humane society. When I brought him home, he was underweight, matted, and had lost his left eye. After a week or so at my home, he began to relax and his true Shih Tzu personality flourished.

This little 18 pound doggie is fearless. He is always up for adventure and would probably drive if you let him. He doesn't worry about anything and enjoys every day to the fullest. As a dog, he doesn't get bogged down with negative news or his past. He wakes up ready for another day and always tries to find something fun to do. He lives in the moment.

He is grateful for a warm bed, good food, and humans that love him. His life is simple and he is happy. The lessons that I have learned from him are: be in the moment; live in a state of appreciation; and always take a chance on something I believe in. Be like Jack! He never asks himself "What if I fail"?


In last week's blog, I included a check for you to fill out for yourself. If you haven't done it yet, go ahead and write one out for the income you are dreaming of making this year. Now the next step is thinking about how you are going to spend all of that money. If you go big, imagine all of the things you could do for your family, friends and folks in need. Take some time and have fun with this one! How does it make you feel to have the wherewithal to do for everyone that you want to? Pretty good, huh? Hold on to that feeling because that is the foundation for creating the life you want!


In the Spotlight this week: Camille Wilkinson

The Camille Wilkinson Team at Direct Mortgage Loans

This lovely grandmother to 13 is the fairy godmother of home loans in Mobile and surrounding areas. She brings over three decades of mortgage loan experience to the table. Her clients benefit from her dedication to this lifelong career path.

Camille has assembled a solid team of loan partners in her office who are anxious to assist future home owners. They have adopted her stellar customer relationship skills. Every client feels like they are important because they are! She is mentoring future leaders in the mortgage loan industry. We are so lucky to have her in our market!

Read more about her company by clicking here!


Book Corner #1

I am almost finished reading Dr. Bernie Siegel's book, No Endings, Only Beginnings. This incredible work is divided into short chapters loaded with valuable insights.

One idea that he proposed made such practical sense to me. He stated that one dream of his is for every medical student to spend at least 24 hours as a patient in the hospital. Having to experience the total dependency and lack of freedom that patients feel would produce empathetic doctors, nurses and technicians.

This book is not solely devoted to the world of medicine. In fact, there are countless stories from his childhood and personal life that everyone can relate to. He encourages his readers to explore esoteric concepts and how the mystical works hand in hand with science.

This has been a beautiful text for me to kick off the new year with. It is a feel good, easy read yet it will have lasting influence on my life. There are many words of wisdom between the covers. I would recommend it to anyone!


Bread Pudding, anyone?

So after I wrote the 5 ideas for creating a great year, I got to thinking. Hmm, 52 new recipes would be a whole lot of fun to try! The half a loaf of French Bread going stale on my counter was all the motivation I needed to make Bread Pudding from scratch today. I found a recipe on This was the most moist and tasty Bread Pudding that I have had in ages.

Please note, the recipe called for fruit cocktail, however if that is not your preference there were substitutes. I decided to add another egg and milk instead of going with the fruit. I made the Whiskey Sauce with some Apple Flavored Whiskey I had on hand. I knew it would be flavorful. Wow! This was a big success at my house and super easy to make! Two tips: Use real French Bread and make sure you soak the bread cubes in the milk mixture for 10 minutes!


Have a wonderful first week of January 2021 and I will see you next Monday! ~ Charlsie


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