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Setting Intentions for 2021! What's Happening with da' Bosses?

Making the leap into 2021!

Traditionally folks sit down this week and write out resolutions for the upcoming year. You know the ones I am talking about. Things like losing 20 pounds, paying off your credit cards or joining a gym. By the third week of January many of these goals have already bitten the dust and old habits have crept back into your daily life. Resolving to do something carries an "all or nothing" stigma. If you miss a few days at the gym, you view yourself as a failure.

What if there is a better way to approach changes you'd like to make in your life in 2021? One of my favorite authors is Dr. Wayne Dyer. In the movie, The Shift, he is quoted as saying, "You're only a thought away from changing your life". (Click on the link to watch it if you like.)

Our thoughts are the fuel that drives what manifests in our lives. There was so much truth written in the children's book, The Little Engine That Could. Remember the saying "I think I can"? Thinking and then believing you can do something is key. I'd like to share a few things that may help you in setting some intentions for the year that will bring you joy and satisfaction.

#1 Write yourself a check for whatever you want to earn for the year. Tuck it in your wallet and pull it out often to remind yourself what you are worth. I have read countless stories about people who have done this and have seen incredible financial return.

#2 Make some lists of your favorite things and add those into your life in 2021. Sometimes we get so busy maintaining our life that we forget to live it and love it.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • List 5 people you would love to meet in 2021. Use your imagination with this one!

  • List some books you'd like to read this year. Download one to your Kindle, Nook or purchase a hard copy at your local book store so you can get started in January!

  • Write down a new hobby or skill you want to focus on in 2021, add steps that will help you make it happen. Maybe you want to cook one new recipe a week. That is so doable and could be entertaining for you and friends!

  • List some places you would like to travel to! Connect with a travel agent and start planning. (Unique Destination by Adrienne Tate)

  • Write down your favorite movies and add a movie night into your life every month of 2021. Watch them all!

As you write these pleasant ideas on paper you'll start feeling some joy in the planning phase. Everything is possible and there is certainly no "all or nothing" odium with these intentions.

#3 Love yourself this year! The most powerful force on this planet is love. It is at the basis of our very existence yet many brush it aside. When you truly cherish yourself then all of those habits that you resolve to do every year will fall into place naturally. You'll fuel your body with healthy food, exercise it, limit stress and get enough sleep. Most of all, you'll support yourself through all of your daily decisions. You will learn to quit judging yourself and others. Consider this, when we have unloving thoughts about ourselves, others or situations it always translates to the idea that we think something should be different. A pivotal time can begin when you change your thoughts. Add an outlook of love to your life this year and watch what happens!


I hope these steps have opened a doorway for you to set some exciting intentions for the upcoming year. Many are still reeling from the challenging 2020 experience and are more than ready for a fresh start! I encourage you to have a good time thinking about 2021! Get excited about how your future will unfold!


What's Happening with da' Bosses?

December found me on location with the exciting team from Synergy Realty Group at Keller Williams Realty Mobile. I have been working with Karen & Marcile for over a year and am amazed at their growth. In 2020, they added 5 new team members and are taking the Mobile County market by storm! Getting them all together for the photo session was a miracle! I'll be updating their page on the website before the end of the year so stay tuned!

Enviro-Master of Mobile, Ron & Rebecca Finch

Ron & Rebecca have been "super" busy since Co-Vid hit the area in March of this year. Their company, Enviro-Master of Mobile, specializes in disinfecting public restrooms and areas across the Gulf Coast. This husband and wife team head up a crew of professionals whose passion is to keep folks healthy. A new write up about these local entrepreneurs will hit the website later this week, so be sure to check them out! (Special shout out to Heroes Sports Bar Downtown for letting us take photos and for the delicious seafood gumbo!)

Acme Pressure Washing, Daniel Lopez & Jeff Yoe

Daniel & Jeff are brothers-in-law and business partners. Their company, Acme Pressure Washing is serving all of Baldwin & Mobile counties' commercial and residential pressure washing needs. Like Ron & Rebecca's business, they offer sanitizing & disinfecting options for public outdoor spaces. They are making a difference in stopping the spread of disease in our community.

The Camille Wilkinson Team of Direct Mortgage Loans

I wanted to share this candid shot from Camille Wilkinson's photo session because it truly expresses the mood at her office. From the moment you walk through the door, you will feel the happiness that this team thrives on. 2020 has been one of the busiest years in Camille's career. She has assembled a team of cheerful professionals to help guide folks through the home buying process! Read all about them by clicking here!


As we close the book on 2020, my wish is that you will find some things that you can be grateful for despite the obstacles it presented. I am grateful for my boss partners and for all of you for supporting meet da' boss. ~ Charlsie



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