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The New "Normal" for 2021! Finding Joy in Change!

Coffee is my Monday morning jet fuel!

In February of last year I was spending time traveling for business and looking forward to growing this popular platform in other markets. The pandemic (I never thought I'd live through one) slowed that mission down to a snail's pace. Being the glass always full type of person, I focused on the partners that were loyal to my brand and together we have all survived the past year.

New routines have emerged including meeting friends and business associates for coffee once a week. I found a wonderful local spot that is large enough to offer spacial distancing and brews a delicious cup of java. The side effect of these leisurely coffee meetings is that business & friendships are growing right before my very eyes. Taking moments to invest in others is a powerful tool. Everyone is searching for some sense of normal and this activity has answered that need for me.

Another fun activity is hosting monthly ZOOM meetings with my business partners. Prior to Co-Vid, we'd gather as a group to catch on things every month. Social distancing has made that tough, so I started a monthly video call. Personally I enjoy seeing everyone's smiling faces and hearing about the creative ways they are dealing with the challenges of the pandemic. Many of them have begun meeting one another for lunch or coffee on a one to one basis.

This week I challenge you to find some JOY in your daily life. If you are limiting your outings and exposure to others, why not phone a friend? You can have a virtual coffee date! One of my best friends is about to blow a gasket from boredom. She is recovering from surgery and doesn't venture out much. Touching base by phone has been a way for her to stay connected to familiar things.


In the Spotlight: Apollo's Paws

Rebecca Dixon, owner of Apollo's Paws

Did you know that about 85 million families own pets in the United States according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA)? If you are one, you've probably needed the expertise of a great groomer. Meet Rebecca Dixon, owner of Apollo's Paws in Mobile, Alabama. Making your fur-kids look wonderful is her passion.

The "boss dogs" absolutely love going to her Grelot location for spa day. Marcello, my standard poodle, is in good hands since Rebecca has a standard also. She understands the temperament of this breed and so many more. Lil' Jack is a Shih Tzu that I adopted from a local SPCA and he definitely has a strong personality. She takes his antics in stride and he adores her.

Her grooming skills go beyond what you'd expect at a typical canine spa. She welcomes cats, reptiles, hamsters, gerbils and birds to her spacious location. The first thing that I noticed about her is that she loves all animals and they love her back.

If your fur-kids are important to you, then you need a groomer that you can trust. Rebecca and her team would love to welcome your pet to the Apollo's Paws family. Visit her website for more information by clicking here.

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language. ~Martin Buber


On the Move This Week!

Enviro-Master of Mobile

Rebecca & Ron Finch

Ron & Rebecca Finch, owners of Enviro-Master of Mobile are moving their company headquarters to a new location this week. They were looking for more warehouse and office space for their expanding business.

The ideal spot became available on Butler Drive so they are making the move with the help of fellow MDB partner, Houston Horne, owner of Handy Guys Moving Service. This locally owned moving company is capable of handling both commercial and residential relocations in town or across the country.

For those of you that are unaware of what Enviro-Master does, here is a brief explanation. Ron has a team of technicians that disinfect public restrooms and spaces on a weekly basis. They service the Gulf Coast area keeping customers and staff safe from infectious diseases, including Co-Vid. Look for Ron's Seal of Approval on bathroom fixtures in your favorite restaurants.

I'd like to give a shout out to a couple of them that I frequent! Heroes Sports Bar (both locations), Jason's Deli on Airport in Mobile, Big Daddy's Grill on Fish River, and Carver's Steakhouse in Orange Beach. There are hundreds of others along our coast that are putting your health first!

Congratulations to Ron & Rebecca!


Saturday in Baldwin County with A Coastal Zen

Stan Chapman

A beautiful blue sky and warmer temperatures enticed me to head to one of my all time favorite shops at The Wharf. A Coastal Zen is a calming place filled with beautiful rocks, crystals, seashells and more from all over the world. Other folks had the same idea and the store was filled with mask wearing customers picking up various objects of nature to wear or place in their homes.

Mindful decor is a hot trend right now and can be so beneficial to your mental health. A bowl of crystals, a scented candle or a sound bowl can reset the energy of your home. This store has thousands of stones to pick from.

Owner Stan Chapman along with daughter, Ashlea are delighted to assist people who wander into the store. These energy experts and are ready to answer your questions. They guide customers to items that will help them find balance, especially in the work from home space.

It was a wonderful way to spend my Saturday afternoon!

Look what I created for my personal work space! This is a Mindful Crystal Keeper from A Coastal Zen. I filled it with some of my favorite raw stones. I paired with a wonderful Butterscotch candle from Monet Candles and an orchid I purchased last year at Trader Joe's.

I am amazed at how bringing a few simple things together makes my desk a more pleasant place to be!

If you are struggling to design a productive work space you could reach out to design guru Diane Cashen for some guidance. She has been extremely busy helping people along the Gulf Coast redesign their living spaces to accommodate home offices that function well.

Diane is a master at working with what you have and bringing in some fresh pieces to enhance your space.


Book Corner #8

Last weekend I finished reading Denise Linn's interesting book called Kindling the Native Spirit. I will readily admit that my knowledge of native sacred practices was very limited. This book caught my attention because I am so connected to nature. If I was MIA as a child, my mom could always find me in the backyard under a tree. I'd spend hours watching tiny ants travel across the St. Augustine blades of grass in our yard.

This work unravels the power of ancestral wisdom and how you can apply it to your daily life. She is a member of the Cherokee nation and has gained knowledge from native cultures around the world. I was amazed at how similar beliefs are from tribes on opposite sides of the planet.

This was a very enjoyable book and it affected how I see trees, stones and even our earth. It left me with a deep appreciation for all.


I hope that all of you are able to get out into nature this week and enjoy the warming temperatures we are set to experience. If you can take a ride down to the beach or visit a dog park, I know it will do wonders for your state of mind.

Tune in to Facebook Live on Thursday evening, the 25th! Travel expert, Adrienne Tate will be joining me for an update on the latest things to know if you are planning a trip. I'll post an exact time on the MDB Facebook pages as we get closer.

Have a wonderful week!



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