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Healthy Habits: Low Carb Wines, 8 Hours of Sleep and a Positive Outlook with David Carpenter!

Brooke Goff
Brooke Goff, owner of Domke Market

Last week I caught up with my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Brooke Goff. She owns Domke Market Wine Bar and Gourmet Shop. She had hosted her first Tasting Tuesday featuring Low Sugar/Low Carb wines. This is the latest craze to hit the wine market.

Brooke let me in on a little secret. Low sugar wines don't have to taste bad. In fact she keeps a vast selection of low carb wines stocked in her store. I joked with her about lining them all up on one of her tables for a picture and she let me know that there were far too many to accomplish that task. So this is good news for those of us wanting to have our wine and drink it too while watching our carbs.

Interested in learning more? She is more than happy to help you discover some tasty vino choices that will become favorites in your home collection. She has low sugar wines at every price point, so don't succumb to the hype that these wines have to be expensive.

Tasting Tuesday for January 19th is Best of Argentina! I am very partial to a Malbec that Brooke carries in her store from this region! This should be a fun event. Tickets are limited so click here to reserve your seat. Tickets are only $20 per person!

Good morning Mattress
Carlos Lett, Tina Walker & James Bryan of Good Morning Mattress

Have you ever fallen asleep on the job? Getting at least 8 hours of sleep is crucial for your overall health and the professional sleep experts at Good Morning Mattress can help you find the perfect set for your home. Carlos, Tina and sleepyhead, James, are ready to show you around the 6153 Airport Blvd. location.

Did you know that when you are sleep deprived you feel hungrier so you eat more? You also have trouble making good choices and you are more likely to make excuses to skip your daily walk or workout.

Stop in and introduce yourself to the fine folks at GMM. Their no pressure approach is a breath of fresh air from the typical hounding you experience at other mattress stores. Check out the linens, pillows and more while you browse!


In the Spotlight this Week: Upspyre with David Carpenter!

David Carpenter, author & owner of Upspyre

If you have spent anytime business networking in the Mobile & Baldwin areas, you have probably crossed paths with David Carpenter. This jewel of a human being loves the Gulf Coast and the community. His kindness to others is unprecedented and he was instrumental in assisting me with the launch of

In these challenging times, business owners and individuals need a ray of positive energy in their lives. David's company, Upspyre, was created to assist entrepreneurs in creating a clear plan to success. Now more than ever, folks need some guidance in how to navigate this ever changing landscape. As a business coach, David is ready to help you succeed. Give him a call at 618-954-8330 to set up a consultation.

David is also a published author. His book, Where Was There? is on my list of books to read in 2021! I am looking forward to it! Contact him to obtain your signed copy!

Oh, Oh Tobacco! from Monet Candle Shop

This week I experienced a beautiful lesson in customer care. I stopped by West Mobile's Monet Candle shop to pick up my favorite scented candle. Oh, Oh Tobacco was created by owner, John several years ago. This sophisticated offering fills my home up a beautiful fragrance that everyone adores.

After completing my purchase, John proceeded to pack up my candle in this special bag which included some purple confetti! I was delighted and let him know just how special this gesture made me feel.

John told me that he wants everyone who leaves his little candle shop to feel important. His hope is that they leave with a peace, that will help them deal with irate drivers and other stressors that we face. Thank you for caring so much about this community.


Rebecca Bunkley, owner of Apollo's Paws

An excellent groomer is every pet owner's first line of defense against disease. This week the "boss dogs" visited their beloved Rebecca for the VIP treatment at Apollo's Paws on Grelot Road.

Marcello, the Standard Poodle, was beginning to look like his cousins, the "doodles", with a longer than usual curly coat. Rebecca uncovered a nasty yeast flare up that was hiding underneath that blanket of fur.

Fortunately, we had some meds on hand to treat him and have already reached out to his veterinarian for some anti fungals.

Rebecca and her team bring years of experience to the grooming table. Regular grooming appointments allow them to stay apprised of any changes in your pet's skin, fur, frame, demeanor and so much more.

I appreciate her concern for my fur kids. Visit her website by clicking here to fill out a new patient form. Stop by her spa located 6001 E Grelot to check out this spacious and clean facility in person.


I am off to Baldwin County this afternoon for a photo shoot at A Coastal Zen. I can hardly wait to tell you about this wonderful store and the couple that brought their vision from Miami to Orange Beach!


Book Corner #3

This week is a throw back to one of my all time favorite books. Every year I pull out my bent up copy of Dr. Wayne Dyer's The Power of Intention. I read it from cover to cover and it seems like a new text every time I do this.

There are some books that seem to be alive. I mean that phrases that you missed before suddenly jump out at you as important. This is one of those reads.

The power of intention simply awaits your ability to make the connection. (page 37) Great works of art, music and so much more are born out of this connection.

This is on the top of my list of books everyone should read at least once. I hope you find it as delightful as I do.




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