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Tips for Finding Joy in January 2021!

Last week, a friend who is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, posted a video on social media sharing her thoughts on 2020. She asked viewers to post their takeaways from the past twelve months. I won't bore you with the ups and downs that I experienced personally and professionally. As a person raised to "make lemonade out of lemons" I choose to look on the bright side of things.

With that in mind, I posted that 2020 gave me the gift of time to do some things just for fun. My first tip for finding joy this month is to do some things for the fun of it. Do you want to learn to dance? I enjoy the Bachata and after years of not dancing I decided to twirl around our living room most nights of the week. Find something that gives you joy and go for it!

(Shout out to Amy Rainwaters, Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach)

Tip #1 Fun - enjoyment, amusement or light-hearted pleasure

Tip #2 Fasting

You may be wondering what does a picture of electronics have to do with fasting? Like most of you, when I consider fasting, I think about the absence of food. I'd like to broaden your definition of this practice.

Probably the most famous story related to fasting is when Jesus went out into the Judaean Desert for 40 days and 40 nights. Did you ever consider that he fasted from so much more than food? He abstained from his family, friends and the comforts of his environment. His time in the desert upended his entire "normal routine". He returned to civilization enlightened and focused.

What if you "fasted" from scheduled habits? For example, if you rise every morning at 6AM, why not change that to 6:30? I challenge you to change things up in your life and see what unfolds. I posted this picture of electronics because they have become such an accepted habit in our modern lives. I am retraining my brain to function without having my cell phone on me 24/7. As I shared in a recent blog, I don't ever bring mine out at meal time anymore. Guess what? Meals with family and friends are so much more meaningful.

I will be the first to admit that I was starting to feel controlled by alerts and pings from my electronic devices. This "response" to a chime from my phone is akin to classical conditioning made famous by Ivan Pavlov with dogs. Remembering that you have the freedom of choice to scroll mindlessly through apps on your phone OR taking a walk out in nature can be life-changing. This is your life journey, so find some ways to "fast" from the things that are eating up your consciousness. What are you going to change today?

Tip #3 Back to Nature

Another buzz word this year is organic. Once again, most of us think about how it relates to food. We know that it means no chemicals, pesticides or artificial agents are used in the production of our groceries. What if we take this word and apply it to our daily life? The duality of 2021 boils down to technology and organic choices in food, fun and our environment.

So what does organic mean in our lives? It can be wiggling your toes in the sand once the temperatures are warm enough. Maybe having your afternoon coffee or tea outdoors while soaking in some sunshine is an option. Finding ways to "unplug" and enjoy this beautiful planet can give you the balance in life you may be missing.

With every tip I share please adapt the ones that speak to your heart. Leave others aside for the future. Everyone's life experience is unique and I honor your journey.


In the Spotlight this Week: Lindsey & Waldo

Lindsey & Waldo CPA firm
Richard Lindsey, Paula Waldo, Justin Taylor & Kristen Davis

2020 brought on countless changes to revenue taxation for business owners. The team at Lindsey & Waldo have been diving into thousands of pages of new tax information to better serve their customers. They are determined to help entrepreneurs hold on to as much of their hard earned dollars as possible. Richard Lindsey sets the tone for this professional group of financial wizards! The good news is that they are taking on new clients just in time for tax season.

This firm leads the pack in sharing pertinent tax information and benefits that are available to business owners. It is an honor to have them onboard with Visit their page by clicking here.


Book Corner #2

For anyone who has followed this blog for any amount of time, knows that I am a fan of Dr. Benjamin Hardy. This latest collaboration with internationally famous business coach, Dan Sullivan, is a must read for anyone who is part of a team.

We all set goals for our companies and our lives every year. Most of us are highly skilled at "how to do our jobs" yet we forget to consider "who" can help.

Ask yourself "Who can help me achieve this?" Applying this simple question to every intention that you have set for yourself can open up a world of possibilities. Perhaps your "who" is hiring additional sales people or adding a personal assistant to the mix.

I know that I want to be the "who" for my MDB business partners in helping market their companies. This is an afternoon of worthy reading! Enjoy. Click here to order.


Moroccan Harira Soup

I decided to be more adventurous this year in the kitchen and I'll share the recipes that score a "tres bon"! I love lentil soup and this delicious recipe is full of flavor and great for you. Meatless on Mondays? This one is perfect for you. I found this recipe on Click here to go straight to the instructions.

Pairing it with a kale salad from Costco was a healthy and filling lunch at around 300 calories! The only moderation I made was that I skipped the cayenne pepper. Because of the spices used, the soup had plenty of dimensions without adding additional heat. If you do use cayenne remember a little goes a LONG way!

We sweated through our New Year's Day cabbage because of a pinch of cayenne.


I hope you find some joy this second full week of January! I will be out on location doing photo sessions with new clients, working with new staff and most of all having fun every moment that I can!

Have a wonderful week and stay healthy!



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