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Valentine's Day, President's Day, Mardi Gras and the BIG Freeze are Happening on the Gulf Coast!

I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I certainly did! I enjoyed a Sunday brunch at home with some bubbles from Domke Market!

Last week I shared coffee with a good friend and we talked about the meaning of love. Did you know that the ancient Sanskrit language has 96 different words to describe this powerful emotion? There is a word for maternal love, amorous love, love for an object and more.

In the South we tend to overuse this term to describe a wide variety of feelings. For example, one might say "I love pizza" or "I love my daughter". These two sentences hold different connotations for the expression of love. Perhaps it would be better to say "I enjoy pizza" or "I crave pizza". Maybe we should save the word love for other humans. I know it is a hard habit to break! I love my dogs, my home, my car, my plants, etc!

I do know that when you truly give love to others it is the most powerful force on the planet! The energy given through love heals hearts, minds and souls.

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. ~ Martin Luther King

(I snapped the LOVE picture nearly a decade ago at DisneyWorld. It is a wonderful reminder of a beautiful time in my life and I wanted to share it with you.)


President's Day Sales! Shop Local!

Monday is President's Day and that means big sales are happening right now at Good Morning Mattress! Stop by the Airport Blvd. showroom to get in on some awesome deals. Carlos, Tina and James are ready to help you experience a great night's rest. 6153 Airport Blvd., Mobile, Alabama.

Good Morning Mattress
Sleep Experts - Tina, James & Carlos

Shopping local is a great way to spread love in your community. The more locally owned businesses that we support the better it is for all of us! Small business owners really care about their customers and it shows in the service you'll find.

When you are supporting a small business you are supporting a dream!

In the Spotlight: Ashley Duncan Scarbrough, Independent Mary Kay Director

Ashley Duncan Scarbrough

For nearly a decade, Ashley Scarbrough has been helping women discover the best skincare and cosmetics to enhance their natural beauty. She is passionate about teaching clients how to care for their face and has wonderful anti-aging products to offer.

This busy entrepreneur is an award winning director for Mary Kay. She loves her career because it allows her time to be an involved parent with her young daughter, Kylee. In addition to volunteering at her child's school, Ashley spearheads different charity drives in the community.

Mardi Gras is typically a very busy time for her. She helps ladies all over the South look their best for balls and other parties. Of course this year has seen the birth of "Yardi-Gras" in lieu of the massive street parties and events that we are accustomed to. Hopefully the 2022 Mardi Gras season will welcome back all of our beloved celebrations.

Ashley is available for bridal makeup and photo sessions. She is the exclusive makeup artist for in both Mobile and Baldwin counties.

You are a woman. You can do anything in this world that you want to do. ~ Mary Kay Ash

In the Book Corner #7

I picked up my copy of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and read it again for the fourth or fifth time. This delightful book is packed with so much wisdom and lessons.

I knew it was time to read it again when a friend of mine's daughter mentioned wanting to listen to it on audiobook. She recalled that her mom used to read it to her when she was a little girl. She wanted to refresh the four lessons in her life.

About a week later, an international book club that I belong to announced that we'd be reading this one for the month of February. Well, if that is not a sign then I don't know what is.

If you have never read this wildly popular practical guide to personal freedom, then grab a cup of tea and curl up for a lovely afternoon. It is only 138 pages, so you can finish it in one sitting. In my book club, we are discussing one agreement per week. No matter how you decide to read this one, it has the power to change your life.


In the Kitchen This Week!

It goes without saying that "Marion" cookies are going to appear on Valentine's Day at my house. I've shared the recipe with you in a past blog, so click here to grab it!

This year I tried something new and very different. Like many of you, I don't watch traditional television programming. I do enjoy Netflix and am fascinated with Nadiya Bakes. She did a Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake that I had to make for the holiday.

I used Marion Cookies as the base of the concoction and added a fresh strawberry to each cupcake. Next I partially filled each one just over half full and baked. Then I topped the cooled cupcakes with icing made with strawberry ice cream, butter and confectioner's sugar.

I was really excited and skeptical at the same time about this culinary adventure. Well, they turned out yummy and I'm sure I'll be making these again for dinner guests and my granddaughter! The surprising thing was how delicious a baked fresh strawberry tastes.


In the South you get used to some really crazy weather fluctuations. I admit I am a little weather obsessed. I like to know how to dress and whether I need to put the heat on or the air conditioning!

Well, get out the down comforters, boots, gloves, hats, and more cause we're about to drop under 20 degrees in South Alabama.

Folks, please take care of the 3 P's - Plants, Pipes and Pets!

Stay warm and put on a pot of gumbo or your favorite soup this week!



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