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Change is Imminent in 2021! How to embrace it!

My grandparents
William Bond Smith & Letha Atwood

My grandfather was born in 1902 and he marveled at all of the changes he witnessed during his lifetime. He and my grandmother (pictured) began their courtship using a horse and buggy. Of course when automobiles became available, they embraced the development. In fact, I never heard either of them say that they wanted to return to the good old days. They lived through the Great Depression, World War I & II, the Korean & Vietnam Wars, and the start of a global economy. Space travel, jet planes, computers, pagers and many more examples of technology were birthed during their lifetime.

These days, I hear so many people wishing for "normal" again. Wouldn't it serve us better to embrace the inevitable transition that we are going through? I am challenging everyone to look for new improvements that have emerged over the past year. Our world is changing at a rapid pace and there are plenty of great new shifts happening. Instead of lamenting about the past, I urge everyone to adopt my grandparent's attitude. They felt fortunate to be living in an era of great change. I am grateful for having them as an example of strength and faith.


In the Spotlight: Unique Destinations by Adrienne Tate

Unique Destinations
Adrienne Tate

The way we travel has undergone major transformations over the past 10 months. This time last year many of us were flying here or there, booking cruises and enjoying long weekends in our favorite cities. Travel agents and those involved in hospitality and entertainment have faced incredible challenges beginning in March 2020.

Adrienne Tate, owner of Unique Destinations travel agency, and I got together recently to discuss ways that her business has been affected. She shared her travel experience from a recent trip to the islands. Sandals resorts are welcoming guests and offering exceptional service. She felt completely safe while vacationing due to the protocol they have set in motion.

Hiring a travel agent to plan your next adventure is a smart move. One thing that she strongly recommends to everyone is to purchase travel insurance. It is designed to cover the unexpected, including, a positive Co-Vid test. Resorts are prepared to assist their guests if they contract the virus while on location; however, there could be some additional expense. Read more about her company by clicking here.


In Demand in Mobile & Baldwin!

Last week I caught up with Diane Cashen, interior design guru. She was part of a ZOOM call I hosted for some of the bosses I partner with.

Diane shared that she has been extremely busy helping home owners upgrade their living spaces. Many are spending more time working and relaxing at home.

She is a master at taking pieces that you love and incorporating them into your new design. Do you need help selecting colors for your walls, surfaces for your countertops or flooring options? Diane can help!

She is scheduling in-home consultations for new clients, so reach out soon to book your appointment. You'll enjoy her decades of design expertise and make a life long friend at the same time!

Read more about her by clicking here!


Jeff Yoe, co-owner of Acme Pressure Washing, said that business has been growing at a steady pace for them. These certified pressure washing professionals have taken on some huge commercial jobs in addition to their residential services.

They are planning to expand their fleet this year to take on more commercial projects.

Jeff and his partner/ brother-in-law, Daniel Lopez, have been safety trained and certified by Power Line Industries. They are one of the leaders in the country for commercial grade equipment.

Residential services include house, roof, fence, mailbox, driveway, sidewalk, curbs, patios and playground equipment. Schedule a free estimate appointment!


In the Book Corner #6

This week I curled up with a warm cup of Yogi tea and read David Carpenter's book, Where Was There? This work explores the geography that is tied to some of the most celebrated locations in Biblical history.

David and his wife Angela traveled to the Holy Land in 2017 to explore these historic landmarks. He takes you on a journey through the challenging terrain offering insight along the way. He raises questions about the legitimacy of some of the spots designated as authentic.

For history and Bible buffs, this text will open your eyes to the power struggle over these Holy destinations. It was a wonderful and enlightening read!


Admittedly, I did spend some time in the kitchen this week; however, I forgot to take photos to share with you! I cooked my very first Carne Asada for a dear friend of mine and must say I'll be cooking it again. I paired it with homemade Spanish Rice, Guacamole and warm tortillas.

Change doesn't always translate to something negative. It can be the pathway to wonderful things in your life. Because of the pandemic I have opened my kitchen and home to friends on a regular basis. It has been so wonderful to sit around the table getting to know folks over a great meal.

Have a wonderful week!



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