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Buying American Made Products: How does it benefit you?

As a business woman and entrepreneur I have a front row seat in seeing how trends affect local business owners. 2020 brought on an avalanche of delivery boxes outside the doors of many citizens. Purchasing habits have changed to adapt to the present climate we are in. This has had a detrimental affect on some local businesses that were dependent on walk-in customers.

I met with Alabama business owner, David Lindsey of Mobile Marble Company. The sticker in the picture above goes on every product leaving his Mobile production facility. We talked about why buying products made in this country is so important.

There are several reasons why buying American made products is a great idea.

#1 Buying American made products supports the economy through tax revenue and job creation. A by-product of increased revenue has an outreaching affect on peripheral services including restaurants, retailers, real estate, banks and so much more. The community benefits when money is invested in locally produced goods and services.

#2 Higher quality standards are in place and regulated for American made products. Customers benefit from purchasing better goods that will last longer. It is far less likely that American made products will contain dangerous chemicals that could affect one's health.

#3 Labor standards in the United States are some of the most stringent in the world. It would be difficult for most people to enjoy a new purchase if they knew that it was created under harsh conditions. Buying from local artisans and business owners like David are a great way to support a positive employment environment.

#4 Timely delivery! Another great benefit that David pointed out was that his customers don't have to wait on a "crate stuck on a slow ship" for their items. Because everything is made in this country, products are delivered and installed in a timely manner.

When possible please support your community by buying local and buying Made in the USA items!

Ashley Duncan Scarbrough

For the better part of the past decade, Ashley Duncan Scarbrough has been helping people find the best skin care regimes for their complexion. She is very excited about a new line called Clinical Solutions that will be available soon from Mary Kay Cosmetics

Introducing this dermocosmetic line as a solution for the signs of aging is a wonderful advancement in skin care for her customers. A handful of us are jumping on board to try this new line under Ashley's guidance. We plan to take before pictures and then meet up in 90 days to share our results!

If you would like to join us just contact Ashley for more information. This line does contain Retinol.

Give Ashley a call at 229-395-8487 to find out more. Click here to read her story. Guys, this is not just for the ladies, you can order a set too!


Last Friday I joined author, David Carpenter, for lunch at a local favorite restaurant spot. I purchased a signed copy of his latest book, Where Was There? I plan to read it in early February and will share some insight with you once I complete it.

In addition to being an author, David is a huge supporter of the Mobile & Baldwin communities and is incredibly involved in assisting entrepreneurs network. His company, Upspyre, focuses on coaching owners on the path to success. Reaching goals and sticking to intentions is easier when you have someone holding you accountable. He does that for his customers and so much more!


In the Spotlight This Week: Synergy Realty Group

Synergy Realty Group Keller Williams Realty Mobile
Robin Howell, Karen Singleton, Marcile Sims, Rachel Lee, Sarah Stringfellow, Melissa Dixon and Laquitta Greenwood

And then there were 7...

When I began working with Karen Singleton & Marcile Sims two years ago, their staff was half this size. 2020 was an extremely active time for real estate in South Alabama. It was the perfect opportunity to expand their team of professionals. These ladies have assembled a top-notch crew of agents who can help you buy or sell your home.

Over the years they have developed a tried and true system for assisting home owners in selling their properties. Teaching this strategy to their team has yielded a record year in sales for Synergy!

Read more by clicking here.


In the Book Corner #4

Alchemy of Herbs written by Rosalee De La Foret is a wonderful resource book to add to your library. In fact, I bought one and gifted it to my sister. She read it cover to cover in the first week!

A sign that I really LOVE a book is when there are sticky notes and highlighted sections. As you can see from the photo, this one is beloved in my kitchen.

If you enjoy growing your own herbs or want to know more about some holistic options for treating ailments, this is the book for you.

It is available through Hay House, Amazon and other sellers.


In the Kitchen!

Inspiration for trying a new recipe comes from a variety of places. This week it came in the form of an email from Rouses' Supermarkets.

Chicken Big Mamou is a Chef Paul Prudhomme's creation. Once I read the ingredients, I knew I had to try it. I'm a big fan of his seasonings and had his poultry blend in the pantry.

Wow, the flavor is incredible and this dish is simple to put together. The only alteration that I made was that I skipped the cayenne pepper. Please note that this sauce does require some simmering time, so be prepared for that.

I happen to have some Rotisserie chicken on hand and used that instead of uncooked chicken breasts.

Served over rice or pasta, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Enjoy!


Here are a few words of wisdom for the week!

"Surround yourself with a trusted and loyal team. It makes all the difference".

~Alison Pincus

I hope you have a wonderful week! Enjoy this warmer weather we are having!



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