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Hello 2022! Pile on the Good Things this Year!

What if you did things differently in 2022? Traditionally people craft out a lofty list of resolutions or good intentions in January. I'd like to challenge you to pile on all the good things that you have going on in your life! Take account of things that are going right instead of making a list of what you are lacking. I believe that when you focus on the positives more positives come into your journey. I just love the visual of "piling it on" here are a few of my specifics!

  1. A great relationship with my spouse! I married my soulmate and enjoy the time I have with him! It is wonderful to have someone to laugh with daily.

  2. I have a couple of fur-kids that keep me company in my home office! I have always been a dog person and these guys add so much to my life.

  3. Working from home & running a successful business. What a luxury to get up, dress and start my day from the comfort of my home.

  4. Publishing my first book and getting fantastic feedback! Dreams do come true!

  5. Entertaining family and friends! Opening our home to people is so rewarding for us. We love to cook and spoil our friends!

  6. Filling my home with healthy plants. My mom loved gardening and every plant reminds me of her. I learned to put things in my home that trigger good thoughts.

I won't bore you with my own exhaustive list. I could go on and on. There are so many favorable things happening in our lives and taking the time to focus on that is important for our well-being. Try it and see how your attitude improves!


What's Happening on My YouTube Channel!

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On the Move along the Gulf Coast!

Annaleigh Nowling joined the staff at The Camille Wilkinson Team at Direct Mortgage Loans recently. She is the Customer Relationship Specialist for this thriving home mortgage business. She is out in the community networking on behalf of DML. In addition to marketing duties, she attends home loan closings and assists with client needs. She has been an incredible addition to a wonderful staff!

The Camille Wilkinson Team at Direct Mortgage Loans is located at 1201 Montlimar Drive, Suite 300, Mobile, Alabama. Give the office a call for all of your mortgage needs at 251-378-9359.

Kayley Cain became part of the team at Apollo's Paws not long ago. She is a groomer in training under the skillful mentorship of owner, Rebecca Bunkley. This booming pet grooming spa takes care of canines, felines, aviary clients, reptiles and more! Kayley's easy manner with fur-kids is such an asset to this busy spa. She is training with one of the finest groomers in the South! We want to wish her the best during her coaching period!

Apollo's Paws is located at 6001 E Grelot Road, Mobile, Alabama. Click here to visit the website and schedule your pet's grooming appointment. You can give the spa a call at 251-725-6178.


What I am Reading!

Knowledge opens up the world to people. Fortunately I grew up with a father who was a voracious reader. He encouraged me to settle in with a good book often.

I had a well-meaning individual caution me about the evils of yoga (you know I practice daily) and Hinduism. My response was empathetic however I let him know that I was immersed in a book about the world's religions and had a newfound respect for different theologies.

Beliefs that are foreign to you are not contagious. Keep in mind that individuals practicing a faith other than your own have the same dedication to it that you do. It is their "normal". If you want to expand your awareness, I strongly suggest The Illustrated World's Religions by Huston Smith.


What I'm Cooking!

So I have been cutting out sugar for about two months now and am seeing incredible health benefits. Let's be honest, sometimes you want a good ole' slice of pizza. I found a recipe for a Cauliflower Crusted one that is really great.

The crust is a combo of riced cauliflower and cheese. I used the frozen variety and cooked in my microwave. Drain it and combine it with one cup of your favorite shredded cheese. Spread this mixture on parchment paper on a pizza pan and bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until golden.

Add your own sauce. I use Rao's and then topped with my favorites. Mushrooms, spinach, Mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, chicken, black olives are some options. Put in the oven for another 10-15 minutes! This was extremely tasty and satisfied my craving for fast food!


January is Walk Your Dog Month!

Marcello wanted me to remind all of you dog owners that January is Walk Your Dog Month. I'm not sure who picked the coldest month of the year for this title! Anyway, I am bundling up to take this one and his little brother out for a sniffari daily. I am guaranteed some time out in nature so it is worth it to me! Plus the dogs seem to behave so much better with regular jaunts around the neighborhood! Get started by taking short walks on your street and build up to longer times as the weather warms up!

Have a wonderful weekend and go explore your area! I am headed to the Mississippi Coast to take in some sites unique to my home state. Until next week, may your journey bring you joy daily! ~ Charlsie


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