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Hello 2024! What's Happening this Weekend? Resolutions, YouTube & Local Business in the News!

This weekend is the FIRST Sunday of the month and that means FREE admission to the History Museum of Mobile. There are some very interesting permanent exhibits including The Aaron & Sarah Friedman Miniature Gallery featuring eight magnificent dollhouses. Be sure to go through the A History of Mobile in 22 Objects to learn more about the port city. Grab a lunch while downtown and spend a hour or two at the museum. I just might see you there!

The Christmas holiday decorations are still up in my neighborhood and here we are welcoming in Mardi Gras! Are you ready to let the good times roll? Join family and friends for the Lighting of the Mardi Gras tree on Saturday at 5:30PM in Mardi Gras Park. This family friendly event is brought to the community by the City of Mobile.

Some friends of mine retired a few years ago, sold their home and have taken to the roads in a recreational vehicle. Fortunately, Sharon is quite the photographer and shares pictures of their adventures on social media. If this is a dream of yours, you are in luck. The Gulf Coast RV Show starts today in Mobile at the Convention Center on Water Street. Tickets are Adults $12, kids 16 and under are free. Parking is $10. The event ends on January 7th at 5PM.


Resolutions for the New Year

What sort of resolutions did you set for 2024? I jumped onboard the Yoga with Adrienne 30 Day Yoga practice and am loving it. I've done at least 5 years of this annual event and highly encourage you to participate. It is not too late and it is designed for folks of all ages and skill sets. This Austin, Texas resident started her YouTube channel over a decade ago, just to share some yoga practices with others. I remember watching a podcast where she talked about having 100 subscribers and how excited she was to be helping 100 people learn to take care of themselves. Fast forward to her 12.4 Million subscriber fan base in 2024. She is making a difference in so many lives and has become an international sensation. Words cannot express how good it felt to be back on the mat. If I can do it, you can do it.

Marcello & me

This goofy poodle and I are continuing our daily walks. He may be 12 years old, however he finds the energy to do a mile or so every single day. He is dedicated to making sure I get my 10K of steps in. It was interesting for me to discover that a group of Canadian doctors suggest getting a dog, especially if you have high blood pressure. (I was doing some research for my best friend who has been diagnosed with hypertension). Dogs offer unconditional love and that helps lower your heart rate. Most dogs love to walk, so there is your reason to get out in the sun every day; another heart healthy activity.

My husband, Alan and I did focus wheels for 2024. We both have areas of health, finances, fun and family that could use some attention. It was a fun activity and helped narrow our attention to goals that will satisfy us. We were careful not to include unattainable standards, however we are stretching out of our normal comfort zone. Did you know that 8% of the American population achieves their resolution goals? I decided to join them this year and intend to accomplish as many things on my focus wheel as I can. How about you? What are your aspirations this year? I have a feeling it is going to be a great one for so many of you.


2023 was a Record Year for these Entrepreneurs!

Andrew Lee

Ronnie Lee's Automotive experienced its best year since opening 25 years ago. Owner, Andrew Lee and his staff have been serving Gulf Coast European car owners since 1998. He attributes the tremendous business growth to his professional team of master mechanics, his staff and the philosophy of treating every customer like a family member.

The increase in revenue enabled Andrew to hire master mechanic, Frank Boggs and a technician in training, Liam Blackledge. They joined Glenn Smith, Aaron Dale, Clinton Gentry and Daphne Fritcher to round out the team.

Keeping your European vehicle on the road is what this shop excels at. It is located in Daphne on County Road 64. Give them a call at 251-625-3355 to schedule your maintenance or repair appointment. They service BMW, VW, Mercedes, Volvo, Audi, Land Rover, Porsche and more.

Jessica Zoltek

In 2019, Jessica Zoltek was on a mission to assist elderly folks navigating the confusing world of Medicare supplemental insurance.She opened Healthcare Resource Center Mobile and began her quest to serve the aging population. She leads with her heart and her customers appreciate that. Her determination to find the best coverage for her clients has meant long hours and loads of education.

Every year she is faced with learning about the changes that Medicare enacts and how these adjustments will affect her clients. Her dedication has paid off with a growing book of business. In 2023, she surpassed a personal goal she had set for her company! I am so impressed and excited for this young female entrepreneur! Lookout 2024!

Visit her website at or give her office a call at 251-751-5434 to schedule an appointment.


New on YouTube

I did so much cooking over the holidays and shared some of the videos here, on this blog. I can't express how much fun it is to be cooking with fans from all around the world. I enjoy being creative in the kitchen and love sharing success stories and some total fails! Here are some of the more recent episodes with links to the channel.

You read that correctly...only 2 ingredients are needed to make this delicious Chocolate Mousse. I topped it with whipped cream & chocolate chips, however it is fine on its on. Check out this 10 minute dessert that friends and family will love. Click here to watch.

Here is another simple, yet tasty entree that you can put together in a matter of minutes. Spicy Shrimp Kabobs pair well with a garden salad and just about any vegetable you can imagine. I used one pound of fresh gulf shrimp, from my seafood guy, Cecil Barnes. He has been in business since 2002! Check him out on Facebook at Shrimp by the Pound. Click here to watch how I make these wonderful kabobs.

Want to explore more recipes, click here to visit my channel.

Be sure to subscribe and let's cook together!


This morning I met up with several female entrepreneurs for our "First Friday" Coffee at Redbar Espresso & Market on Old Shell Road.

We started out talking about resolutions. I must admit that the energy surrounding 2024 was laced with excitement for the future. I enjoyed hearing about their triumphs in 2023 and the things that they are considering for the upcoming year.

I shared with them the power of doing a 2024 Focus Wheel. I am grateful that Alan and I spent the 30 minutes that it took to really hone in on what we believe is achievable over the next 12 months. You know what is amazing, things are already happening for us in all areas of our focus. There is validity in spending time creating a plan. We discovered what we are passionate about and how we intend to accomplish these goals.

I want to leave you with a quote from Neale Donald Walsch's second book, Conversations with God.

Stop trying to figure out what is best for you and start going with what feels like Who You Are.

Have a wonderful week and by all means, stop and enjoy the world around you. ~ Charlsie Pecoraro


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