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Hello December! How to make the most out of the holidays! Bellingrath, Annual Enrollment & More!

It makes me smile to see homes decorated with lights and people wearing their holiday sweaters with pride. The joy of Christmas is contagious and it is an brilliant way for us to spread our love out into the world. I ventured into Hobby Lobby yesterday and shoppers were loading up on supplies for holiday wreaths and other crafty projects. Creativity was in the air and so was happiness. I laughed out loud when I returned to my car. Parked next to it was a white SUV fully decked out with a tree (that lights up) on top and various other adornments.

I want to remind you to shop local and support community events. Your presence enables businesses to continue to thrive and events to flourish. Recently I had a conversation with a native and she recalled the "good ole days" when Mobile was on the calendar for name acts and touring theater groups. I was amazed at the musicians, plays and ballets that came to the port city in the past. In order for our city to be on the radar for interesting events, the community has to support them.

Speaking of attractions, I am surprised at how many people that I have met from the area who have never attended Magic Christmas at Bellingrath Gardens. Several years ago, my late sister and I took some of the kids and our husbands to the fantastic light extravaganza. WOW...this is a "don't miss" for folks in the area. Check out the photos on their Facebook page by clicking here.

rose garden with lights
Bellingrath Rose Garden at Christmas

This is the entry to the Bellingrath Rose Garden and I must admit that I hardly recognized it! It is time for me to take another tour of this national attraction! Visit their website at for ticket information and hours. You'll make memories that last forever.

My sister, Mary & her grandsons at Bellingrath!

I have such sweet memories of my sister and was overjoyed at how much her grandchildren enjoyed the light display. We sipped on hot chocolate and made our way through the attraction with smiles plastered on our faces.

Insider tip: Wear comfortable walking shoes and be prepared to traverse the pathways!

Mark your calendars for next Friday, December 8th!

This Sunday is Free Sunday at the History Museum of Mobile!


Annual Enrollment ends on December 7, 2023!!!

Give Jessica Zoltek a call today if you need to review your Medicare coverage. She has updated coverage this year for 5 x more of her clients versus last year. There have been so many changes that could affect you. Call her at 251-751-5434.


New on YouTube

If you are burned out on turkey this Cheesy Baked Italian Ziti is the answer! It reminds me of lasagne however it is not nearly as labor intensive. Click here to watch the video and please subscribe to my channel, it helps so much!

Ready to roast your first turkey for the holidays or perhaps you are looking for a new way to prepare your "bird"? Watch this new episode on my tried and true recipe for Roasted Turkey by clicking here.

Check out my channel for loads of new content!

This afternoon I'll be baking my husband's mom's recipe for Sugar Cookies. I applaud Marion (his mom) for creating a cookie that is not too sweet. They are perfect to dip in your afternoon coffee or eat solo. As you can see, Marcello has volunteered to be an official taste tester. Give this recipe a try, I know you won't be disappointed. Click here to watch!


In the Book Corner...

I saw an ad promoting local libraries in our area. I appreciate that they are marketing themselves and sending out a reminder that they are open for the community! I'm a committed fan and enjoy discovering new titles as an opportunity to escape. This book is the latest in the Pargeter series written by popular British author, Simon Brett. If you are searching for an entertaining read, this is it.

Did you know that our local libraries have a large collection of music that you can check out? Jazz, Rock, Country and even Classical CD's are available to expand your musical horizons. Go "check" it out this week!

According to an article written for the website Real Simple, there are numerous benefits to reading books.

Here are a couple:

  1. It increase intelligence.

  2. It can boost your brainpower.

  3. Reading can make you more empathetic

Click here to read the entire article about the health benefits to adding reading to your daily habits!


Thanks for reading and please have a happy, joy-filled week! ~ Charlsie


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