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How to cope with a state mandated home order and being productive in your home office.

President Trump was joined by many state governors in requesting that Americans stay at home to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. Outings are limited to grocery stores, pharmacies, medical visits, restaurant food pickup and a limited number of other locations deemed essential. Our "new normal" seems to change on a daily basis.

Working from home has been routine for me for the past several years. I have a dedicated space for a home office and that leads to a more constructive day. Attempting to work with your television blaring and constant interruptions will become frustrating. This week, carve out some space in your home and designate it as your work area.


One new aspect in my daily life is the advent of Zoom & FaceTime meetings. Traditionally I do get dressed for the day, however; it seems that I am having to prepare a bit earlier than normal for face to face contact.

Audrey Coyne is a fashion enthusiast and blogger based in Charleston, South Carolina. Her classic minimalist approach has garnered her a huge following on social media. This kind and thoughtful soul uploaded a video this week that I certainly needed.

Look Good on Video Calls for Zoom, FaceTime and Skype is just what we all need to maintain a professional appearance on our calls. Guys you will learn helpful tips too! Check out this short video by clicking here.


Our outside activities have been limited to our yards and neighborhoods. One of our neighbors made the comment that she had never seen so many walkers, joggers and dog owners! You can even move your home office outside if you have space out of doors that will accommodate your gear. My dogs certainly love when we start the day out on the patio.

Some of you are looking for ways to move your body so I wanted to share the link to Yoga with Adrienne. She is an Austin, Texas based yoga instructor with 6.73 million subscribers. She is obviously resonating with folks wanting to spend time on the mat. You will find videos suitable for beginners, intermediates and even ole' pros. Click here to check out her YouTube channel.


What are some ways you can adjust to staying at home? Some of us were in the habit of getting out of the house on a daily basis. Well that has come to a temporary halt. For some adjusting to the homebody lifestyle can be boring at best and downright depressing at times. I am observing an unnatural tendency or even a pandemic born pressure for folks to tackle all of the projects that they have been putting off for years or even decades.

My best suggestion for coping is to start each day mindfully through prayer and or meditation. Set an intention to be the best version of yourself as possible. Be present in the moment with yourself and others.

Music, art, communication with others and reading are great escapes to give your overtaxed grey cells a needed break. Recently I discovered that Architectural Digest has a YouTube channel with a series called Open Door. Viewers are taken on a 10 minute tour of some of the most interesting celebrity homes in the country. Here is your opportunity to snoop! Click here to get started.

TED Talks are a familiar channel for many of you. These short interactions with celebrated leaders from all walks of life, are motivating and informative. You can find a "talk" on just about any subject matter on the planet. Click here for more. You'll find speakers like Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Susan Davis, Bill Gates, and so many more.


Ordinarily I use this blog to focus on local business. This week I want to encourage you to explore the partners on this website and support them if you can. Buying gift cards, picking up curbside food or using one of the essential services will keep these friends and neighbors afloat for the next 30 days. I encourage you to reach out to these locals and confirm how they are operating this week. Every dollar you invest in them secures their future livelihood.

I want to wrap up this writing with a quote that gives me hope.

"When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life".

~ Eckhart Tolle

Have a good week and find ways to uncover joy in every day.




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