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How to Overcome Co-Vid Fatigue

Many people that I talked to last week expressed the same sentiment. They are "over it"as far as putting their full attention on the Corona Virus. Resilient human beings are discovering ways to create a new routine. It is characterized by taking the time to slow down and to be in the moment. I am going to share the top 5 things they are doing to cope!

#1 Spend some time outdoors! One of the greatest benefits of living near the coast is our access to local beaches. We can go East to Pensacola, South to Dauphin Island or West to Biloxi. Studies have shown that the sounds of waves crashing upon the shores is truly relaxing for most people. If you prefer to stay at home then venture into your backyard for 10 to 15 minutes every day. I've done plenty of computer work from my patio. It is one of the perks of being da'boss.

#2 Call your friends, especially those who are living alone. The magnitude of isolation depends on where you are in the United States. I've got a few friends that are by themselves most of the time and really MISS seeing people on a regular basis. Imagine working with hundreds of people daily and suddenly being forced to stay home. For my extroverted folks, that is really challenging. Take a few minutes out of your day and give them a call.

#3 Give yourself permission to just chill. Did you know that it is okay to just sit for awhile and do nothing at all? So many of us operate off of our "to do" lists. We forget to pencil in a block of time dedicated to just being. It is okay to take a nap, read a book or sit outside. No agenda needed!

Brooke showcasing a lovely wine
Brooke Goff, Domke Market

#4 Learn something new! Last week I picked up my monthly wine club bundle from Brooke at Domke Market. She is my wine guru and has taught me so many things about wine tasting and pairings. Every month I have the opportunity to increase my knowledge of vineyards and more.

There are plenty of new things to try. Many of them can be accessed right from your home computer. Maybe you want to learn a new computer program. Perhaps you are ready to tackle a new language. I've learned tons of things about media, fashion, health, decor and more online.

Make up application & skin care guru
Ashley Scarbrough

#5 Adapt a new business model! Let's face it, very few of us are doing business the way we did in February of this year. Ashley Scarbrough, Mary Kay Director, has learned to help her customers via "virtual" skin care and make up sessions.

Before the pandemic, she spent time meeting with women face-to-face, finding the perfect products. Lucky for all of us, her years of experience enable her to suggest ideal solutions for skin issues and make up.

She offers "door delivery" and shipping for her customers convenience.

I have seen some very creative and satisfying trends developing due to the pandemic. As I shared last week (click here to read), there is a return to quality in products and services. There is a heightened sense of giving great customer care and offering genuine kindness.


What's New with Da'Bosses?

This week I caught up with travel expert, Adrienne Tate! She owns an agency called Unique Destinations. She shared that many islands are welcoming American tourists back for vacations. She also mentioned that Mexico has become a hot tourist destination.

Using a travel agent is more important now that ever before. With ever-changing protocol, your dream vacation could be in jeopardy. Adrienne works as an advocate on the behalf of her clients. Did you know that her services are FREE?

Check out our Facebook live video from last week! She shared some valuable tips!

Contact Adrienne at 251-255-6596!

Sleep is a key part of dealing with the stress of these unusual times. I ran into Carlos Lett at Good Morning Mattress this week. Tina, James and he are "sleep experts" and they are ready to help you find the best mattress set for you.

Fortunately there are several manufacturers that are able to fulfill orders quickly. Jamison and Tempurpedic are two that are available at the Airport store.

I made sure to order another set of those Bamboo sheets I am always bragging about. If you haven't visited Good Morning Mattress, now is the time. It is an unbelievable shopping experience.

6153 Airport Road

Mobile, Alabama


Boss of the Week

Kyle Cornelison

The Entrepreneur's Source

Kyle Cornelison is a Career Ownership Coach. You may be wondering what that means. I'd like to invite you to read his story on the website by clicking here. Meanwhile, I will give you a hint. He specializes in helping people transition from working for someone else to owning their own company. He is ready to guide you through these unusual times we are living in.

Here are his answers to my Boss of the Week questions! Enjoy!

1. What is one insider tip you would give folks visiting or moving to the Mobile area?

Make sure you live and work on the same side of the tunnel/bayway

2. What is your favorite thing about living in Mobile?

The access to the Gulf and bay makes for great food, leisure time and sunsets!

3. What is one thing you would like people to know about your business?

That my services have no monetary cost for them and if they have any reservations about the quality or value of career coaching they should read my letters of recommendation on my linkedIn profile !

4. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Fish and take advantage of the gulf

5. How has C0-Vid affected the way that you are doing business?

Doing more zoom calls.  My business has always been mostly on the phone as my clients are all over the nation and even in India and Soviet Georgia.  But I am seeing an increased interest as people are realizing how fragile their corp. positions are.   


Have a great week! ~ Charlsie


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