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If I were you, I'd change the way I spend my 168 hours per week! Some fun & productive things to do!

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Every morning I devote some "me" time collecting my thoughts, meditating and journaling. I carve out at least 15 minutes of my 24 hour allotment to start my day off on a positive foot. Sometimes I'll invest an hour on myself and never feel an ounce of guilt about time I bestow on connecting to God/Source/the Universe. I pour myself a coffee and wallow in the bliss of quietness. Think about the last time you took a walk in a beautiful place. That is the type of joy I experience gifting myself time for mindfulness.

There is an addiction that is rampant among humans these days. Many have developed a habit of focusing on fear, consumption of bad news and gossip. This behavior becomes their norm. Isn't it time to break the enslavement to routines that don't make you happy?

What if you began filling your life with things that matter? This change requires a bit of honesty on your part. How much time do you spend consuming negative"social media" feeds or news stories that your device decides you should read? You tell yourself a story that it won't affect you in the way it affects others. That is a fable if you are forthright with yourself.

Let's look at this analogy...would your car run smoothly if you filled the tank with avocado oil? Of course not! So why do we stress our incredible brains by cluttering them up with toxic information? This remarkable organ won't function optimally if it is over-run with too much stimulation.

Habits are easily shifted once you realize YOU are in control of your thoughts and how you allot the 168 hours you have every week. Last night I watched Mr. Church, an Indie film streaming on Netflix. It stars Eddie Murphy and is based on a real-life relationship written by Susan McMartin. She recounts her own experience with a remarkable man, Henry Church, who became her cook and lifelong friend. Here is a quote from the author. Definitely check this movie out when you can!

Our fingerprints are all over each other's lives. We all touch each other and we may not know it. ~ Susan McMartin

Fun Things to Do this Week on the Coast!

Are you looking for LOVE? Pets give us so much unconditional affection and teach some of the greatest lessons in life. Consider adding a fur-kid to your home and attend this adoption event at the Mobile County Animal Shelter on Saturday!

Most parents have a love-hate relationship with LEGOs. If you have ever sat down and built something with your child, you know the satisfaction of accomplishing a wonderful challenge together. If you have every stepped on a brick in your bare feet...well, you know the pain! I am so excited that Mobile Convention Center is hosting this event for kids of all ages this weekend! Go have some fun at this wonderful community affair!

Head to downtown Mobile this evening for LoDa Artwalk featuring a Disney Theme! This family friendly event is fun for everyone! Click here for more information!

If you live in Baldwin, there is an adoption event happening at Summerdale Tractor Supply. Add some love to your home and your life this weekend at one of these events! Click here for more details.


Productive Time: Boss Partners in the News

So if you do decide to add a dog, cat, bird or exotic to your family, Rebecca and the team at Apollo's Paws would love to help you care for your new "baby". In addition to a full range of grooming services, the salon has top notch grooming supplies. Located on Grelot Road! Call to schedule an appointment at 251-725-6178 and visit their website at for more information.

Open Enrollment for Medicare Supplemental Insurance changes is rapidly approaching. October 15, 2023 is when you can make adjustments to your coverage. Jessica Zoltek at Healthcare Resource Center Mobile is your resource for all providers in the area. Reach out to her at 251-751-5434. Visit her website at

If you are turning 65 soon, you don't have to wait for Open Enrollment. Jessica would love to chat with you about all of your insurance options. You can contact her 3 months prior to your 65th birthday to discuss your options. Devoted Health and Wellcare have joined the numerous providers in Alabama giving you more choices.

We don't offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to the plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1800-Medicare to get information on all your options.


Simple Acts Mean So Much!

There was a time in our recent past that sending cards was commonplace. This act lets the receiver know that they are worthy of your time. I would encourage all of you to take 10 minutes of your 168 hours this week and send a note to someone. I cannot express how much the two cards in this photo meant to me.

Remember to fill your life with things that matter! I can hardly wait to hear about the kindness that all of you will spread next week and beyond. You are so much more powerful than you give yourself credit. Go forth and make a difference!

Have a great one! ~ Charlsie


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