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In Celebration of Mothers!

Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day and I want to take a moment to honor mine. Eleanor Mallett Smith had a "bigger than life" personality enjoying immense creative talent. She taught me to look for beauty in all things especially in nature. During our summers spent on Dauphin Island, she encouraged me to explore the Indian mounds, to build sandcastles on the beach, to stare at the Gulf looking for dolphins and to enjoy all of the treasures found in the surf. My Aunt Evelyn and mom would sleep out on the screened in porch of the beach house. They'd stay up late, laughing and catching up on family tales. It was fun to fall asleep listening to the sounds of these two important women in my life enjoying each other's company. I would return home with a sand bucket full of shells and we would add them to a growing place of honor in a shell garden outside our back door. All I had to do was look at those seashells and I'd be swept back to the beloved island and all of those wonderful times.

On rainy days, I'd join her in her glorious smelling kitchen learning to cook beside her. She was a fearless "chef" and could season things just by smelling the spices. I am grateful to her for teaching me the "magic" of herbs and for sharing her culinary skills. These days I feel her presence when I open up my spice cabinet, remove a bottle of seasoning & uncap it to take a sniff. During these days of staying home to stay safe, I appreciate being an accomplished home cook and owe much of that talent to her.

Mother was always devising ways to keep her children entertained. Our home was filled with books, art supplies, puzzles, pets and plenty of toys. She helped me make my first significant purchase at age 5 when I bought my little poodle, Christopher. I paid the breeder in change from my savings. I will never forget counting out $25 dollars in coins only to discover I was 50 cents short. Mom contributed to the fund. I smiled and said she officially owned his little tail! That pup was my constant companion for the next 14 years.

There is a tendency for many to place blame for their failures on their parents. I'd rather place appreciation on my parents for all of my success. Was my mom "perfect"? Of course not, however I would not have wanted anyone else in my life. She taught me to always have an opinion about things. She also showed me what it looked like to get lost in her passion for art. I am grateful that she guided me on how to see beauty everywhere.

If your mom is still with you, my hope is that you take the time to give her a call. It took me a long time to accept that I could not call mine on this holiday.


Boss of the Week

Adrienne Tate

Unique Destinations with Adrienne Tate

My Boss of the Week, Adrienne Tate, is an entrepreneur, wife and mom! She owns Unique Destinations with Adrienne Tate, a travel agency in Mobile, Alabama. I caught up with her this week and asked her a few questions.

#1 What is one “insider tip” that you would share with people moving to or visiting Mobile, Alabama?

Take your time and learn the history of Mobile. Support small businesses because those are your neighbors, friends and family.

#2 What is your favorite thing about living in Mobile?

I like that I am so close to the Gulf. I love that I can take my kids for the day and play on the beach and relax as a family.

#3 What is one thing you would like people to know about your business?

You get personalized service with me. You get me every time you call my number. You can trust that I will take care of all your needs and answer all your questions.

#4 What do you do for fun?

Go to the beach or on vacation with my friends and family.

#5 What has changed in the way that you are doing business during Co-Vid?

As of right now, I am doing more education than selling. I am starting the conversation with people who will travel as soon as they can do so. I am also learning more about different destinations, so that I can service my customers better when they are ready.



The last couple of months have been challenging for all of our mothers that have taken on the additional responsibilities of homeschooling while working and caring for the home. All of this has been taking place under one roof and can be overwhelming and exhausting. This week, let's offer them special care and attention. They deserve it.

I am a strong woman because I was raised by a strong woman.

Have a wonderful week. ~ Charlsie


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