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It's Hotter in the South "than a Witch's Cauldron"! Protect the "pads"! Things to Do this Weekend!

Earlier I was reading an email from a friend who returned home to Texas from a long vacation in Washington State. She described her hometown as "hotter than a witches's cauldron" and I thought that was the perfect visual depiction of the weather we've been experiencing. I guess all the retail stores that are putting out Halloween paraphernalia aren't too far off the mark!

So how are you coping with the soaring temperatures? I hope you are staying hydrated and remaining indoors as much as possible. My heart feels for those who must work outside in the heat. In fact, one of my boss partners is upgrading his warehouse with insulation and a huge AC unit because one of his staff passed out. Now that's a caring owner!

The fur boys are still getting their early morning sniff safari in the neighborhood, however it is not nearly as lengthy as it has been.

Remember that it doesn't take long for the cement to heat up so that its scorching and will burn their paw pads. Who else remember cooking bacon on a rock at camp? It is the same principal. Walk your pets early in the morning and in the evening. If you are going for an extended jaunt, then take along some cold water.

Jack, the Shih Tzu, sprawls out on the cool floor as soon as we get back home. He waits for his treat and "ice water". We could learn so much from our fur beasts!

How are you adapting to this record heatwave? I've definitely made adjustments to the time of day I shop, meet with clients or run errands. It is amazing how empty grocery stores are at 7PM! Go check it out for yourself!


Spotted in the Neighborhood!

I was happy to see that one of my neighbors has called upon boss partners, Ensec Pest & Lawn to restore their yard back to its former beauty. Brown patches, ant piles and weeds have taken over many spaces in our West Mobile neighborhood. Eric and Clint are ready to tackle whatever ails your yard and home. Give them a call at 850-204-3813 for more information. Ensec has been serving the Gulf Coast for decades!


Never Doubt the Power of a Conversation!

Last week I shared about having a wonderful lunch with friend and boss partner, Diane Cashen. I had not seen her in 6 months and was pleasantly surprised by her appearance. She was a shadow of herself! Gone was the inflammation and extra pounds she had gained over the years since we first met. She told me that she had been having some health issues and a friend had suggested an autoimmune regime. She feels incredible and her vitality has returned!

The serendipity of this revelation was that recently I had cut out all "whites" in my diet and suddenly ALL of my sinus issues were resolved. I am able to breathe easily at night since I became dedicated to eliminating enriched flour, rice, sugar and potatoes.

She and I spent a few minutes talking about the effect of "poor fuel" on our bodies. We agreed that whatever adjustments one needs to make are so worth the outcome. Her resolve motivated me to learn more and put things into practice!

With that in mind, I visited my local library and brought home an armload of recipe books. I am determined to convert some of my family favorites into more healthy alternatives. I'll be sharing these discoveries on upcoming YouTube videos. Click here to subscribe to my channel.


New on YouTube!

Hummus Dip is a middle Eastern dish that packs a load of protein and wonderful flavor. You can pair it with warm pita bread, fresh raw veggies (my choice) or eat it solo. Top it with smoked paprika, parsley & olive oil to change the flavor! Click here to watch this simple to make, healthy snack of your family.

Note: contains Sesame Seeds

Keeping in line with the healthy dip theme, I shared my Guacamole recipe this week. I've been known to spread it on a healthy toast or eat it solo. As with hummus, it can be paired with veggies, chips or eaten alone. Click here to watch this easy to make dream dip!

Note: Siete Foods makes healthy tortilla chips made from Almond Flour!

When I lived in the Carolinas I had a large Rosemary plant in my herb garden. I discovered Rosemary Chicken Kabobs and have been grilling them ever since! You are going to love the flavor and how simple this recipe is! Click here to watch the video and please like, subscribe and share!

Note: Great low-carb options, gluten free

Here's a Sneak Peek at what's launching on Sunday! Learn how simple it is to make traditional Veal Piccata with lemon and capers, AND discover my healthy remake of this Italian favorite. Tune into my channel this Sunday at 2PM! I think you will really enjoy cooking this one!


In the Spotlight: Ronnie Lee's Automotive in Daphne

Meet Andrew Lee, owner of Ronnie Lee's Automotive in Daphne. This vehicle repair shop has been servicing European car owners on the Gulf Coast for 25 years! Andrew and his team of master mechanics are dedicated to providing the kind of maintenace that leads to top performance from your car. Where else can you find Liqui Moly oil, from Ulm Germany, for your car? Andrew believes in providing excellent service to his customers at a fair price. Are you the owner of a BMW, Volvo, VW, Audi or Mercedes? This is the shop for you! Give them a call at 251-625-3355 to schedule your appointment.

Note: Liqui Moly is the official oil for Formula 1 Racing!


This email hit my inbox shortly after I learned from a postal worker that things are not the way they used to be with USPS. Everyone might need to rethink how we send money to others! Thanks Richard!

Richard Lindsey's "Real World" Personal Strategy Note A Great Reason to Ditch Mail-In Checks “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” - Herodotus, Greek historian

Hard to depend on anything anymore: The U.S. Postal Service is warning folks that thieves are now stealing checks right out of mailboxes.

If you needed a straw-breaking-the-camel’s back reason to start doing more money transactions electronically, there it is. What are your options?

Please Mr. Postman

This check-fishing is no crime of opportunity by loners, but a growing wave. Banks issued some 680,000 reports of check fraud last year, almost double the number from 2021. The USPS reported about 300,000 complaints of mail theft in 2021, more than double that of 2020.

There’s no reason to think this is going away soon. Authorities say that the crooks have sophisticated operations that train thieves to snatch envelopes that look like they might contain checks, with others worming their way into actual USPS centers.

The most common type of check crime is “washing,” where a criminal changes the payee’s name on the check and the amount of money. Still other crooks create fake IDs and even companies with the information on the checks. The potential damage to your finances is limitless.

But your bills won’t wait. What do you do?


You may already know one answer.

If you have autopay on your bank account for any regular bills, it probably shows up on your bank statement as an “ACH debit.” ACH stands for electronic, bank-to-bank money transfers processed through the Automated Clearing House Network.

ACH transfers are quick and usually free. The network processes payments almost continuously and settles payments four times a day. Your bills generally get paid on the next business day after you make the transaction. These are on the rise, too – indicating that they’re secure ways to send money. Nacha, a non-profit association funded by the financial institutions that use its ACH network, says 30 billion ACH payments were made in 2022 – a pretty good track record for security, unlike your corner mailbox lately.

There can be a few drawbacks. Banks sometimes limit how much money you can send via ACH, by transaction or over a set time like a day or a week. Also, not every bank sends ACH transfers at the same time – which you need to watch if you’re cutting it close to pay a bill. (The system overall is improving its same-day processing.)

You can usually sign up to make ACH payments either through the vendor like your cable company, insurer or mortgage company or through your bank. You’ll need to know your bank account number and routing number, which is on the lower left of your checks.

Third parties

You know about these, too, we bet: the likes of Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Plaid and others that let you send money to others who either also use the vendor or will send it to others’ bank accounts.

Accounts and transactions on these vendors may be backed by your bank account or credit card or, in some cases, an account with a third-party platform.

There can be a few more hiccups than with ACH, so read the fine print. Most platforms charge fees for at least some types of transactions, and some won’t deal with international transfers of money.

You’ve probably also heard a lot about how Uncle Sam is going to start tracking your payments through these platforms and that early next year the IRS will expect information to issue a Form 1099-K to everyone you paid.

That – in theory now, anyway – will apply only to professional payments, not to loans to friends or to fronting Uncle Leo his share of the dinner tab the other night. For now, though, if you use one of these platforms, keep good records. It never hurts to be able to prove it was a personalpayment … You might have to check back with us on this a few months from now.

Wire transfers

This is the legendary (and perhaps among the first) non-mail way to send money, an electronic transfer of funds domestically and worldwide. They can involve amounts from accounts between banks or via a service such as the famous Western Union.

To send one, you need the recipient’s name, address, and contact number as well as their banking information if you’re making a bank-to-bank transaction. International wire transfers can take two business days to process; domestic usually take less.

These transfers can be pricey compared with ACH; Western Union might cost around 10% of the transmitted amount. Banks might take as much as 50 bucks.

A rip-off? Maybe. Postage stamps weren’t free, either.

If there’s a way to pivot away from writing checks, it’s time to consider it. While there are different implications with e-payments, the world is becoming increasingly “paperless” so staying with that momentum will make your life easier (plus you’ll always have a “paper” trail — ironic terminology here).

Whatever you decide, I’m always here to keep you up to date on everything affecting you and your money:

Here for you,

Richard Lindsey


Did You Know?

Note: Mobile Museum of Art offers FREE admission every Thursday to residents!


Happy Birthday to Marcello!

Join me in celebrating Marcello's 12th year on the planet. He loved his pawty box from! Can you believe he walked around the house wearing his birthday hat for hours? Such a fashion guy!

Our fur kids add so much character to our lives and I am grateful for this goofy boy! Special shout out to Rebecca at Apollo's Paws for always keeping my boys looking dapper!

Meditation isn't about switching off the mind, but giving it permission to switch on. That's why it is often referred to as "mindfulness" as the mind is full rather than empty. - Kyle Gray

Have a fantastic week! ~ Charlsie



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