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Kids in the Kitchen! Lisa Harkey of AlaCoast Insurance, The Lost Art of Doing Nothing & Local Fun

Amelia Toenes & Marcello, Chief Cookie Inspector

Earlier this month my friend Becky stopped by with her granddaughter, Amelia Toenes, for a visit. Amelia sat down with me and proceeded to tell me that she watches me cook on my YouTube channel. I had no idea eight year olds would be tuning in! I asked her if she would like to make something with me in my kitchen and a little star was born!

We made delicious chocolate chip cookies together. This video is by far the most entertaining and fun one that I've made. Take a break and check out Amelia's expressions and comments! She is a natural on camera! In addition to doing such a great job, she is getting requests! We are already planning our next episode so be sure and like the channel and hit the notification bell!

Please note: Marcello did not eat any cookies because the chocolate would give him a tummy ache!

Click on the image above to watch the video!


Lisa Harkey of AlaCoast Insurance Agency

Lisa Underwood Harkey

Lisa Harkey, founded AlaCoast Insurance Company in 2013 and she will be celebrating her 10th Anniversary in business this year! As some of you may know, she opened her own agency "from scratch" with zero clients. She has built a thriving portfolio of business and employs insurance professionals to assist her in serving the needs of the local community as well as international clients.

I recorded an interview with her about her agency and the coverage it offers. Lisa breaks down insurance terms and what we need to know about coverage. Go check it out by clicking here.

I have watched Lisa and her highly trained staff assist so many referrals that I have sent to her agency. She takes the time to figure out what each individual needs and then makes her best recommendations. AlaCoast offers home, auto, business, RV, boat, motorcycle and more in insurance coverage. Watch the video and give her office a call! You will be happy you did!

Insuring everything under the sun!

AlaCoast Insurance Agency



In the Book Corner

I was visiting my local library recently and this book caught my attention. Who wouldn't want to know more about The Lost Art of Doing Nothing? The title was somewhat deceiving because it turned out to be a study on how Denmark is attempting to add more "nothing" time into their work/life balance.

It did delve into the guilt many feel about "doing nothing", especially if you are American. Here in the states we revere the 80 hour work week and packing our schedules full of activities. It's no wonder that we have such a high rate of stress related illness. In fact, the authors pointed to our incessant need to achieve and accumulate stuff as having an impact on our Dutch counterparts.

I adored the illustrations and the text was informative, however I did not walk away with the sense that anything is actually being accomplished in Denmark to meet their goal of doing nothing. This is not a book I regret reading however it will not go on my "repeat" list.


Next Sunday's Soup for the Soul!

Finally...the classic you've been waiting for! This Sunday learn how to cook homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with me! You'll never buy the sodium loaded, canned version again! This tasty soup only takes 20 minutes to put together! Click here to watch and let's cook together.


REDBAR Espresso - the new local hotspot!

REDBAR Espresso has been around for years however it's been in the new Old Shell Road location for about six months. I've been frequenting the new spot often and am seeing the REDBAR experience catching on! By experience, I am referring to the spacious dine-in area with WiFi and comfortable seating. There is plenty of space to get some work done without anyone breathing over you wanting to empty your table. The large windows allow natural sunlight to stream in, which has been wonderful on these cold days of winter.

This is the ideal setting to meet with clients for breakfast, lunch, a quick coffee or an after work adult cocktail. Did I mention that it has a full service bar with a menu of specialty drinks? Settle in for your favorite beer on tap or have one of the talented mixologists concoct something extraordinary.

What about the food? Wow, the crumpets, smash burgers and stuffed French toast are creating culinary memories for me! There really is something for everyone on the menu and the best part about it is the food is good for you!

Last week I ran into my buddy and local celebrity, Ernie Ramsey at REDBAR. Most of you probably think of him as Mr. Costco! With 33 years of experience with the company he has earned that moniker.

It was great to see him meeting a fellow businessman for a coffee at my favorite coffee shop. Lately, I've noticed so many men utilizing the space for meetings, especially over lunch.

Calling this place a coffee shop is really doing it a disservice. It is so much more than that with it's extensive menu and wonderful space to relax or work in.

It even has an outdoor space where you can gather around the fire pit, play ping pong or just soak in nature. Go check it out soon! Remember they are closed on Saturday however they offer a great Sunday brunch!

Insider tip: REDBAR has a brand new drive up! I'm sad for those of you that can't carve out the time to go in and relax, however this is a great option!


Enjoy your weekend and spread some love, it is such a powerful force! ~ Charlsie


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