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Lessons learned from my dog!

Last year we brought this little guy home from a local animal rescue. We had no intention of adding another dog to our household, however Jack (aka Happy) touched our hearts and the rest is history. You can read his story on The Local Vibe by clicking here.

I've worked from home for years so this "WFH" new normal is not a big shift for me. I will say that being here 24/7 is. This has given me time to really notice things in my surroundings including the characteristics of our dogs.

Lil' Jack is a Shih Tzu and full of personality. He carries himself with an air of dignity that some might call arrogance, however he is the friendliest little guy in the world. Anyone that has visited our home picks up on the idea that Jack thinks all visitors are here to see him! Watching his exuberance for "new people" is a valuable lesson. Because we are physically apart from others right now, I know that I'll have a greater appreciation for sitting across the table, enjoying coffee with another human being.

Lesson 1 - Appreciate every encounter with other people! Use Zoom and FaceTime to connect to people on a daily basis. There is nothing better than seeing people's faces!

I used to kid about what his real name should have been. FOMO was the moniker that really describes his personality. "Fear of Missing Out" is what that acronym stands for and it fits him to a tee. His friendly and playful personality finds him in the middle of anything and everything that is happening at our house. If I am working in my office, he is sleeping under my desk. Unless his daddy is in the kitchen, and then he is under foot, hoping for a handout.

He lets me know that it is time to move by making a noise I can only describe as "huffing & puffing"! He has taken on the role of "chief inspector" of all home projects; walking the perimeter of every closet, pantry, garage and other spaces in our home.

Lesson 2 - Be present in the moment and notice your surroundings! You finally have the option of working from your it!

Last week I was talking to my best friend on the phone and I was telling her about how determined or stubborn Jack can be. If he decides that he wants to walk down the sidewalk in a certain direction, deterring him is like trying to move a cinder block on a leash. If he has gotten a whiff of something he wants to investigate, I am hard-pressed to change his mind. In any event, he is reminding me to stop and smell the roses in life.

Lesson 3 - Slow down and enjoy your world. Savor the beauty of it all. Be sure to take breaks from your workload the same way you did when you were in the office.

Loyalty and fearlessness are two other traits that Lil' Jack possesses. Lately our neighborhood is crawling with dog walkers. He has no problem announcing to a Rottweiler or a Maltese that the corner of Sterling Court is his area. Somehow he doubles in size when he sees other canines. He announces to anyone who will listen that he is proud to be a Pecoraro and don't think about taking my people!

Lesson 4 - Love your people! Let the ones you are with know how much you care. Let the ones you can't be with know how important they are through phone calls, zoom, messages and cards in the mail.

There is a running joke in our house that the dogs eat better than we do. Mealtime is a favorite for Jack and he relishes every morsel of food. We wonder how long he was on the streets and how many days he went hungry. He shows us what true gratitude for what you have looks like.

Lesson 5 - Be grateful for your now. Be happy in what you have in the present and enjoy yourself. Too many people are looking to the future for their happiness. Be like Jack and love the life you are in today.


Boss of the Week

Ashley Scarbrough

Skin Care & Color Specialist

Mary Kay Director

I caught up with Ashley this week and asked her a couple of questions. She has been in a MLM career for 9 years and was used to seeing her customers face-to-face on a regular basis. I asked her how she is adapting to the social distancing of Co-Vid.

Check out her response!

One way my business has changed during the pandemic is that I’m doing a lot more virtual makeup tutorials and ladies nights. I am also doing many more contactless deliveries. It’s not really new for me because I dropped off products for people all the time. I am so blessed to continue to do this adding gloves and a mask for the safety of my customers. I can take payments multiple ways and this helps as well. She has been doing quite a few virtual make up tutorials on social media that can really teach ladies how to achieve the best look. I've been using her "five-minute face" for all my Zoom meetings!

What is one insider tip you would give someone moving to Mobile?

When I was new to Mobile, I realized how wide spread the area was. It’s such an amazing location. You can be to in NOLA in 2 hours and Pensacola or Biloxi in and hour. Get out and explore, because you can. Definitely check out quaint places like Fairhope or take a walk on one of the many piers. If you haven’t been to a Mardi Gras parade, do it once at least!

What is one thing you love about living in Mobile?

I love living in Mobile because there is so much culture here. I grew up in a small city. After moving to Mobile I fell in love with Mardi Gras and many of the other festivals.

What is one thing you would like people to know about your business?

It’s important to take care of the skin we’ve been given. That being said, skincare is a individual thing. It can be customized to meet your needs and tweaked as needed. Also, cosmetics are based on your personality and preference. My favorite thing is to to do a consultation to find the right products for each individual. I love solving problems with skincare and makeup so I’ll go above and beyond. 

What do you do for fun?

I love going to the beaches in Gulf Shores; beautiful white sand and lots of great local eats. 

I enjoy local coffee shops and restaurants. My favorite coffee spot is Carpe Diem. It’s been around for years and is such a cozy place. My favorite restaurant is El Papi, I love the downtown vibe and the food and drinks are wonderful. 

Thank you Ashley for sharing your tips with us! We'll be looking forward to more great videos from you on social media.


This week I wanted to turn the page and hopefully brighten your day. I encourage you to find ways to connect to others. We are all in this together.

Please continue to support local as much as possible. Our MDB partners are the backbone of the community. The vast majority of them are open for business in one way or the other. I thank you in advance for making them a priority.

~ Charlsie


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