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Love is in the Air! Things to do in February! What's New on YouTube? Best Books, Local Business & More!

Love is the most powerful emotion that we experience as human beings. Traditionally, February is the month that we celebrate our love for those most dear to us on Valentine's Day. My goodness, if you take the time to research the origin of Valentine's Day you will note that it had nothing to do with the commercial "love fest" we celebrate these days. I'll leave you to do the investigating on your own.

Did you know that in the ancient Sanskrit language there are 96 words for "love"? In English we use the word "love" to describe our feelings towards anything from our spouse to our favorite food. Regardless of how you use it, unconditional love is an incredible force that can truly conquer our most challenging situations. I thought it might be fun to share how to say "I love you" in several different languages. You can impress your special someone with one of these:

  • Italian - Ti amo

  • Spanish - Te amo

  • Swedish - jag älskar dig

  • French - Je t’aime

  • Navajo - Ayóó'ánííníshní

  • Danish - Jeg elsker dig

  • Hawaiian - Aloha wau iā ʻoe

  • English - I love you

  • German - Ich liebe dich

I have friends that sprinkle genuine love around like fairy dust. They are such a delight to be around and I attempt to emulate this character trait as often as possible. What a pleasure it is to be with people who really see the good in everyone and everything. Imagine if we all put loving our fellow man into practice. Why not start this month? Are you ready?


Things to Do on the Gulf Coast

I posted a parade schedule for Mobile County several weeks ago and wanted to share one for Baldwin today! If you are across the bay, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate.

History Museum of Mobile

Maybe Mardi Gras is not "your thing" and you are looking for other amusements on the Coast. First Sunday at the History Museum of Mobile means FREE admission! It is a great opportunity to enjoy one of the many downtown treasures. Visit any time from 1 - 5 p.m. and enjoy free admission into the History Museum of Mobile and Colonial Fort Conde. 

Gulf Coast Beach

Our warmer temperatures and sunny days mean our beaches are beckoning. Why not grab a couple of beach chairs, a picnic and your favorite folks and head to our sandy coast? Dauphin Island has a bird sanctuary, public parks, trails for bike riding and more! Orange Beach is open for business with great dining and shopping for all to enjoy. Sometimes we take our lovely coastline for granted and forget to take the time to savor it.

The City of Mobile Parks and Recreation has some exciting things on the calendar for February!


What's Cooking on YouTube?

I've been cooking quite a bit for company lately and wanted to share some terrific recipes from our Birmingham, Alabama neighbors, Southern Living Magazine!

This Hummingbird Cake recipe is from Southern Living Magazine and is its most sought out recipe. I have to say, this is the BEST dessert I have made this year! The Cream Cheese icing is decadent and the moist layers are so satisfying. Click here to learn how to make this incredible cake!

You probably have a couple of Broccoli & Cheddar Soup recipes in your arsenal like I do. I decided to give this one from Southern Living a try and all I can say is WOW! This creamy, thick and filling soup will likely become one of my all time favorites. Click here to learn how to make this Broccoli Cheddar Soup.

What are you serving for game day? These "Ham Delights" are baked in the oven and feature Chiesi Shredded ham topped with smoked Gouda cheese. They are easy to make and can be served as a main course or as appetizers. Click here to watch the video.

Special thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my channel! I appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart!


In the Book Corner!

I wish everyone had this trilogy from author Neale Donald Walsch in their home. Conversations with God is a series that he wrote in the 1990's and all three were on the New York Times best seller list for weeks at a time. This popular author, entrepreneur, and public speaker has written an outstanding collection of spiritual material that will leave you feeling wonderful after you read them. I am working my way through book three and loving my daily reading. Give yourself the gift of this series, you will thank me later! Available online at


Local Business in the News!

Paula Waldo & Richard Lindsey of Lindsey & Waldo

Tax time is here and the team at Lindsey & Waldo want to help you keep more of your hard earned revenue in your pockets! They are accepting new clients, so don't wait. Give their office a call at 251-633-4070 to set up an appointment.

If you are turning 65 this year, you need to meet Jessica Zoltek. She has the answers to your questions about Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Jessica represents all of the insurance companies that are available in our area, so she can assist you in putting together the best coverage for your needs. Give her office a call at 251-751-5434 to schedule an appointment. Happy Birthday!!! Healthcare Resource Center of Mobile is her company.

We do not offer every plan in your area. Currently we represent 12 organizations which offer 92 products in your area.  Please contact, 1-800-Medicare or your local State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) to get information on all your options.

Spring is just around the corner and there isn't a better time to get your lawn in shape than the present. Eric Ludgate and Clint Killingsworth of Ensec Pest & Lawn are ready with solutions for even the toughest lawn problems. Give them a call at 850-204-3813.


I am making a few changes to this blog. I am going to send it out on the first of every month instead of weekly. I am making this adjustment because if your inbox looks anything like mine, you are getting far too many emails. I will continue sharing some insider tips for things to do, people to meet and great recipes to cook! ~ Charlsie



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