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Making Social Media "Social"

Upspyre owner David Carpenter says that I have the knack of putting social back into social media! I do appreciate the compliment and would like to share a few tips that may help you with your business or personal posting!

1). Ask yourself if your posts are relevant to your audience. First, you'll have to figure out who your audience or customers are. Here is an easy way to get a snapshot of who your client demographic is: If 10 people walked into your store or called you on the phone how many would be women? How old would they be? The answers will give you some insight into how you should market yourself. For example, if 80% of your customers are female (8 of the 10) and are aged 40-55 then you want to post messages that they can relate to.

2) Remember to talk to your audience, not at them. There is a difference! For example maybe you discovered a great new coffee shop that encourages business meetings. Consider taking a photo there and describing your experience. People like to feel comfortable going into new places, so set the stage. (That is what Meet da' Boss is all about). Tell a story!

3) Post with a purpose! Post to connect. Post to learn more about your audience. Post to start a conversation. Post to drive people to your business or website. Post to inform about what's new with you and your business. If you are going to ask a question on social media, make sure that it has something to do with your business. I see some folks asking things like "what is your favorite color" and the answers have nothing to do with their business concerns. Make sure your posts circle back to your company. For example, my friend Stephen Guy at Complete Mobile Plus Repair could ask "do you know anyone with a cracked phone screen" and that would be a relatable question for his company. He could also ask "how much does it cost to replace a screen".

4) When was the last time you "introduced" yourself to your audience? Please don't assume that "everyone" knows who you are. Most people don't visit your homepage on Facebook or Instagram. They simply read your posts in their general newsfeed. Remind folks why you opened your business. Check out Chad Turner's introduction post that is pinned to his Facebook page for Triple T Farm.

5) Share a tip! Brandon Day, owner of Daycool Heating & AC shares great ideas about keeping your home cool & comfortable in this summer heat on Facebook & Instagram. Follow his example and provide some relevant information to your readers!

Well, there are 5 ideas to help you along this week! I'll share more in future blogs!


Welcome Ashley Scarbrough to Meet da' Boss VIP's! She is a certified skin care and color consultant. Read her interesting story about pivoting from a career path in counseling to the world of beauty!

Ashley has been a director for Mary Kay cosmetics for 7 years and yes, she's got a MK car! Her passion for skin care, cosmetics, and people drives her success!

She is a master at color matching and for ladies that is so important. Let her find the perfect hue for your skin!

Contact her at 229-395-8487 to set up a consult today!

Click here to email her!

Photograph courtesy of Bellissimo Concepts


This week in Mobile, Alabama:

Tuesday, June 11 Business Breakfast Club at Domke Market, 8AM.

Thursday, June 13th Folktale Winery Diner at Domke Market. Tickets $35. Click here for information.

Saturday, June 15th American Cancer Society's Passport to Hope Fashion Show, 6PM Tillman's Corner Community Center, $20 donation.


Celebrate Father's Day with these offers from Meet da' Boss local businesses!

Great Father's Day specials are available now at Nouveau on Dauphin!

Most dads love cheese and Kristi at The Cheese Cottage can put together a delicious assortment for you for Father's Day.

Ashley Scarbrough has a complete line of skin care for men and she is ready to put a gift bag together for you!

Do you wanna crack a smile on your dad's face, then order Joe's gigantic pizza (barely fits in your car) from Joe's Pizza & Pasta!

Meredith has gift collections of her butter AND a new tumbler size for Reney's Honey Butter. Purchase online or at Domke Market, The Cheese Cottage or Crimson Blue Boutique.

How about ordering a week's worth of meal prep for dad from Clean Eatz?

A gift certificate from UltraTANZ is another great option. Dad could bronze or use the salt therapy (Halotherapy- wonderful for sinus & skin issues).

Brooke at Domke Market is the best at putting together theme based wine baskets and she is ready to create something for your dad!

When was the last time you took a professional photograph of your dad? Bellissimo Concepts is offering a Father's Day special so go check it out!


Happy Father's Day!


Have a wonderful week ~ Charlsie


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