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Mother's Day Celebrations! Things Happening on the Gulf Coast! Termites Swarming? YouTube this Week!

My mother
Eleanor Mallett Smith

On Sunday many of you will shower your mother with flowers, gifts and an extraordinary meal. Others will join me in remembering our mothers who have departed for "home". I connect with my dearly departed mother (pictured above) every moment I spend time in my garden or when attempting a new recipe. She had more creativity in her pinkie finger than most beings ever possess in a lifetime. Spending time reflecting on the countless gifts she and my father bestowed on me and my siblings is a rewarding way to celebrate her motherhood.

I urge you to take the occasion to honor your mother this Sunday. Places like REDBAR Espresso on Old Shell Road are offering incredible Sunday Brunch options for all to enjoy. I urge you to spend time getting to know what brings your mother joy. You will find that these activities create a bond that no one can break. Time with your mother is invaluable.

Happy Mother's Day!


Things Happening on the Gulf Coast!

Mobile Parks and Recreation has an ambitious schedule this weekend. I am hopeful that the weather will cooperate and allow all of these fun events to take place.

Just down the road, and across the Bay, is one of my favorite events. The annual Art in the Park presented by the Foley Art Center is a huge celebration at the John B Foley Park downtown. This event is pet friendly and fun for all ages.

Insider tip: Wear comfortable walking shoes!

Here is more information from their website:

Since 1971 each Mother’s Day weekend, join us at “Art in the Park”, a competitive juried fine arts show for artists and craftsmen from across the southeast. This event is held each spring on the lawn of the John B. Foley Park in downtown Foley and has grown to attract thousands of attendees. Over 100 artists showcase their talents while providing unique, hand crafted cultural experiences and shopping opportunities. 5,000 attendees expected.

When: Saturday & Sunday Mother’s Day Weekend. Saturday and Sunday the second Sunday in May.

Saturday: 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Sunday: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Where: John B. Foley Park, Hwy 59/98

Foley, AL 36535

Gallery (251) 943.4381


Termites Swarming? Call Ensec Pest & Lawn

Have you spied the swarms of termites that seem to invade the Coast in May? There is no need to panic because the professionals at Ensec Pest & Lawn are ready to champion your cause! Give Eric and his team of professionals a call at 877-973-6732 to schedule an appointment.


New on YouTube! An authentic New Orleans Style Muffuletta!

In my continuing series, Heavenly Handhelds, I will teach you how to make this very tasty Muffuletta sandwich. This one was made under the loving eye of my New Orleans born husband and is based on his father's recipe. Click here to watch and let me know what you think!

Perhaps my favorite of this sandwich series is this Tuna Salad Sandwich created by Martha Stewart. Trust me, you are going to want to add this one to your lunch offerings at home. In fact, this salad is good enough to eat sans bread! Click here to check it out!

I will be back on Sunday, the 21st with a new episode of Heavenly Handhelds, so be sure to tune into my channel! Thanks for watching and I can't wait for us to cook together again!


From the desk of Richard Lindsey...

Richard Lindsey of Lindsey & Waldo CPA firm shares so many tips in his newsletter.

Here is an excerpt from his latest publication:

Richard's Guide to Spring Cleaning

Now's a great time to get rid of unnecessary paperwork you’ve been hanging on to, as well as to en- sure that you caught everything for last year’s tax return. But, before I get to what to do if you find something pertinent to your recently-filed tax return, here's a guide for how long to keep your records... Tax Returns: Seven years Richard’s Reasons Why: There are three, actually: 1) The IRS has three years from your filing date to audit your return if it suspects good-faith errors. 2) The three-year deadline also applies if you'd like to make some sort of amendment because you discover a mistake in your return and can claim a refund. 3) The IRS has six years to challenge your return if it thinks you underreported your gross income. All this adds up to keeping that info for seven years. Beyond that, there's no reason -- except for posterity.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Richard Lindsey

Lindsey & Waldo

(251) 633-4070


I wanted to take a moment and publicly thank everyone who has offered their words of consolation on the loss of my much beloved sister, Mary Smith Harrison. Her very unexpected death left a void in my life that is indescribable. We visited frequently on the phone, sharing family news, great recipes, books, politics and so much more. It will take some time before I stop reaching for my iPhone to send her a link to a YouTube video or call her to share some exciting news. She was a major part of my life for six decades and her understanding of how I think will be sorely missed. The theme that courses through my mind is "I want to call Mary and....(fill in the blank). I know she has gone home and is flying high, pain free and stress free. Again, I appreciate all of you. ~ Charlsie

Mary & grandsons, Gaven & Hunter at Bellingrath Gardens



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