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One Step Closer

This week finds me wondering about the "return to normal" that so many are craving. I fielded numerous calls from friends and business partners who are struggling to cope with massive changes they are facing. Most are concerned about financial well being and the future of their companies. Fear is paralyzing for many and can be detrimental to the survival of small businesses.

The first step to finding the silver lining to this pandemic is to focus on the present and make an attitude adjustment. I challenge you to ask yourself the following question.

How can I create a mindset that will allow me to move forward towards

my personal and company goals?

If you can sharpen your desire for prosperity, health, well-being, and any other goal you deem worthy, your thoughts will "pivot". Your mind will be filled with ideas about moving forward instead of being littered with a rerun of negative self-talk.

I have a friend who gave a talk one Sunday at church about being an "if only" person. She talked about delaying everything good in her life with the simple phrase; "if only".

If only I was wealthier, I would be happy. If only I was more attractive I'd have better relationships. If only I got that promotion at work I'd be joyful. She put off all present happiness. She denied herself enjoyment in her daily life waiting for everything to be perfect. Future meant happiness to her, if and only if she met certain criteria. It was a miserable way to live.

You have probably heard the quote about the joy being found in the journey, not the destination. Think about the last time you planned a trip, a special evening out or an event. Wasn't it fun to figure out all of the details? You found such pleasure in figuring out where you were going or what you would be doing. That desire and planning is where satisfaction can be found.

Have you ever set a goal and along the way you KNEW that victory was yours? Even though you had not reached the destination, the knowing was where you found immediate gratification.

So how do you shift or pivot your focus this week?

Here are some practical tips that may help:

#1 Start your day with 5 minutes of appreciation. Write down 10 things you appreciate. Notice I did not say grateful because there is a difference. Appreciation focuses on the present and what is. For example: I appreciate the sunshine, bird chirping, my dogs, the blooming orchid on my desk, etc.

#2 Always, always, always start your day with a plan. Pick the top 3 things that you want to accomplish today and just do them!

This is the key to moving forward. Every step that you take towards a goal is worth celebrating. Be careful not to "over plan" your days. Make sure you have allotted time for friends, family and more importantly for yourself.

#3 Speaking of self, it is important to find things that make you feel good and do them daily. Maybe drinking your first coffee on the patio is relaxing. Maybe taking a break in the afternoon for a 20 minute "power nap" is your "jam". Every person is unique and will find happiness in some of the simplest measures.

We have been gifted with the opportunity to redefine what normal is.

#4 Ask yourself what do you want your "new normal" to look like from this day forward? What are the things that you absolutely LOVE about self-isolation? Some of you are still so tense that it may be challenging to really take stock of all of the good that has arisen from this planet reset. I encourage you to take some time and jot down the things you like.

Here are some things people shared with me this week:

  • I love working from home. I doubt I can ever return to an office setting.

  • I don't miss commuting to work. That was such a waste of time.

  • I like that I can wear comfortable clothing. I am dressing for the day however my WFH wardrobe is less formal.

  • I love ZOOM and how I can connect to people. It allows me see people's reactions to ideas.

  • I like having my dog/cat at work with me. Pets are great stress relievers.

  • I am so much more productive with fewer distractions. I can get my work done in half the time.

  • I am settling into a daily routine that works for me and my family. Finding a rhythm has been challenging yet I have started to master it.

  • I have been able to be so much more creative. It was time for business as usual to change. I have discovered great new avenues of revenue that I would never have discovered without this situation.

  • I am enjoying having time with my children even though it can be difficult to focus. It is nice to have them around.

#5 Take action on your plan. It is as simple as that. Great plans are meaningless without action. Again it harkens back to the "if only" attitude. I'll call the that client when__________fill in the blank. The time is now. Move forward towards your goals.

Your mindset or attitude is paramount in how you and your company will flourish during these challenging times. Throwing in the towel is not an option for business owners. We all are tasked with discovering our true strengths and new ways to conduct business. Great new innovations will come out of this change.


Boss of the Week

Sydney Loper

Play Cafe Mobile

This week we caught up with Sydney Loper, owner of Play Cafe Mobile. We asked her about how Co-Vid has affected her new business. She has been an inspiration on social media for parents. I am grateful for the things that she has done to support her community.

How has Co-Vid affected the day to day operations of your business?

Because we are in the entertainment industry, we’ve had to take a backseat during the shutdown. However, we’ve been using this time to add some new elements to our space and get creative! We have Mother’s Day Gift Baskets in the making and we can’t wait to open back up for PLAY!

What is one insider tip you would share with people visiting or moving to the Mobile, Alabama area?

Mobtown has lots of fun, unique spots to creat memories in! Don’t just search Google. Ask the locals where they like to visit! Providence Hospital ponds have tons of ducks and turtles to feed under gorgeous trees. South Alabama has fun nature trails to explore. Neighborhoods have Japanese gardens and ponds to visit. Get creative!

What is your favorite thing about Mobile?

My favorite thing about living in Mobile is the growth we’ve been in. There’s always a new fun event to attend or restaurant in the making to get excited about visiting. Our citizens are full of such creativity! 

What is one thing you would like people to know about Play Cafe Mobile?

Play Cafe is different than anything you’ve experienced with kids. Our open layout allows for some true R&R to let your littles play safely in view while you enjoy a coffee. We love the spark in your child’s face as they enjoy using their imagination for play and learning! 

What do you do for fun?

For fun, the Lopers love a project! We’re always thinking of the next thing we can create to enjoy. We just finished building a tree fort! 

Thank you so much Sydney for your insider information. We are looking forward to your re-opening in the near future. Once again, thank you for all that you are doing for the community.


Friday, May 1 will mark the day where some businesses reopen for business. Most are putting stringent guidelines in place. Thank you for continuing to support Meet da' Boss partners during this difficult time. Your investment in them is an investment in the community.

~ Charlsie


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