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The Slow Living Movement!? In the Spotlight: Jessica Zoltek of Healthcare Resource Center

Recently I was having an enjoyable conversation with one of my best friends about the times we are living in. The subject of change came up after I researched the healthiest ice creams available at our local grocery store. I know it seems like a strange entree into the psychology of life these days however; let me explain.

After pouring over ingredients and watching a few YouTube videos I came to the conclusion that I wanted to buy an ice cream maker so that I would know what I was eating. Seriously, the add on's in most of the popular frozen concoctions are mind blowing and unhealthy.

Flash back to the days of my youth when I attempted to turn the crank on our ice cream maker. It did require some muscle to produce that creamy and wonderful tasting vanilla ice cream. My mom would top it with some fresh strawberries for a memorable dessert.

This walk down memory lane inspired me to think about what behavior changes I am seeing in others. Many people are opting for a more mindful approach to living. In fact, there is a name for it called The Slow Living Movement.

I came across this label last week and after reading several articles describing this trend I knew why it seemed so familiar. This movement is nothing more than a return to common sense. For example, you cannot eat foods loaded with chemicals and expect optimal health. I grew up eating fresh vegetables out of mom's garden and beef and pork from the local butcher. I was rarely sick as a child. We got our seafood from the Alabama Gulf Coast when we visited our cousins on Dauphin Island.

I remember that my grandmother and mother always had "time" to create a lovely, healthy meal. They had time to show me how to learn a new craft. My grandmother ALWAYS had time for an afternoon nap.

This "movement" encourages people to drift away from the hurried, over-scheduled life that many humans equate with success. One basic premise is to simplify your day to day existence by de-cluttering your home, closet, mind and schedule.

In modern days, prior to the pandemic, most parents were working long hours and shuttling their children around to a variety of extracurricular activities. A hectic lifestyle meant you were on the way up the ladder of success.

This past year has taught us that a full calendar does not equal a full life. There is much more appreciation for time spent with family and friends. As Americans, we have a tough time enjoying leisure like our European counterparts do. They are masters at long lunches and short work days. They connect to one another and their community because it is a priority for a happy life.

How do you shift to a more fulfilling life? If your actions throughout the day are based on intention and purpose, you won't spend any time on things that you don't need to do. You'll learn the fine art of saying "no" to things that don't line up with your purpose or goals. You'll edit out the needless tasks and time consuming activities that don't fill a need in your life.

I find it charming that we are returning to a "simpler" way of living that puts emphasis on relationships, community, health and purpose.

When you're at work, be fully at work. And let your leisure time be what it's meant to be - restorative and fun ~ Daniel Levitin


In the Spotlight: Jessica Zoltek of Healthcare Resource Center Mobile

Insurance Agent Healthcare Resource Center Mobile
Jessica Zoltek

Finding the right supplemental insurance can be overwhelming. Meet Jessica Zoltek, an insurance expert who is ready to help you find the best coverage. Her company, Healthcare Resource Center Mobile, works with a variety of insurance companies so you will have options.

This community-minded entrepreneur offers monthly Medicare 101 seminars at her Hillcrest office for folks looking for more information. Visit her website by clicking here to see May's date!

Jessica is married to Mike, an active duty member of our US Coast Guard. They are happily raising two boys in Mobile.

Insurance is a safety net!

Friday evening I hosted Paula Waldo of Lindsey & Waldo and her husband, Mike, VP of Mobile Marble Company. Spending a leisurely dinner with some of my boss partners is one of my favorite things to do.

We enjoyed New Orleans style seafood dinner paired with a couple of lovely white wines from Domke Market! The Waldo's walked in with a wonderful White Burgundy, Saint Veran that we enjoyed with our shrimp. The Albarino d Fefinane was incredible and the surprise of the night was the Two2 Chardonnay.

Please note that I always rely on Brooke Goff to suggest great wines to accompany our dinner party meals. I am so grateful to have someone in my life with such a trained vino palate.

Tuesday night she is doing a tasting featuring Italian wines that are low-carb! This is a don't-miss, so sign up today for your spot! Go to Domke Market by clicking here for more information.

I may not speak Italian, but I'm fluent in Prosecco!

This week, more than ever, I was reminded just how precious life is. I encourage you to slow down and really focus on your surroundings, your family, your friends and your work. Remember that we are blessed to wake up every morning to enjoy this life's journey. Have a beautiful week. ~ Charlsie



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