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Things Happening On the Gulf Coast

Living along the Gulf of Mexico conditions us to be prepared for weather events. Hurricane Sally caught many Alabama residents off guard because it was forecast to head to the Mississippi coast. Our friends in Baldwin County, across Mobile Bay. endured the brunt of the storm with high winds and heavy precipitation. As of this writing, there are many people without power. Fortunately Mother Nature has blessed us with cooler temperatures making the conditions more tolerable.

For a period of time, this storm was tracking towards our beloved West Mobile. She wobbled and headed to the east of us. Many WEMO residents are saying that "we dodged a big bullet" this time. Some lost power for a day and most had a challenging task of "pick up sticks" in their yards. Overall we fared well. One of our neighborhood grocery stores had a generator fail and the picture below was the result.

Our hearts and minds are focused on Baldwin County. I've reached out to many friends that live on the Eastern shore. All are busy with cleaning up and helping one another.

This is not the time to go sightseeing. There are dangerous conditions including downed power lines and fallen trees that are impeding regular travel. Once the roads are cleared and electricity is restored, I will be headed over to support local. Businesses have suffered tremendously due to the pandemic. The added pressure of being closed for a week or more due to the hurricane could be devastating. Investing in your neighbor's business is the BEST way to help them.

Please note: Back on the Rack in Fairhope hopes to reopen on Monday. Click here to see if power has been restored to the store.

Hats off to Brooke Goff at Domke Market in WEMO for opening up and offering FREE coffee, an air conditioned place to work and $5 glasses of wine. I love how she is always thinking about others.


Spotlight on Health

Dr. Chris O'Laire

Advanced Spine & Therapy

Dr. Chris O’Laire

Last week a family member and lifelong fan of chiropractic care had an appointment at Advanced Spine & Therapy in Saraland. Dr. Chris O' Laire has created a welcoming office environment for his patients. There was no waiting time and the visit flowed smoothly from treatment to treatment.

He raved over the fact that Dr. O'Laire did not appear rushed and really listened to his concerns. It was a bonus that x-rays could be done in his office.

He left the office feeling optimistic about future adjustments. There was no pressure to book numerous follow up appointments. Dr. O'Laire left that decision up to him. He is looking forward to his next visit.

If you are looking for genuine chiropractic care, check out Advanced Spine & Therapy by clicking here.


Life is Better with Fur Kids!

Rebecca Bunkley

Apollo's Paws Pet Grooming & Salon

Rebecca Bunkley, Apollo's Paws

The past week was a challenge for owner Rebecca Bunkley with power outages closing her salon for a few days. As soon as repairs were complete, she opened up to take care of everyone's pets. Trust me, a stinky dog in a home without electricity can be torture on your senses!

I have been impressed at the beautiful and customized grooming coming out of this wonderful Grelot Road location! Be sure to follow her business on social media by clicking here. You'll enjoy seeing the top dogs of Mobile getting their new "do's" at Rebecca's place. Make an appointment online by visiting her website at !


Mayor-Elect Brandon Van Hook

Semmes, Alabama

Brandon Van Hook

I wanted to take a moment to publicly congratulate Brandon Van Hook on his successful run for mayor of Semmes, Alabama! Brandon has a sincere love for his community and the wonderful people that call it home.

He is the owner of The Hickory Pit restaurant, which is famous for awesome hamburgers and classic southern comfort food. Derek Smith, manager and friend, is taking over more of the restaurant duties in order to free up Brandon to focus on his mayoral role.

I am looking forward to watching Brandon move this tight knit community forward over the next few years! Semmes is fortunate to have such a caring individual in charge!

If you are traveling down Moffet Road be sure to stop in and grab a burger & fries. Insider tip: sit at the counter for fantastic service!


I hope everyone has a spectacular week! I am facing a busy one with appointments from last week being rescheduled to this one! Remember to live your best life every day! ~ Charlsie


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