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Tired of "watching paint dry"? Things to do this weekend on the Gulf Coast! Boss Partner Updates!

Koi fish swimming
Koi at Bellingrath Garden & Home

Did you mark your calendar for this Sunday? Remember that FREE admission is available at Bellingrath Garden & Home on August 6th to honor the birthday of Walter Bellingrath. Gates open at 8AM, so plan to enjoy a lovely morning walk in one of the top destinations in our area. Gardens are not pet friendly, however there are kennels available if you happen to have your fur-kid in tow! Be sure and venture into the Asian-American Garden and enjoy the huge school of Koi. They are the friendliest group of fish I've ever seen!

While at the gardens, consider joining for the year. For more information on packages available, click here. A couple can join for $75 while a family membership is only $100. What a bargain for hours of entertainment!

Would you rather stay indoors this weekend? I can't blame you! The heatwave is definitely curbing my outdoor activities.

Well, it is "first Sunday" at The History Museum of Mobile and that means free admission! Doors open at 1PM, perfect timing if you've planned a late brunch downtown.

I'd suggest you enjoy A History of Mobile in 22 Objects before it leaves on September 21, 2023. Twenty-two unexpected and compelling objects weave together over 300 years of Mobile history, from the pre-Colonial era to the twenty-first century port. With contributions from Mobile’s leading historians, professors, and museum curators, you are sure to discover both new and familiar stories in this landmark exhibition.

Coming Next Weekend!

Are you ready for fashion, rollerskating and music? The City of Mobile Parks & Recreation has a jam packed couple of days rolling out next weekend! Fashion will be the highlight of August LODA

Artwalk and everyone is invited!

Maybe you'd rather lace up your skates and hit the downtown streets for Skate Night at Bienville Square or settle in at Cooper Riverside Park for an evening of music!


Keep on Walking!

Last month I hit 70K per week, satisfying my goal of walking 10K a day. Here are some of the benefits that I am experiencing since I committed to walking!

  • Better balance because I am getting stronger every day.

  • Enhanced mood...I am so much happier!

  • Losing some unnecessary pounds and inches! YAY!!!

  • Exercising the fur kids daily!

  • My house is super clean! If the end of the day arrives and I am short on steps, I mop, dust, vacuum, put things away, etc. One day, I dusted all of my house plants...LOL.

  • I have combined walking with a healthy approach to food and guess what? My sinus issues have disappeared. Several weeks ago I was drowning in sinus headaches and pressure. I'll blog next week on some of the changes I've made.

Key tips to walking are comfortable shoes, early morning cool temperatures and staying hydrated. Sometimes Lil' Jack would rather "roll" than walk! Always listen to your body and pay attention to your pets well being.


What's up with Boss Partners this Week!

woman in pink dress
Jessica Zoltek

Thursday I attended Jessica Zoltek's open house for her new office on Government Boulevard! Congratulations to this dynamic female entrepreneur for expanding Healthcare Resource Center Mobile to a spacious, happy space.

I adore the kid's artwork decorating the walls and the welcoming atmosphere she has created. The office is Suite C in the AlaCoast Insurance Agency complex at 4430 Government in Mobile.

Jessica is your connection in Mobile for customized Health, Medicare, Life & Hospital Indemnity plans to meet your specific needs. She represents many carriers, giving her the flexibility to inform you on the best mix of coverage for your income and situation.

Give her a call at 251-751-5434 to set up a consultation.

RedBar Espresso & Market on Old Shell Road

Rumor has it that one of my favorite restaurants is being scouted by ABC Disney for an upcoming project. Fingers crossed for our friends at RedBar! Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Located at 7681 Old Shell Road, just a block off of Schillinger Road. This is a fantastic brunch location and an ideal place to meet friends, family & clients.

lady in colorful dress
Lisa Harkey

I stopped in AlaCoast Insurance Agency to catch up with my friend and founder, Lisa Harkey. She shared that business has been great however she has seen rate increases for automobile insurance. During the pandemic, providers dropped rates because claims went to a record low. Now that folks are out and about in their cars, premiums had to be adjusted.

If you are shopping for auto, home, boat, RV, motorcycle or business coverage, Lisa is ready to help. Give her a call at 251-661-4410 to start a free quote. Visit her website by clicking here.

AlaCoast Insurance Agency has two locations to better serve clients. The Mobile office is at 4430 Government Blvd and the Saraland office is on Saraland Blvd.

Insuring everything under the sun!

lady in black shirt
Diane Cashen

Interior designer, Diane Cashen and I met for lunch at 7 Spice on Airport last week. (One of our favorites). She is working on some incredible commercial projects along with some residential ones. It was exciting to hear her passion for one of the jobs that required hand drawn renderings. This is one of her less known talents. She is able to take the ideas in her head and put them on paper! I could tell that this new project has been so rewarding for her. I told her I thought the owners would end up framing her drawings as art!

People have asked me why should they hire Diane? She meets her clients "where they are" and delivers plans that bring their dreams to life. In other words, she is one of the best listeners I know. There is a reason that may of her clients are repeats. They utilize her for their home, office, second home and more.

Give her a call at 251-545-5688 to schedule a consultation. Visit her website at

(Please note: she is traveling some in August, so she may not get back to you right away)


New on YouTube!

One of the top searched recipes on social media is guacamole and I admit, I make a pretty decent one! Like many of you, avocados are a big part of my weekly diet and finding ways to add them onto my plate is fun. I've spread this dip on toast for a scrumptious breakfast! On Sunday, I'll share my version of this popular dip with some options to spice it up! Click here to tune into my channel! Subscribe & click the notification bell so you don't miss a thing!

Oldies but Goodies!

Feeding a crowd this weekend? This recipe for a New Orleans Style Jambalaya is a family favorite! Serve with a green salad and your favorite beverage! Click here to watch and remember ingredients are listed in the description box. Thanks for watching and please subscribe & share!

This is a wonderful Crab & Avocado Salad that is healthy, keto-friendly and so filling. Click here to watch and let me know when you make it! It is so simple to make, just don't tell your guests! You can use shrimp in place of the lump crabmeat. Ingredients are listed in the video description! Wonderful use of avocados!

Just in time for back to school, Amelia joins me to make "no bake cookies". Click here to watch! I hope you'll spend some time in your kitchen with the kids in your life! It is one of the most rewarding things I do. Grab a glass of milk and enjoy!


Are you picking up on chaotic energy on this planet and believe you can't do anything about anything? I'm a huge fan of the power of positive thinking and how it can affect things.

In my early days of outside sales, I would motivate myself to call on strangers to sell them my product or service. Fortunately I believed in what I was offering so that made the "pitch" easier.

Imagine my delight when more than one client told me that earlier they had been praying for a marketing solution. Wow, what an affirmation for putting yourself out there and making a difference in someone's life.

So ask yourself, what skills & knowledge could you share with someone today that might be an answer to a challenge? If all of us take a few moments and reach out to someone by phone or email just think about how positive our world would be. We have so much more power to change things than we allow ourselves to believe.

What do you know how to do that someone else needs to learn? Life should be an adventure of helping one another along the journey. All of your experiences are valuable and you'd be surprised how many people turn their backgrounds into a lucrative life passion.

Have a wonderful week and find your passion! Check out my passion! ~ Charlsie



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