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Weekend Fun, Boss Partner Updates, In the Book Corner, Shopping Local and on my Soapbox!

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Enjoying the pool at The Palace in Biloxi

Fingers are crossed that this weekend's weather will cooperate for family fun times. Folks are wanting to head to the beach, work in their yards and shop at the local markets. Personally, I am grateful for the rain however I do start to experience cabin fever. If you are not a fan of the beach, many of the Gulf Coast casinos offer day-passes to their pools. Unfortunately, The Palace Casino only opens its pool to guests, however rooms are pretty reasonable. The Golden Nugget, Harrah's & Hard Rock have day rates available for non-guests. Perhaps you can plan a short drive over to the Mississippi coast and soak up some Vitamin D!


Catching up with Boss Partners

Packing Supplies from Handy Guys Moving

Did you know that 14 Million Americans relocate every year? 80% of the moves occur during the summer months. Handy Guys Moving is ready to help people with their residential and commercial moves along the Gulf Coast.

They've got sturdy boxes and supplies you need to pack & protect your possessions. You can purchase items from them if you prefer DIY packing. Give them a call at 251-366-4897 to place your order. They deliver them right to your door!

Visit their website by clicking here for more information. Check out owner, Houston Horne's YouTube channel filled with tips for your next relocation. Click here to watch his latest videos.

Ensec Pest & Lawn

The professionals at Ensec Pest & Lawn know that fire ants are going to be a big issue for many homeowners after the deluge of rain we've experienced. Owners, Clint Killingsworth & Eric Ludgate want you to know that they can help. Give their office a call at 850-204-4437 to schedule a FREE estimate. Ask about their annual programs to help manage pests and lawn issues all year long. Click here to visit their website.

RedBar Espresso

This week I ran into my friend, Katie Collins, owner of Superior Construction. We visited a few moments and then she headed over to RedBar Espresso for lunch. I had to excuse myself and go to another appointment. I must say, I was JEALOUS when I saw some photos she posted of her Italian Grilled Cheese! RedBar is open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Go check them out for yourself at 7681 Old Shell Road. Indoor/Outdoor dining, take away and drive through are available.

Latest from Apollo's Paws on Facebook...


Shout Out for Great Customer Service & Shopping Local!!!

Last week I visited Run-N-Tri to purchase some new shoes for walking. I've become obsessed with getting my 10K in daily and needed to up my game to protect my feet. Suzanne listened to my needs and brought me almost a dozen pair of shoes to try on. I left with a new pair of Saucony's and complete customer satisfaction. Hats off to this wonderful little store and their expertise. If you are going to start walking, I strongly suggest you get the correct shoes. Your feet will thank you for it! Run-N-Tri is located in West Mobile at 6345 Airport Blvd., Suite K, Piccadilly Square Dr. An added bonus was running into my neighbor, Drew Hall & his daughters. He is an award winning film maker and owner of Craftshow Digital located in Mobile.

Fun Fact: Did you know that people who walk 30 minutes a day have 43% less sick days?

If the weather has you stuck indoors, check out these walking exercises on YouTube by clicking here! You will get your steps in and have fun doing it!


In the Book Corner

I love to read and attempt to bury myself in one book per week. I took a bit of a hiatus after my sister's passing, however I am back at it. I figured I might need something to keep my spirit up and thought Kyle Gray's latest work would do the trick.

Raise Your Vibration has 77 tools or practices to help you "get in the zone" especially when life becomes challenging. It is designed to help you have a direct experience with your creator.

I am enjoying putting his suggestions into practice and experiencing the peace each process delivers. I've seen videos featuring the author and I can only describe him as a high-vibe human! This one is definitely worth checking out.


Are you like me? Shaking your head in disbelief at some of the things going on in the world these days? Let's explore the whole alien issue.

Long ago, I was visiting my momma in Laurel, Mississippi. We were deep in conversation and she asked me if I believed in extraterrestrial beings. I recall my answer as if it was yesterday. I said, "Why would I ever put a limit on what God could create"? She smiled and said that she has always believed in spaceships and other beings.

I am grateful that I had a mom who was so open minded. What is disappointing is the idea that so much knowledge has been hidden from the general public. Only time will tell what is true and what is false.

Until then, I'll be star-gazing... Charlsie



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