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What Do You Say When You Talk to Yourself? Can Temps Really Be Rising Next Week? Keep Cool!

At the age of 60, Louise Hay founded Hay House Publishing. She was an author and incredible builder of people. In one of her books she suggested a practice that I adopted years ago.

She asked readers to find a photo of yourself as a young child. This is me at age 5. Take some time and remember your hopes, dreams and fun activities that made up your experience at that age.

Next, think about how you would treat that young version of yourself. How would you speak to this "little" version of yourself? Now, consider the self-talk that plays in your mind on a daily basis. Would you want the young version of you to hear the self-critic that may reside in your brain?

Most of us would NEVER talk to others the way that we talk to ourselves. Have you ever taken the time to really focus on how you treat yourself? Here is something that I discovered, you cannot help anyone else if you are treating yourself like a loser. Take small steps today to change your self-talk.

Lately, I have encountered far too many lovely people who are so hard on themselves. I wanted to share this simple practice because it works beautifully and quickly.

This week, I encourage you to remember who you are! You are a miracle to behold and there is only one you! Be kind to yourself, love yourself and take great care of yourself.

Here are a couple of great books that could help you adjust the way that you treat yourself.

Mirror Work, Louise Hay


Record Temps and High Humidity = Dangerous Conditions

I I think we'd all agree that this August has shown just how hot she can be. I keep reminding myself that like all challenges, this is a temporary situation. Did you know that soaring temps send approximately 67,500 people to the ER every year, according to the CDC? In the deep South, we also have humidity to contend with.

Here are 10 things you can do to cope with the rising temperatures:

  • Drink more water than usual. If you have to download an app to remind yourself, then do it. If you are thirsty, then you are already on the path of dehydration. Drink beyond your thirst.

  • Save the outdoor activities for late evenings or get up early and take advantage of the cooling effect of night time.

  • Wear natural fabrics, like cotton or linen that breathe.

  • Find activities to do indoors if you've got cabin fever. Visit museums, malls, and local libraries.

  • Plan your errands early in the morning or late in the evening. Avoid the mid-afternoon high temps that seem to be a theme along the Gulf Coast. Park in the shade if possible.

  • Sun hats, sun glasses and sunscreen are important accessories. Go ahead and make a fashion statement! I love hats and every time I wear one at least 5 people mention how much they like the look.

  • Always carry water with you if you venture out in your car or on foot.

  • Eat cold fruit, like watermelon & cantaloupe to help with hydration.

  • Cool showers and fans can really lower your body's temp.

  • Know the warning signs of heat exhaustion & heat stroke.

Take a look at this comparison from Harvard.

Just remember that cooler times are just around the corner. Be smart and use your brain when dealing with these hot and humid days.


Book Corner Update

Last week I showed you a pile of cookbooks that I had checked out from my local library. Out of the seven options, two of them were clear winners. Suzanne Ryan's Simply Keto is loaded with delicious recipes and Low Carb Yum by Lisa Marcaurele came in as a close second. By the way, I bought copies of them for my home cookbook collection from Amazon.

After my lunch with interior designer, Diane Cashen, I have been deep diving into how to make beloved dishes healthy. There are so many resources available to help you convert your favorites into great fuel versus the typical processed mess we call the Standard American Diet.

Why am I doing this? It is simple. After eliminating all the white stuff in my diet, my chronic sinus issues have disappeared. I cannot stress enough how debilitating the headaches, sinus pressure and post nasal drip were. Perhaps small changes in what you eat could be the solution to some of your physical ailments. That was the case for both Diane and myself.


New to YouTube and Some Summer Favorites!

This episode shows you how to make a classic Crab Bisque using Gulf Coast crabmeat. This hearty soup is a delicious complement to a garden salad. Trust me, a one cup serving is all you will need to satisfy your hunger. This one will be live on Sunday, the 20th at 2PM. Enjoy and please like and subscribe to the channel! Click here to watch.

When it is TOO HOT to cook, here is a healthy and filling salad using local ingredients. Remember that watermelon is great for hydration and blueberries are so good for your health! Click here to watch this quick video and plan to make this for lunch one day this week!

I can't begin to tell you how often I make this Tuna Salad recipe. I have begun eating sans bread for lunch and love it. The contrast of sweet apples and basil really makes this a fantastic option on warm days. No one wants to heat up their kitchen, so take a look at this yummy sandwich by clicking here.

Ready to save some money AND control the ingredients in Chickpeas? I'll show you how to cook them in an Instapot. I doubt you'll ever buy them in a can again. I use them for salads, hummus and as a snack. They are a great addition to any Mediterranean style dish. Click here to watch this short video.


Have a happy, joy filled week everyone! ~ Charlsie


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