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Where to go this weekend on the Alabama Gulf Coast! What's New on YouTube? Annual Enrollment Starts!

This weekend is jammed with fun activities for "kids" of all ages. LODA Artwalk will be filling the streets of downtown with a focus on Hispanic Heritage Month. The celebration kicks off at 6PM and promises to be entertaining for everyone! You can even dress up in your Halloween costume!

Click here for more details.

Buying locally grown produce is always better for your health! Every Saturday you can visit Cathedral Square and load up on groceries at the Fall Market in the Park.

Please note: Krupinski Farms is opening today, Friday October 13th, selling fall produce! They are located in Baldwin County! Wonderful family owned business across the bay!

The 50th Annual National Shrimp Festival is THIS weekend in Gulf Shores! Great food, fun and shopping for everyone to enjoy! Click here for more details.


Need a motivator to start walking....?

Click here to go to the City of Mobile's Animal Shelter website. My dogs definitely keep me accountable in my daily walks! Consider adopting a new best friend!


Open Enrollment for Medicare Insurance begins on Sunday, October 15th, ends December 7th.

I spent some time with Jessica Zoltek of Healthcare Resource Center this week. She has been amazed at how many changes are in place for the 2023 Annual Enrollment Period. Anyone who relies on Medicare for their health needs should consider scheduling a coverage benefit review. Give Jessica a call at 251-751-5434 to book an appointment. She contracts with every organization that offers products in our area. It is her goal to match the coverage with your needs.


New on YouTube

Fish is on the menu a couple of times a week at our home. In this episode, I'll show you how to make a creamy, delicious sauce that takes your filet to a new level. This one is definitely ideal to serve at dinner parties. I have also included the link to the Broccoli-Bacon-Cheese dish in the video description. It was the right complement for this entree! Click here!

Salmon is one of the best things you can eat for your health. I buy wild caught filets at Costco, Publix and Rouses. Salmon freezes very well, so you can cut up the fish into 6oz. servings for future meals. This Balsamic Reduction adds a sweet/savory taste to dish. I served it with Broccoli & Sautéed Mushrooms. Click here to watch this episode!

My husband's father, Santo Pecora, enjoyed making Frocia, a Sicilian meal for his family. In this episode, we'll show you how to make this appetizing breakfast. This is not keto-friendly due to the potatoes, however you can use asparagus or spinach instead. This is a fantastic option for Sunday brunch!

I'll be whipping up some pumpkin recipes over the next few weeks for fall! Please click here to subscribe and "hit" the notification bell so you don't miss an episode. I really enjoy cooking with all of you and the positive feedback has been wonderful! @charlsiepecoraro


October is National Cookbook Month!

Perhaps you did not grow up with a mom like mine, who absolutely adored cooking. Are you wondering how to get started? I suggest you go to your local library and check out a dozen cookbooks and see what interests you. Our local library, off of Grelot Road, has ROWS of cookbooks for every type of cuisine you can image. I'd love to hear about your favorites. I am sharing a few of mine, from my collection.

River Roads Recipes is a Louisiana staple and was one of the first books in my kitchen. You'll find authentic recipes for gumbo, jambalaya, stuffed mirliton and many other dishes from that culture. If my recollection is correct, someone gave me a copy as a wedding gift. This book has been around since 1959 and remains a best seller for the Junior League of Baton Rouge. There are 4 editions available for purchase.

Rachel Ray's 365 No Repeats was my salvation when raising children. Her creativity and skills at seasoning helped me create great meals that my family loved. Her lentil soup is still a popular choice in the winter months. Paula Deen's Kitchen Classics is another southern style cookbook that I pull out when it is time to make desserts. This is NOT keto-friendly, so shy away from it if you are cutting out the sugars in your life. I view it as a holiday cookbook, not an everyday one. If you want to purchase a copy of either one of these, do a google search! There are plenty of places to pick up one or both!

Speaking of everyday...Simply Keto has become one of my most cherished options. Suzanne Ryan puts together incredible flavors that really satiate. I highly recommend checking this one out. By the way, I did "check it out of the library" before purchasing it. Available on her website, Amazon and plenty of other places!


Please join me for a few moments today in sending love and compassion to our fellow human beings in Israel and the Gaza Strip. I catch myself realizing how fortunate all of us are to have the opportunity to go about our day without the fear of being bombed. I am feeling grateful for being an American. ~ Charlsie


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