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Alabama Contemporary Art Center, Business Ownership Tips, Local Happenings this Week!

Elsa Maria Melendez Exhibit Opening & Talk

Elsa Maria Melendez
Aun así

Friday, September 30th, the Alabama Contemporary Art Center welcomes Elsa Maria Melendez for her first solo exhibition in the United States entitled Vengo de una Isla de confusion. (I come from an island of confusion).

She is a resident of Puerto Rico and has been a career artist for twenty-five years. She will be on hand to answer questions about her work. She is a champion of doubt and her art can be both playful and political. I saw the installation in progress and this should be an interesting exhibit!

The Alabama Contemporary Art Center is a exhibit gallery featuring ten to twelve tours per year. It is the only contemporary art center in the state.

The ACAC is located at 301 Conti Street

Mobile, Alabama. This exhibit opens at 5:30PM on Friday. For more information visit the website by clicking here or call the gallery at 251-208-5671.


Words of Wisdom from Richard Lindsey of Lindsey & Waldo CPA

Beating the Stress of Business Ownership “There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.” - Henry Kissinger

It’s all on you as the owner of a small business: the profits, losses, payroll, hiring, inventory, and keeping the lights on. Running your business may be your dream – but ceaselessly being chief cook and bottle-washer is enough to drive you crazy.

Are you putting in more hours at work than anywhere else (including with family and friends) combined? Trouble sleeping? Can’t concentrate? Those can be signs your mental health needs shoring up.

Credit and concern

First, give yourself credit for all you do.

In the grind of daily business, it’s easy to forget that you probably routinely put in long hours (and longer after hours) and feel alone when you worry about where the money is going to keep coming from. Don’t kid yourself about running your own business: “Independence” can often mean “alone.” The numbers don’t stop, either – cash flow, finances, invoices… You have to keep up with admin and latest regulations. And you worry about your workers and their families.

At least you’re not alone in feeling stressed. Four in five small-business owners recently reported having common symptoms of poor mental health at least a few times a year, including inability to focus (the most common), anxiety, bad sleep, panic attacks, and symptoms of depression. The huge business challenges of the last few endless years just made those all worse.

Other warning signs unique to business can include feeling more tired earlier in the workday, getting unusually mad or frustrated with workday tasks or coworkers, and finding it harder to make decisions that were once simple. (You can also use this checklist of symptoms.)

That same survey showed that almost half of small-biz owners have never accessed support and almost a third said they didn’t know where to go for help or didn’t know support was out there.

We never say this – but stop reading right here if you think you’ve got a problem and call the Mental Health Hotline at (866) 903-3787. Any local mental health group or professional can hook you up with help, too.


How to fight back

When whittling your to-do list has ceased to satisfy you at the end of the workday, or if business just doesn’t seem to improve no matter what you do, turn for a bit to immediate tasks that need to be done and that you can knock down quickly (administrative stuff maybe, or other paperwork). Maybe learn a new business skill that can boost your business down the road. The new focus may bring new fulfillment.

Away from the job, it’s a matter of making the time: Just as it took discipline and work to build your company, it’s going to take the same things to relieve your stress from that business.

  • Obviously one of your first moves will be to corral the hours. Set a range of hours to work; when that time is up, switch off the work phone, the email, the texts, and however else people get in touch with you for business. Let all work contacts know you’ve set these hours; maybe even start putting the hours in your e-communication signatures. Then do whatever you need to do to forget work stress – family, friends, hobbies, entertainment, your choice. But – no work. (You’ll be surprised how quickly even a driven professional like you can get used to this.)

  • Eat well and drink plenty of water. (Try to stay clear of the alcohol.)

  • Exercise regularly. If you belong to a gym, make time to go. Don’t rely too heavily on virtual connections like social media to relax and fill the void. We’ve all heard how that can backfire.

  • And of course, nothing keeps you up at night more than knowing you must get sleep. Unwind a half hour or so ahead of time before hitting the sack – cut back on the TV, laptop, phone, and other gadgets before going to bed. Take a little time to rearrange a quiet and comfortable bedroom.

It’s not just you

Though it may sometimes feel like you’re alone in your company, you’re not. You have workers – and they might feel stress, too. Seeing you deal with your problems may encourage them to tackle theirs. That can only be good for your company in the long run. Encourage regular hours and time off. Teach your managers how to spot problems in staff early.

Openly discussing anxiety, depression, and other problems encourages constructive ways to fight it. It’s one more tool to keep your company on track in these tough times. That’s what we’re always here for.

As a business owner myself, I can relate to the burden you carry. Which is why I wanted to speak into this topic today. Thriving in business isn’t just about good numbers and client influx. It’s also about finding regular joy in what you do.

And we hope this helps get you on that path.

Lindsey & Waldo



Finding a Great Hamburger on the Gulf Coast!

American Burger at Squid Ink

Last Tuesday, after a long day of Ambassador training, we ventured down Dauphin Street in Mobile to try the restaurant, Squid Ink. A fellow classmate said they had one of the BEST burgers in town. He wasn't kidding. I absolutely devoured my American handheld and the fries were yummy. Click here to visit their website and peruse the eclectic menu options.

Next week, October 1-8, kicks off Mobtown's Burger Week featuring 16 local restaurants all vying for your vote for best burger. Click here to visit the website and plan your own burger tour! (Definitely try the American over at Squid Ink!)

Indulge your taste buds and try the best craft burgers that Mobile has to offer as participating restaurants compete for your vote by creating a delicious, unique, specialty burger only found during Mobtown Burger Week! #mobtownburgerweek

Plus, $2 from the sale of each burger is donated to Restore Mobile!


Living History Crew Drill this Saturday, October 1, 2022

Six times a year the USS Alabama Park hosts a live reenactment for visitors. On Saturday at 1PM the planes will be flying over for a WWII "battle" encounter. Make plans to visit this famous historic site!

Admission is $18 for 12-55, Seniors 55+ and Veterans- $15, Kids 5 and under are FREE, Ages 6-11 are $6. Open daily from 8AM -5PM.

Insider tip: FREE kennels for pets, FREE bike repair station, FREE fishing pier & picnic area, Park usage fee is $5.


Open Enrollment Begins October 15th for Medicare Supplemental Coverage!

Jessica Zoltek of Healthcare Resource Center

Jessica Zoltek of Healthcare Resource Center is your source in Mobile & Baldwin for changes in Medicare Supplemental options. Open enrollment begins on October 15th and you can make changes to your current coverage.

If you have questions, she is a phone call away. Give her a call at 251-751-5434. Read more about her at Helping her clients find the best coverage is what she is passionate about.

Are you turning 65 soon? There is a window for you to sign up for your benefits and Jessica can guide you through the process.

We don't offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to the plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1800-Medicare to get information on all your options.


Mock Fortified Roof

This week I had the privilege of substituting at a local BNI chapter for boss partner, Diane Cashen. The presenter at this meeting owned a construction company that also does roofing. Instead of standing in front and speaking, she broke us up into teams of four and had us go through the steps to putting on a fortified roof. We had so much fun with this hands on demonstration. Hats off to Katie Collins of Superior Construction for this creative approach!

I hope you have a wonderful week! Go play tourist in your hometown and support locally owned businesses! This weather is absolutely gorgeous! ~ Charlsie Pecoraro


Please join me in sending healing thoughts to our friends and family in Florida. I am certain there will collection stations throughout our area to send supplies. I will post them on our social media as I become aware of them.


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