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Local Attractions on the Gulf Coast! New products for your fur-kids and so much more!

As part of my Visit Mobile Ambassador training, I have been tasked with visiting local attractions! The Wharf Wonder at the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center was such a pleasant surprise. This space was created for children 6 and under and is reminiscent of the old NOLA Children's Museum on Julia St. I spent many hours with my children watching them learn and play at that location. Hats off to the Mobile center for providing this learning space for the littles.

Older kids will find plenty of things to do too. There is a huge area adjacent to the Wharf Wonder designed to tax their minds and inspire their creativity.

Visitors are welcomed warmly to the facility, thank goodness for Southern charm! There is a small gift shop and a well stocked snack shop with reasonable prices!

Art from the Illusions Tour

Fortunately, I visited the center on one of the final days of the Illusions exhibit. I was mesmerized by the collection of art as well as the accompanying video. I plan to keep track of upcoming exhibit tours and will share them on my blog. There is something for EVERYONE at this wonderful facility. Here are the details to help you plan your visit. Be sure and catch a movie at the Porch Band of Creek Indians Digital Dome. It is a former IMAX theater and the experience is wonderful. We saw "The Great Bear Rainforest" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Click here for current movies.

Location: 65 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama

Phone: 251-208-6893

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10AM-4PM


Insider tip: They offer a military discount!


Keep Your Fur-kid smelling GREAT between grooming appointments!

Lil' Jack, da' boss doggie

Apollo's Paws located on the corner of Grelot Road & Knollwood is the only place the "boss dogs" go for their monthly shower & shave. Of course, Lil' Jack gets home from his pampering and goes straight to his water bowl. So much for the perfectly coiffed beard!

Owner, Rebecca Dixon and her team, have over a three decades of grooming experience and absolutely love your fur-kids.

I have never seen a grooming spa that accepts canines, felines, reptiles, exotics, and birds! Lucky Mobile to have such a talented team taking care of our pets.

Apollo's Paws - Grooming By Appointment (schedule online)

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 7:30AM-5:30AM

Saturday - 7:30AM-5:00PM

Insider tip: Walk-in nail trims available daily!

Look what's new at the spa! You can keep that wonderful, freshly groomed scent going in between your monthly appointment. Shampoos start at $9.99. Stop in and pick up a set for your fur-kid!

Insider tip: You can schedule a full year's worth of spa appointments in advance on Apollo's website!


This Week in the Kitchen!

New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice

Did I ever tell you that when I first met my hubby, I told him I didn't know how to cook ? You see, he is Sicilian and I was so intimidated by his culinary skills since he was a New Orleans native. I never would have ventured to cook something like Red Beans & Rice for him. About six months into our relationship he figured out that I knew my way around a kitchen. (Thank you to my momma, an extraordinary cook).

Fast forward, over a decade later, and I have no reservations cooking an authentic dish like this one. To be frank, I go to old Paul Prudhomme videos on YouTube for guidance and inspiration. Anyone that follows this blog knows that his spice collection, available at your local Rouse's, is in my cabinet and is put to work on a regular basis. Click here to watch a video on making some cajun favorites from the master chef!


I will leave you with something that I heard on a podcast with NDE (near death experience) survivor, Jane Thompson. She shared these words of wisdom. (paraphrased) Earth is a school for souls and every school has a playground. Always remember to play and enjoy your time on this beautiful planet.

Despite the woes of inflation, the lingering co-vid affects and unrest around the world, you can create your own ideal life. It begins with choosing how you spend your time. Invest your hours with folks that lift you up! There is nothing more fun that surrounding yourself with happy people! Tune into nature instead of electronics. On the Gulf Coast, we are a short drive from beautiful beaches and wonderful parks. Have a great week everyone!

~ Charlsie



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