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Decorating your Home with Diane Cashen! Whats New on YouTube? Wondering about the Weather!

Diane Cashen Interior Designer
Charlsie Pecoraro & Diane Cashen

Last week, my friend and boss partner, Diane Cashen joined me in my studio to record a YouTube video on the decorating trends for 2022. I'll give you a big hint. Green is the new "black" in decor and fashion. Just pick up a copy of the most recent Southern Living magazine and you'll see that beautiful tones of green are working their way into kitchens, living areas and even bedrooms. Hey, don't panic, the olive green appliances of years ago are not coming back!

If you aren't prepared to paint your walls or cabinets, Diane suggested adding in houseplants to your existing space. They bring the outside in and are great for your health. I enjoy all of my "green" kids that live all over my home.

One of the key things that Diane practices as a professional interior designer is to create a space that you and your family will enjoy and can function in. If you are ready to give your place a facelift and want some professional guidance, give Diane a call at 251-545-5688 to schedule an appointment.

Click here to watch my recent interview with her on trends and more!

I was browsing through my February Southern Living magazine and found a fantastic article on houseplants! It featured some "hard to kill" options that can add some color to your home. Here are a couple of varieties that they suggested.

  • Marble Queen Pothos

  • Ponytail Palm (I want one of these)!

  • ZZ Plant

  • Snake Plant

  • Chinese Evergreen

  • Visit your local nursery soon. Many of them are filled with fresh from the greenhouse plants for your home! I know from personal experience that both the ZZ Plant and the Pothos are easy to grow. I'd add Peace Lily to the list. I have one that is over 8 years old!


New on YouTube This Week!

Making a Caesar salad with homemade dressing and croutons is so simple. Click on this video to learn how to put this delicious salad together in minutes. Croutons are made from any day old bread that you might have leftover. I used French bread with sesame seeds to make mine!

I had so much fun interviewing Interior Designer Diane Cashen recently. She gave me a sneak peek into what will be trending in home decor for 2022! I think you are going to be excited about the direction of trends this year. Click here to watch the video! Be sure and subscribe for more boss partner episodes!

Coming soon by request "how to make homemade Chicken-n-Dumplings". This is my mom's recipe and is delicious! Ashley Duncan, boss partner, has already volunteered to be a taste tester! Also Jack on the Street will be back with more healthy dog treats. David Carpenter will be joining me in the studio to let us know what's new with his company, Upspyre! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a thing!


Local Flavor!

Have you ever been to the Lighthouse Restaurant in Irvington? My Aunt Evelyn Robertson, from Bayou La Batre, took me there when I was a little girl and introduced me to fried crab claws. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was still open after all these years.

I recall that those perfectly cooked claws became my favorite seafood at the young age of 5. Of course, I ordered them when we stopped in a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you...WOW! They were the biggest crab claws that I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

The friendly staff was so happy that I was back after so many years and one of the waitresses remembered my Aunt. I adore finding these family owned places that offer great Gulf Coast seafood and such wonderful service. They offer daily specials and of course wonderful seafood!


Weather in the South!

Confusion...sandals or rain boots. Do I need a sweater and jacket or will a long sleeved shirt be enough? Welcome to the crazy weather changes along the Gulf Coast that we've been experiencing lately. I've always loved weather and my husband jokes with me when I pull up the weather channel app on my phone to check the temperature.

As I am writing this it is 73 F but by the time you open this blog, it will be in the 40's with a low in the 20's. My poor Azalea plants can't decide whether to go ahead and bloom or stay dormant for a few more weeks. Welcome to the South where we have closets stuffed with shorts, sundresses, sweaters and heavy coats. Stay warm my friends and keep checking those temps daily. You just never know.


Here's a great quote for your week!

It always seems impossible until it's done! ~ Nelson Mandela


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