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Community Involvement, Weekend Destinations, Getting Ready for Fall on the Coast!

Coffee art
Cafe au Lait at Red Bar Expresso

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's The Local Vibe. I want to challenge all of you concerning the health of your community.

How can you help? Unfortunately, the main stream media is a source of unnecessary stress for people these days. Like many, I have unplugged from the daily barrage of negative news, choosing to focus on people, places and things around me. One of my favorite ventures was getting together with a group of entrepreneurs over coffee. We brainstormed about ways to show our local community some "love". One business owner mentioned seeing a lady pass in front of her location daily. She appeared to have some needs and my friend was determined to uncover her story. Everyone at the table agreed to help once her requirements were determined. Another friend mentioned creating "boo bags" with her two sons for classmates that did not have all of the things that many take for granted. She is setting an example of appreciation for her youngsters. They include items for school, clothing, snacks and other things, depending on the lack in that child's life.

Lending a helping hand to others can be as simple as closing the lid on someone's garbage can and rolling it up the driveway on rainy days. No one likes to arrive home from work to a trash can with inches of water in the bottom. Leaving a "surprise" on your neighbor's front porch could change their day. I share fruit & herbs from my garden, fresh baked cookies and other goodies. If we all start showing concern in our own neighborhoods the domino effect will be unstoppable.

By the way, the group of ladies liked the impromptu coffee gathering so much we decided to get together monthly for an hour. I challenge you to call some friends this week and brainstorm like we did! October can be a month of creating lasting habits of giving. I can hardly wait until our November gathering to hear what others did for the community!


This weekend the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce will host the 33rd Annual Jubilee Festival of Arts at Lott Park in Daphne. The event begins at 10AM on Saturday and Sunday and ends at 5PM on both days. There are over 130 local and regional artists selling their creations. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to start your holiday shopping and support your community. Money spent with locals stays local!

Many of you know that my mom was an artist and I traveled to many festivals with her when I was a young child. I recall helping her at the Canton Flea Market one year when I was probably eight or nine years old. She was selling beautiful purses she had handcrafted. Her booth was extremely popular and a money maker that day. A few yards from her location there was an artist who had lovely ceramic animals mounted on wood. They were petite and of course I fell in love with them. I spent my pay for the day at that humble booth. As we were packing up, the booth owner walked over to my mother and thanked her for allowing me to shop. She said that her sales had been dismal and my little purchases would pay for her gas to go home. Every dollar spent with an artist has an impact.


Have you ever heard of micro-funding? It is a concept based on a large number of folks contributing a small amount of money. Shelli Bell, founder of Be the Change Gulf Coast has established this organization based on small giving. The mission is to help promote the safety and well-being of people of the Gulf Coast. Sometimes a small amount of money can make all the difference in a person's life. As you know, there are plenty of jobs available however if a person can't afford gas money to start employment that is a challenge. Shelli created this charity based on countless stories she has witnessed in the community. Visit her website and join the cause!


Raise you hand if you have purchased fall mums for your front porch? I picked up two of these massive beauties recently and decided to read up on their care. In the past, mine have never reached their full potential.

Caring for mums in the south requires attention...daily attention. Our warm fall temperatures tend to dry out mums quickly, so daily watering is a must. My typical weekly watering was not enough in the past. I've been tending to these daily and I must admit they are going to be gorgeous in a week or so.

Another tidbit I read about earlier today was that you need to deadhead these plants. Simply pluck off the spent blossoms on a regular basis. Unless you plan to plant your mums in the ground, fertilizing is not necessary since they are potted in a supplemented mix.


Mary Kay Director
Ashley Duncan

Speaking of fall, Ashley Duncan has the "tools" for your cool temperature look! (I promise that the cooler season is only weeks away on the coast). She has been a Mary Kay Director for nearly a decade and knows how to find the perfect skincare regime for your complexion.

Recently, she shared that all things glittery are on trend and she has some shimmer products to elevate your holiday look. Did you know that a consultation with her is complimentary? You'll be able to try samples before you order.

Don't worry about germs, she has a protocol in place to keep her customers safe.

She is available for special event makeup application too. If you are attending a holiday party or know someone getting married this fall, she'd love to give you a flawless look! Read more and get her contact info at .


Spreading some good cheer can be as easy as sharing some succulent babies with friends and neighbors. I had some beautiful succulents who began stretching out of their pots. It was time to trim them back and bestow their offspring on others.

Amy Rainwaters, Health & Wellness Coach talks about taking simple steps daily. Look around today and ascertain some easy ways to brighten someone else's world. I guarantee that you will be the one feeling happy inside. If you need guidance check out Amy at

Some folks hesitate to give because they think that their small offering is not enough. Believe me, many times all a person needs is a smile and a little bit of your time.

Have a great weekend! ~ Charlsie



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