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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Bank Stability? New on YouTube! Local Events this Weekend!

St. Patrick's Day is one for celebration in our area. The "Friendly Sons of St. Patrick" will parade around 11:30am on Dauphin to Royal ending at the Battlehouse Hotel. Floats, bands and 300 Irishmen will be gathering to toast to good luck. This day is set aside to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick. Most folks indulge in a pint or two of Irish beer, wear something green and attend local parades. I hope you have fun whatever you do today! (Don't forget to wear green).


Daylight Savings "Hangover"

Paula Waldo & her coffee!!!

I think I know how my friend & CPA, Paula Waldo, feels during tax season. I've had the worst daylight savings "hangover" this week. Usually, I hardly notice the time change, however this one has been different. I looked up some helpful tips to dealing with the fatigue and wanted to share them with you.

  • Expose yourself to bright, natural light as early as possible every day.

  • Skip the afternoon coffee (good luck with that) to minimize your caffeine intake.

  • Try to schedule all of your meetings after lunch for the time being.

  • Be extra careful driving.

  • Get to bed at a reasonable time.

I'd add that it has helped me to get outside and be active. I've done some gardening in this beautiful weather and helped hubby organize the garage. Of course, the dogs want extra walks and that has helped me battle the fatigue. I added some B-complex back in my supplement routine and I am avoiding those beloved afternoon naps! I know this will pass.

Alabama is one of 19 states that has introduced legislation to remain on permanent standard time. Arizona and Hawaii are the only states that do not change their clocks twice a year. There is the possibility that we will not be changing our clocks back in the fall! Let's hope that happens...imagine no more fiddling with your car clock, microwave, or regular clocks ever again! One can only dream!


Words of Wisdom from Richard Lindsey!

Richard Lindsey

There has been a lot of market noise about Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). When a huge bank (#16 in the country) is taken over by the feds, it’s worth at least a mention.

But here’s my quick take:

Unless you are a CFO of a startup or you actually live in the Silicon Valley area … press that mental “delete” button — and move on.

You have far greater things to cogitate over than these market machinations, and I say that even if you are in finance or banking! Unless it directly affects YOU, these market prognostications are almost always more “disaster-forward” than anything else. And subsequently, you end up filling your brain with unnecessary fear and future catastrophe.

(If you ARE a CFO or you live in the Silicon Valley area, the good news is that the government *is* backstopping the deposits, so even in that case … disaster averted! For now.)

So let’s move on, shall we?

Don’t let it rob you of your focus for building the business under YOUR control.

In other words, let noise be noise … and focus on what’s most important: your immediate world.

Lindsey & Waldo, LLC

"You see the numbers, we look for the opportunities"

(251) 633-4070


New on YouTube: Roast Beef Po-Boys 2 Ways!

Mother's Restaurant on the corner of Poydras & Tchoupitoulas Streets in New Orleans has made a couple of handhelds pretty popular. In these episodes, I'll teach you how to make a tender pot roast with veggies that can be turned into a Debris Po-Boy. Next I'll show you how to use the leftover debris for the delicious Ferdi Special named after Ferdinand Stern, a regular customer. Click on the thumbnail and let's build some po-boys together.

Grab plenty of napkins, 'cause you're going to need them for this juicy sandwich!

The Ferdi Special is loaded with Debris, Ham, Roast Beef, shredded cabbage & tomatoes. I made a mayo/mustard spread to bring out all of the flavors. Click here to learn how to make this one!

Thanks for subscribing and cooking with me on the channel. I am amazed that thousands of folks are learning how to make some southern favorites with me! I appreciate all of you! I have some meatball sliders and seafood sandwiches in the works, so stay tuned!


Local Events this Weekend!

  • Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival, March 17-19, 10AM-5PM, Fairhope, Alabama

  • Plantasia Spring Plant Sale, March 17-18, 9AM-3PM at Mobile Botanical Gardens

  • St. Patrick's Day Parade, Friday, March 17th at 11:30AM, downtown Mobile


I appreciate Richard Lindsey's weekly emails addressing some of the fear producing events that have happened this week. I can always count on him to have a stabile, realistic viewpoint. He is absolutely right in saying we need to focus on our immediate world.

Here are some things you can do this week:

  • Call a friend or relative to check in!

  • Walk across the street and meet your neighbor if you don't know them.

  • Be a courteous driver.

  • Invite friends over for dinner.

  • Start planning your next vacation.

  • Take time to meditate or pray daily.

  • Date your spouse!

  • Find a new hobby & learn something new!

  • Decide to react calmly to situations.

Remember that fear and worry don't change a thing. If this were your final day would you spend it worrying or would you live it to the fullest? Make the most of today and everyday!

~ Charlsie


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