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Houston Horne of Handy Guys Moving, Mardi Gras Parades, REDBAR Espresso's New Hours, and More!

Houston Horne, founder and owner of Handy Guys Moving Services will be celebrating 10 years of being in business this April! He has seen the industry change over the past decade. It has been his mission to become flexible and offer the best services possible to his customers.

Great client relations has become a key component to his success. Investing in educating his staff has paid off with fantastic reviews and repeat customers.

Houston's team of professional movers have gone through an intensive certification program. This insures that they are aware of the latest packing techniques and best practices.

Recently, two of his staff, Kevin Waits and Ron Jenkins came out at my place for a photoshoot. I was amazed at how careful and efficient both of them were when packing up items in my office.

Notice the harness system and curb ramp used to move this heavy bookshelf from my office to the truck. I was beyond impressed with how courteous these young men were.

Did you know that you can hire Handy Guys to move furniture around your home? They are also available to load or unload your DIY move. There's no reason to "break your back" wrestling with a huge refrigerator or cumbersome sofa. This team is available to help take the stress out of your next relocation.

Christy Heeter, Operations Manager is ready to take your call and answer your questions at 251-366-4897. Ask about their military discount! Read more at

Check out this video I did with Houston in 2022 about the benefit's of hiring professional movers!

Congratulations Houston on your upcoming 10th Anniversary

for Handy Guys Moving Services!


Mobile's Mardi Gras - Joe Cain's Merry Widows!

One of the most interesting Mardi Gras traditions in Mobile happens this Sunday, February 19th, before Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras Day). A group of heavily masked "widows" heads to Joe Cain's grave in the Church Street Graveyard to wail and carry on over the deceased soul of Mardi Gras. Read more about this spectacle by clicking here. Photo credit: Pinterest

There are plenty of family oriented parades to enjoy in the Port City. Click here for a list of what's left of the season! I may have to go out and see the widows in action! 'Hope to see you there!


REDBAR Espresso Announces New Hours!

REDBAR Espresso & Market on Old Shell Road has announced that it will be closing daily at 4PM until further notice. This will allow the space to be utilized in the evenings for birthday parties, meetings and other gatherings. For more information about renting space, call 251-285-2300. Open Monday - Friday from 7AM-4PM and Sunday's for Brunch. Closed every Saturday.



In the Book Corner: Cat Among the Pigeons

I like to take a break from nonfiction every few weeks. It is not unusual for me to pick up an Agatha Christie classic like this one. Cat Among Pigeons is set at an exclusive all girls school in England. The school was reputed to be the best in the country, catering to royals and daughters of diplomats.

Famous fictional detective Hercule Poirot doesn't make an appearance until the final third of this interesting novel. One of the students, Julia Upjohn, becomes involved in unraveling this mystery seeking out the assistance of the great detective.

Poirot listens carefully to the young lady's story and becomes entangled in the mysterious tale. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a few hours of escape reading. It is available at most local libraries, online for sale and in audiobook form.

Happy reading this week!


What's New on YouTube?

Be sure to tune in to this week's Soup for the Soul on my YouTube channel. I'll be releasing a very special Oyster Soup this Sunday. I want to thank everyone who has subscribed to the channel! @charlsiepecoraro

Ribs are on the menu this weekend, so I'll show you how we season and cook our dry rub pork racks. Both videos will be released soon! Be sure to hit the "bell" on my channel so you will be notified of new video episodes.


Gardening in the South!

February is the ideal time to begin getting your yard ready for the warm spring months that are just around the corner. Did you know that the Mobile Botanical Garden hosts a spring plant sale every year? I have bought the best tomato plants from them in previous sales. The online ordering begins later this month, with plant pick up in early March. Click here to visit the website for more information. There is nothing as tasty as fresh vegetables and you can grow them easily in southern Alabama.

I encourage everyone to start small and add to your home garden every year. I've got a thriving herb garden, a couple of citrus trees and some containers ready for tomatoes. I am thinking about doing a small plot some of my favorite vegetables!

Have a wonderful week! ~ Charlsie



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