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My mom has been gone from this planet for 5 years however her lessons continue to thrive in my daily existence. She had a "bigger than life" personality enjoying immense creative talent. She taught me to look for beauty in all things especially in nature. During our summers spent on Dauphin Island she encouraged me to explore the Indian mounds, to build sandcastles on the beach, to stare at the Gulf looking for dolphins and to enjoy all of the treasures found in the surf. I would return home with a sand bucket full of shells and we would add them to a growing place of honor in a flowerbed outside our back door.

On rainy days, I'd join her in her glorious smelling kitchen learning to cook beside her. She was a fearless "chef" and could season things just by smelling the spices. I am grateful to her for teaching me the "magic" of herbs and for sharing her culinary skills. These days I feel her presence when I open up my spice cabinet, remove a bottle of seasoning & uncap it to take a sniff.

She was a true southern belle and I fondly called her "the queen" because she made certain that all of her children were schooled in good manners via Emily Post. I think about her every time I place a napkin on my lap or set a proper table. I believe I was around 5 the first time I wrote a thank you note under her guidance. She taught me to always leave a place better than I found it. She also showed me how to look for ways to help others.

Was she a "perfect" mom? Honestly, she and I disagreed about all sorts of things however in retrospect she was teaching me to stand my ground and voice my opinion. One thing that I truly admired about her was that she honored her passion; art. She was an accomplished oil painter, a wood carver, a doll maker, a clothing designer, and so many other things. Growing up in her home was interesting to say the least. There were many days that I had to "clear" a spot on her big oak table for supper. For a tidy person such as myself, her chaos could be very frustrating. If I complained, she would smile and say that she'd clean up later.

Eleanor Mallett Smith

On a side note, people say that when a cardinal visits your garden it is the spirit of your loved ones. Of course, my mom has to do things a little differently. I took a break from writing this to take the dogs out on the back patio. I was watering the plants when suddenly a nest of baby birds flew out of my Boston fern. I was able to rescue the novice flyers and place them back in the hanging pot. I could not help but smile and think Mom is here and she is happy that I am sharing a little of her with you. No, she was not perfect, however she was the right mom for me. Thank you mom and happy mother's day! You are not forgotten!


Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 12th and many of the Meet da' Boss VIP's are offering great specials!

Bellissimo Concepts has several photography sessions that include hair, make-up, and mani/pedi starting at $375. Click here for more information.

Clean Eatz has meal prep with new dishes released on Thursday. Why not "cook" lunch for your mom for a week or two with their help. Click here for more information.

Complete Mobile Plus Repair has handmade leather goods in their showroom! Have a custom made phone wallet created for you mom! Check out their Mother's Day giveaway by clicking here.

Crimson Blue Boutique (our newest VIP) has beautiful clothing, shoes, jewelry and gifts for your mom. They are located across from Baker High School in West Mobile. Buy one item and get the second one 1/2 off!

Domke Market has custom gift baskets, wine, gourmet foods and so much more. Click here for more information.

Joe's Pizza and Pasta is ready to "cook" for your mom! I suggest you try a few of his legendary pastas followed by a delicious dessert.

Nouveau on Dauphin has wonderful spa specials just in time for mother's day. Click here for more information!

The Cheese Cottage will be open for Mother's Day with a special brunch!

UltraTANZ Bronzing & Salt Spa has a Mystic Spray Tan special, buy 2 for $44. Click here for more information.


Let's offer a warm welcome to Crimson Blue Boutique and owner, Hope Binegar. This casual woman's shop is located in West Mobile just down from fellow Meet da' Boss VIP Joe's Pizza & Pasta. She is the official retailer for the Azalea Trail Maids merchandise.

MDB Photo Shoot is happening on Thursday so we will be adding her to the website soon!


Please join me at The Business Breakfast Club on Tuesday at 8AM at Domke Market as my guest! This is a wonderful networking group in West Mobile. Membership is category exclusive.

Oh May 14th Michelle Tice with Coastal Human Resource Group will be hosting the WIN monthly meeting at the office. Networking & breakfast begins at 8AM and cost is $5. WIN stands for Women's Info Networking. Click here for more information.

Next week we'll focus on marketing and how one UK charity changed the game for fundraising. Until then, have a wonderful week.



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