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Goodbye July! Let's Welcome August!

Hello readers and welcome back! July 2022 is one month that I am delighted to say adios to. Thanks to "the virus" I slept more than I have since I was a newborn. Fortunately, both of us are on the upside of regaining our health and have come out of it with a newfound appreciation for one another. This forced time off has enabled us to evaluate our lives and time. We are working on a plan of living that focuses on what is truly important. I'll share what works and what doesn't in future blogs!

In our home, August is a fun-filled month of birthdays and celebrates the end of summer along the Gulf Coast. Many tourists and locals were headed to the beach this weekend for a final holiday of sun filled fun in the sand. On Saturday, we ventured across the bay to Foley for a pizza date at one of our favorite "local" restaurants. The East bound traffic was as thick as a dense forest of Mississippi pines. SUV's were loaded with luggage and bikes. It was fun to see the smiling faces of folks heading to our coast for a little rest and relaxation before the school year begins. Sometimes we take our beautiful beaches for granted. Doesn't a sunset picnic sound like a romantic getaway? I've already got our trunk packed with beach gear so we are ready to go at a moment's notice.


Medicare Supplemental Insurance News!

Jessica Zoltek with Healthcare Resource Center, stopped by one day last week for a visit. She will be attending a comprehensive training the first week of August in Birmingham. The focus of the seminar will be on current developments in Medicare Supplemental Insurance. She shared with me that some things have changed that could be beneficial to seniors.

I plan to invite Jessica to do a YouTube video later this month so that we can cover what is different! Subscribe to my channel by clicking here and hitting the subscribe button!

If you have questions about Medicare Supplemental coverage give her a call at 251-751-5434. Turning 65 soon? Now is the time to chat with Jessica!


The Home Office - Why Creating a Pleasant Space Matters!

I've had the pleasure of working from home for several years and have figured out that my space has to be clutter free and nice to look at. A great deal of my work involves creativity. I find that a room full of distractions interferes with productivity. The trend, post pandemic, is to have a home office. I imagine that newly constructed homes will all have a study or home office option.

Some of the things that helped me create the working environment that I love include plants, a desk mat that is like a huge mouse pad, wire organizers to keep the electronics neat and a very comfortable chair. I'll leave some links here for you to check out some of my favorites!

  • Desk Pad & Protector - Click Here!

  • Electronic Cord Organizers - Click Here!

  • Franklin Planner Calendar - Click Here!

  • Quantum 9000 Work Chair - Click Here! (Office Max/Depot will match Amazon Price)

Tip: I bought some gorgeous house plants at Costco! Be sure to check them out on a regular basis.


What's Happening the first week of August?

My monthly informal gathering of female entrepreneurs is scheduled for Friday, August 5th at 9AM. We gather at RedBar Expresso for our favorite cup of java and catch up with one another. If you are interested, please join us for a pleasant get-together.

Rumor has it that Mobile County Schools are in session this week. It seems like these kids just got out of school for the summer. I guess it is easy for me to say that since I'm an empty-nester. I am wishing all of them a wonderful start back to school.

If you are looking for events check out The Mobile Rundown. It is a great resource for things happening in our community.


Wishing you a wonderful August! I will be back to blogging on a regular basis. I can hardly wait to share the changes we are embracing. See you back here next week! ~Charlsie

Marcello celebrates his birthday August 10th!


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