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How to Celebrate Today

Last week found us in the midst of a pandemic, followed by egregious acts of violence and if that was not enough, a hurricane in the Gulf. If you are like me, it felt overwhelming at times. As a female business owner, I can relate to the inequalities that permeate our society. This image is one of the best reminders that underneath it all, we are the same.

Every human being matters; every single one. There is no one like you.

My dream is for all of us to appreciate one another. We are all playing out roles in one another's journey on earth. What part are you cast as? Are you a victim, a villain, a self-defeating person or a no-limit person?

Dr. Wayne Dyer describes a no-limit person in his book Happiness is the Way,

"The healthiest place you can get to is the one where you're willing to try virtually anything, No-limit people are this way-they'll try virtually anything and they are not afraid".

Imagine a world where we lead with love. All business, no matter what it is, is in the business of people. Every company is best served by human beings who are happy, fulfilled and feeling good about themselves. The long range effects of one act of rudeness can impact relationships and business for a lifetime.

I'll give you a recent example of this in my own life. I was in a store recently and as you may know, every business has its own protocol for dealing with Co-Vid. I happened to be in a place that was allowing people to try on clothing. Thirty-five minutes prior to closing time I asked to try on three garments and was turned away. It was too close to 6PM. WHAT??? I walked away puzzled and intent on never shopping there again. One act of rudeness cost that business a lifetime of support.

It is so important to be present in the "now" of your life. Wasn't it this salesperson's job to attempt to sell me something? She missed out on that opportunity to fulfill her role. She missed out on the opportunity to interact with me. She missed out on the chance to turn her day around.

The recent emergency with my sister's husband was a big reminder that no one knows how long their time on the planet is. Fortunately he is on the path to recovery. I encourage everyone reading this to invest time in yourself and those humans you are around this week. Be kind to everyone you encounter even if they are not nice to you. You are in charge of your reactions not their bad moods.

There is no greater power in the universe than LOVE.


Here are a few ways to celebrate today:

  • Take a moment and really look into the eyes of everyone you meet this week. With so many folks wearing masks, we are dependent on eyes to tell us so much.

  • Spend quality time with the people you live with. Unplug from your electronics and talk without distractions.

  • Do something for yourself everyday. Get enough sleep, eat healthy food, drink some water, move your body and find something to laugh about!

  • If you are going to spend $ this week, then go LOCAL. It is very RARE to find a locally owned business that has rude employees. Every dollar matters to these folks.

Have a great week everyone. We are all in this together. ~ Charlsie



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